3d Robotics Iris+ multicopter review

3d robotics iris+ review

The 3d Robotics Iris+ review

Meet the Iris Plus Multicopter, an aerial camera that is a drone pilot’s dream.

This easy-to-fly drone, by 3D Robotics, has a set of outstanding features that will turn the most inexperienced pilot into a master of the skies. It has its draws and imperfections, like every other drone. Find out what these are before you decide to invest in one.

Compare it with other renowned drones, like the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, before deciding if it is the right quadcopter for you.

3d iris

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4.5 out of 5 stars
Features 4.5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 4 out of 5 stars

Iris+ multicopter best features

With its winsome features, the Iris Plus will let every pilot enjoy his flying experience.

1. Ready to fly

The Iris Plus flies straight out of the box. Pilots need only fix the propellers and charge the accompanying battery before taking it outdoors to fly.

The Iris Plus is stable, and hovers when a pilot needs it to stay in place. This allows a novice pilot to heave a sigh of relief, because he does not have to worry about his craft straying. It also has an auto launch feature, which allows the craft to take off and land automatically. This ready-to-fly vehicle is truly autonomous.

2. The Pixhawk System

3d robotics iris+The Iris Plus is a boon for novice and experienced pilots alike. 3D Robotics has included its Pixhawk System, an advanced autopilot system that uses state-of-the-art processor and sensor technology.

The NuttX operating system runs the Pixhawk System. It allows a pilot to see what his drone does. Reliable, it allows him flexible management of his drone. A backup system allows inflight recovery. It includes mixing, allowing the pilot to switch between manual and autopilot modes.

3. Follow Me technology

If you are a die-hard “selfie” enthusiast, this drone is for you. In Follow Me mode, the Iris Plus follows any device on the ground, within at adjustable distance. You can capture pictures of yourself hiking, cycling or swimming from the air. Third Person View turns your drone into a hands free camera. It can follow any GPS-enabled, Android device that has OTG capability.

All you need to do is carry a GPS-enabled device. The Iris Plus will follow its signal and keep the camera focused on you, all while capturing eye-catching aerial footage.

4. Automatic Mission Planning

Using the mission planning application, pilots can plan a flight path for the Iris Plus to follow. The Mission Planning software runs on major operating systems like Linux, OSX and Windows.

You can draw the flight path easily using the user-friendly application. Use it to create your own high-resolution, 3-dimensional maps as well. You can program the drone to take off and land where you want it to.

If you want your drone to fly along the same path the next time you use it, rely on the device’s pre-programmed GPS way points. These waypoints expand the mission capabilities of the craft. You can use it for professional purposes, like scientific research or scripted chemotography.

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5. Built-in data radio

You can check on how your flight missions are doing with the device’s built-in radio. Flight data and control information is easily accessible.

This telemetry radio allows a view of live in-flight data. It allows you to change your mission status as you fly and use your Android tablet as a ground station.

6. Flight Protection

With flight protection, you need not worry about your drone becoming lost. If it flies off course, the Return to Launch feature reminds the drone to go back to where it took off.

The Geo Fence feature gives it added protection. Before your drone flies, use the feature to set boundaries for your vehicle. If it runs into these boundaries, it automatically returns to its launch point.

3d robotics iris Go Pro camera7. Flexible Camera Options

Camera options include a Go Pro Camera mount. You can capture stunning aerial imagery with your own Go Pro device. The device includes Liveview, a live video link with a display that you can program easily. With this, you can tap into live feed from your Go Pro Camera. The Tarot 2D brushless gimbal, an added option, allows you to take videos steadily, without a shaky effect.

8. Integrated LEDs

The drone has LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights on every arm. This allow you to fly your drone at night.

9. Longer flight times

With the 5100 Mah Lipo battery, this device runs for up to 22 minutes. You can enjoy a longer flights.

Technical specifications

1. A flight time of 16 to 22 minutes
2. Payload : 14.1 ounces (400 grams)
3. Weight : 2.82 pounds ( 1282 grams)
3. Battery : 5100 mAH 3 S
4. Flight Time: 16 to 22 minutes
5. Speed 11 m/s (36.089 ft/s)
6. Motor: 950 KV AC2836
7. Dimensions : Wingspan 21.8 In (55 cm) Height 3.94 In (10 cm)


The Iris Plus has a wealth of advantages for pilots of all skill levels. It is a true joy to fly.

1. Easy to fly

A consensus among users of this drone is that it is easy to fly. The auto take-off feature makes launching it a breeze.
The Follow Me feature, which allows the drone to track you while you are on the ground, allows you to take photographs automatically. Capture dazzling portraits of yourself from the air.

The Iris Plus is easy for you to fly, because you can program it automatically. Draw flight paths and make three dimensional maps in seconds.

2. Stays longer in the air

A common complaint many beginning quadcopter users have about their drones is that their flight times are too short.
The Iris Plus does well in this regard. The powerful 5100 mAh lipo battery allows it to stay in the air. Many users say that it does so, as promised.

3. Higher Payload

The Iris Plus can carry weights of up to 14.1 ounces (400 grams). Fit a Go Pro camera or any recording device on it easily.

4. Capable when used with accessories

iris multicopter propellerThis drone is a capable device, when used with other accessories. If you add a set of two extra propellers, you will improve its maneuverability in the air. Add an extra case to transport your drone safely.

3D Robotics has replacement arms available in case of crashes. With an extra battery, you can keep it even longer in the air.

5. Amazing aerial photography

Should you want to get rid of shaky video images, turn to the Tarot T 2D Brushless Gimbal. It allows you to capture images without an annoying, “jello” effect. Many users have commented that their cameras can take amazing photographs as a result.

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6. Stability in the air

The stability of the Iris Plus makes it a boon for first time pilots. Users have remarked that it hovers in place as soon as they start to fly it.

7. Protected as it flies

A key advantage of the Iris Plus is its Flight Protection system. If the drone runs out of batteries, it returns to its launch point automatically. This guards your drone and its camera.

8. Camera tilt control

The camera tilt control is a must-have facility for photographers. The Iris Plus can capture quality aerial images, from different perspectives, as a result.

9. Return to Launch function

The Return to Launch function allows you to fly your drone almost anywhere. Your drone will return to its take off point as soon as its batteries run out. You will not have to worry if you do not see it, as it will fly back in the most extenuating of circumstances.

10. Liveview

The Liveview option makes real-time streaming a reality. Easy to install, it comes with a 7 inch (0.178 meter) monitor and a 5.8 GHz receiver. Watch the real-time footage your drone captures over 32 channels.


It is impossible to have one’s cake and eat it too. No drone is perfect, and the Iris Plus leaves potential drone owners with a few points to ponder.

3d robotics iris remote control1. Camera gimbal and live-view options

Stabilizing the Iris Plus camera is costly. The tarot gimbal keeps video footage from shaking, but is an add-on feature that contributes to the cost of the drone.

You can enjoy aerial images as your drone captures them, if you buy the Liveview telemetry add-on. Though it is packed with user-friendly features, it is costly to install.

2. Delayed Shut Down

Several users have mentioned that the Iris Plus takes a long time to shut down. Turning off the power can take up to a few minutes, which can frustrate impatient pilots.

3. Application only available on Android devices

At this point, the drone’s application is only available on Android devices. Those who use IOS devices must rely on the transmitter.

3d Robotics Iris+ versus DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus

The Iris Plus is a fairly new drone, so you would want to know how it compares with other drones in its price range. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus, by DJI Innovations, will fall into this category.

1. Usability

Both the Phantom 2 and the Iris Plus can fly as soon as you take them out of the box. Ready to fly, you can start showing off your skills immediately.

The difference between the two drones is that the Iris Plus does not fly with a camera. You must attach your own Go Pro or other recording device. You would also need to attach the Livewire facility if you wish to see what your drone records in real-time.

2. Camera, gimbal and image quality

The Phantom 2 Vision Plus comes with its own 14 megapixel camera and gimbal that stabilizes it. The Iris Plus does not come with either. You would have to buy a Go Pro camera. To add, you would have to buy the Tarot Gimbal from Iris. Note that the Tarot Gimbal is Go Pro compatible.

You may wish to use a ready-to-use camera, such as the one one the Phantom 2, or rely on a Go Pro camera that you are already comfortable with. This is a matter of personal preference.

3d robotics iris view under3. Price

The Iris Plus retails at a slightly lower price, but do remember that you need to add the Tarot Gimbal and Go Pro camera to make it a complete aerial photography tool. DJI sells the Phantom 2 at a slightly higher price, but comes with a camera and gimbal attached. All considered, the price of both drones is comparable.

4. Support and tutorials

Both DJI and 3D Robotics give thorough support for their drones. DJI acquaints users with the Phantom 2’s functions through videos on its website 3D Robotics shows users how to get the Iris Plus and the Tarot Gimbal running, via videos on its website.

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1. This drone may save money for pilots and photographers who already own Go Pro Cameras. If you are comfortable with your own image capturing device, the Iris Plus is a suitable choice. Drones with cameras may mean added cost and unnecessary equipment.

2. End your flight a little earlier if you use the Iris Plus. This will give it time to shut down completely.

3. If you find the remote control difficult to use, do consult the 3D robotics website. It gives you a detailed explanation of how to manage it. Should you find the transmitter cumbersome, do rely on the Iris Plus application, which you can download on an Android device.

4. To really enjoy your flight experiences, install the Live View feature. Flying is not so thrilling if you cannot enjoy the footage the drone captures, as it captures it.

5. If you are an avid photographer, install the Tarot Gimbal. You will receive clear, well-focused footage.

Stability & Performance
Build Quality
3d-robotics-iris-reviewThe Iris Plus, with many well-developed camera and flight options, is a boon for both pilots and photographers. Get one simply to fly, or to help you with your research.


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