Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Features and Specifications

autel robotics x-star premium features specifications

You may want a quality drone that is fuss-free and easy to handle. Fancy mechanics and technology may not be for you. Having said this, the perfect drone should have engaging features.

The Autel Robotics X-Star Premium may be your ideal drone. This simple, yet high-performing quadcopter is an improvement on Autel Robotics earlier creation, the X-Star. It comes complete with a set of impressive features. Of course, you should explore them before adding it to your drone collection.

autel x star premium specs

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 5 out of 5 stars
Features 4.5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4.5 out of 5 stars
Design 5 out of 5 stars
Price 4 out of 5 stars

Autel Robotics Best Features

The X-Star Premium is a sophisticated little drone designed for stable flight and capturing fetching aerial images. Find a list of its A-Star qualities below.

1. Star point positioning

The Star Point Positioning system that Autel has incorporated makes this drone easy enough for even novices to fly. It measures the craft’s altitude and tracks its position in the air. Adjust the drone’s height when you need to. A new pilot can fly it accurately, even when there is no GPS signal.

2. Smart Features

Autel has packed the X-Star Premium with a host of smart features that make flying easier. Waypoint mode allows you to plan where you want your drone to go. In Follow Me mode, the drone tracks you wherever you are. Rely on it to take captivating selfies. In orbit mode, the drone circles designated areas.

3. Beginner and Expert Modes

Autel has taken into account the needs of amateur and expert pilots. New pilots can activate the Beginner mode, which will limit your craft’s maximum altitude and speed. They will not have to fear their drones flying out of range.

Then, there is the Expert mode. Turn this on, and you can stun your friends and family with fancy flips and tricks.

autel robotics 4k camera4. 12 Mpx camera

Autel designed the X-Star Premium’s camera to capture high-quality images. The drone comes equipped with an Ultra HD camera that can record 4K videos. It does so in four different resolutions. Take video in 4K, 2.7K, 1080p or 720p.

Further, its wide-angle lens allows you panoramic views. Experiment with colors and contrasts as well.

5. 3 Axis Gimbal

The 3-Axis Gimbal prevents the camera from shifting about while the drone flies. The 3-Axis stabilization feature allows you to record smooth video images without a shaky jello effect. Autel made the drone expendable so that you can upgrade it in the future.

6. Intuitive Controller

One of the highlights of this drone is its user-friendly camera. Command sticks give you a firm grip, and you will be able to perform fancy aerial maneuvers confidently. Flight modes and function keys are instantly accessible. The handy LCD allows you to note your flight information at a glance. Clamp your tablet in place to experience a first-person view of what you record.

7. Starlink App

The Starlink App allows you to adjust your camera to record your footage exactly the way you want. Enjoy full-color, HD images in real-time. You can arrange the craft’s settings according to your preferences. The Smart Pre-Flight Check feature allows you to ensure that your drone is ready to fly.

X-Star Premium Drone Specs

Weight: 3.52lbs (1.6kg)autel x-star premium accesories
Hover: Horizontal 6.5ft (2m) Vertical (3.2 ft) 1m
Yaw: 150%
Ascent Speed 13.4mph (6m/s)
Horizontal Speed 35mph (16m/s)
Propeller Size: 9.4 x 5.5 inches (238 x 140 mm)
Camera: 12Mpx; 1080p, 720p, 2.7K, 4K
Battery: 4900 mAH


The X-Star Premium is one of the savviest drones to date. It has a range of star qualities that make it one of the best quadcopters to fly. Many reviewers agree that this is a one-of-a-kind, first class drone.

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1. Light learning curve

Firstly, it is so easy to use that even novices can pilot it. Dual GPS and GLONASS features make sure that the drone will never get lost. The Starpoint Positioning System allows you fly the craft accurately, at a comfortable altitude.

The aircraft’s smart features are a huge draw. Track your movements with the Follow function or make the quadcopter circle an area with the Orbit function. Make sure that it arrives at its destination by fixing waypoints, or hover it in place when necessary.

The Beginner mode reins the X-Star in and prevents it from going off course, while the Expert mode allows you to stretch it further.This drone does what you tell it to do well. A user commented that the light learning curve makes it fun to maneuver.

2. Carry Case

This drone comes in an Autel Robotics Premium carry case, created with your needs in mind. It seals your drone in and transports it carefully, so you need not worry about it breaking as you move. Users are happy that it has a lot of room for accessories. You can bring your backup propellers with you.autel robotics x-star kit

3. Visible

The bright orange, outstanding design of the X-Star Premium is worth mentioning. You will never miss the dazzling hue even if it is far away. This feature will come in handy if you fly the drone at night.

4. Long battery life

The durable 4900 mAh battery allows you up to 25 minutes of flight time and is comparable to the 5300 mAh LiPo batteries used in other drones. LED indicators allow you to track its charge level, so you can land your drone before it runs out. A discharging cycle protects it and gives it longevity.

5. Stable gimbal

The X-Star Premium’s camera gimbal is a huge plus. It removes the problem of jerky lines. Customers are delighted by how it keeps the drone steady and allows them to capture clear footage.

6. Affordable

This drone is a hefty 3.5 pounds (1.6kg), yet is more affordable than other drones of its size. It also incorporates quality features, so you will not be shortchanged at all if you buy it. It is well worth its cost.

7. High speed

Considering the weight of this craft, it moves incredibly fast. The X-star Premium courses through the air at an impressive 35 mph. The high-speed allows it to record eye-catching, real-time videos. If you are a scientist or real estate developer, you can use it to survey vast areas of land.

8. High-resolution pictures

Perhaps the best boon of the quadcopter is its 4K Ultra HD camera. You can use it to record different images for various purposes. Not all footage needs to be of high quality. For creative reasons, you may want to capture footage at a low resolution. The X-Star Premium allows you to do so in four different resolutions.

9. Strong lift

The X-Star Premium has quite a bit of might. This first-class drone has a relatively large payload and an impressive wheelbase of 13.5 inches(352mm). It carries a set of fantastic functions with it.

autel robotics drone10. Durable

The X-Star’s aerodynamic propellers are an attraction for most users. Not only do they give this powerful machine lift, but they are also the most durable propellers the drone industry has produced. Each of them is machine-crafted with precision.


A drone is a substantial investment, one which you should take some time to ponder over. It may not be as dear as a car, but costs more than a toy. Consider a few things before buying the X-Star Premium, as you would before buying another drone.

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1. Short battery life

The first of these points is the drone’s battery life. It is supposed to last for half an hour, but some users mentioned that it ended faster than they expected. This problem can be averted if you make sure that you have charged it fully.

2. More support for Android users

Autel has enabled the use of real-time telemetry, so you can edit your footage as you capture it. Mount your tablet on your transmitter, and you can view what you are recording, as you record it.

Android users, however, may have their viewing pleasure interrupted. Some of them reported that they recorded jumpy images and that Autel should have supported them better.

3. Needs landing gear

Landing gear is essential for drones to arrive at their destinations without coming apart. They protect the devices as they come to a stop. A few customers reflected that landing gear is missing from the X-Star Premium.

4. Calibration

You must calibrate your drone before launches, or it may end up in a tree instead of your intended destination. If you do so well, you can get it to go where you want it to. Feedback from a few users revealed that advanced calibration is difficult with the X-Star Premium.

5. Weak customer support

Several customers remarked that it was hard to contact customer support regarding issues related to their drones.

Comparison with the Autel X-Star

This drone is not the first that Autel Robotics has created. You would want to know how it fares against its predecessor, the X-Star, and whether you should invest in it. Here is a comparison of their features.


1. Integrated Camera

For a start, both drones have Ultra HD, 12 Mpx integrated cameras that capture 4K video. With a stabilizing gimbal, they record images without a jello effect, which you can view in real-time. Also, they take them in wide angles.

2. Navigation Systems

You will never have to fret over these drones getting lost. Both of them have GPS GLONASS systems that allow you to track them. You can plan and monitor your missions in Waypoint mode.

3. Battery and Flight Timeautel robotics x-star premium battery

The X-Star and the X-Star Premium have powerful batteries that allow them to stay in the air for almost half an hour. Their flight times are comparable to other drones of the same size. Long flight times enable them to take countless awe-inspiring images.

4. Starpoint Positioning System

Both crafts utilize the Star Point Positioning system, which allows you to monitor how high they fly. Make use of the height adjustment feature. It is useful if you are a beginning pilot.

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5. Autopilot functions

These drones come with autopilot functions, and they can stay in the air without your help. Use them for surveillance purposes.

6. Secure Fly

Autel fitted these drones with Secure Fly systems. Pilot them without worrying about them going beyond their boundaries because the systems will guide them.

7. Orange Color Option

Both these drones come in white, but you can fit them with orange frames as well. The orange frames make them easy to spot if they are far off in the sky.


1. Micro SD

The X-Star uses a 16-bit Micro SD card, while the Premium uses a 64-bit card. The Premium, of course, has more memory and storage capacity than its predecessor.

2. Transmission

The X-Star has a video transfer limit of 0.62 miles (0.997km) while the Premium has a limit of 1.2 miles (1.93 km). The Premium can transmit video from further away.

3. Carry Case

Unlike the Premium, the X-Star comes without a carry case. You will have to find another way to transport it, and its accessories.

In all, both drones are powerful, but the X-Star is an improvement over Autel’s earlier innovation.

X-Star Premium review

We hope that you have enjoyed this Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone with 4k camera review by Quadcopter Arena. We have presented the outstanding features of this UAV to you. This Autel X-Star Premium review also lists the pros and cons of buying this device. If you wish to know where to buy the X-Star Premium drone, look no further than Amazon. Find it at this link.

The link will give you an idea of the X-Star Premium drone price range, which establishes it as a too-of-the-line UAV. Add it to your drone for an unforgettable UAV flying experience.


Get the X-Star Premium if you want a drone that can take clear, panoramic shots. It can do so with the help of its Ultra HD camera.

If your eyesight is not at its best and you find it hard to spot things from far away, fly the Premium. You will be able to spot its orange form at once.

Should you want a drone that can pilot itself without your help, the X-Star Premium is the one for you. It has reliable autopilot features that you can count on if you want it to fly over vast areas of land.

The X-Star Premium is an excellent drone for taking selfies. Track your movements and take amazing photographs using the Follow feature.

Stability & Performance
Build Quality
autel-robotics-x-star-premium-features-specificationsThe Autel Robotics Drone is a device that outclasses many others. The features that Autel has incorporated make it one of the best camera drones in the industry.


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