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Drones are increasing in popularity. Novice and expert pilots are taking up drone piloting as a hobby, and you may want to jump on the bandwagon.

Top 7 drones for GoPro

If you are an avid photographer as well, you may not want a drone that comes with a camera. You are probably more comfortable using the GoPro camera you already have. Here are the best GoPro enabled drones for you to consider.

1. Syma X8G

The first GoPro friendly aerial device on this list is the Syma X8G, an eye-catching yet extremely functional mini-drone that will please pilots of all skill levels. With its sleek design and multiple functions, it trumps the competition. Here is what you can expect when you purchase this UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

syma x8g1. Features

Quadcopter Arena begins with an overview of its features. The X8G comes with Intelligence Orientation Control (IOC), which allows a pilot to fly the drone forward regardless of its nose direction. Most drones will only fly forward if their noses point forward as well. IOC makes it easy for new pilots to steer the X8G.

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Small as this quadcopter is, it can capture stunning aerial footage. You can choose to use the 8MP camera it comes with or fit a GoPro camera instead. Capture mesmerizing images either way. You can even record two sets of footage.

Then, there are other features. One of the best ones is the Six Axis Gyro Stabilization system, which gives it stable flight. It seldom veers off course. It is so steady that beginning drone users can fly it. That said, the 350-degree eversion feature allows experienced pilots to show off their skills.

The durability of this drone will amaze you. A highly elastic blade protector defends the propellers, so they will not snap even if you crash it into a tree, This feature greatly enhances the drone’s performance.

2. Prossyma x8g quadcopter

The user-friendliness of this drone delighted customers. It pleased them that the drone kept flying, despite many crashes.

It is a sturdy toy that you can buy without blowing a hole in your pocket. With all its functions, it is great value for money. A complete manual explains how to use it.

3. Cons

Though beginners can use this drone, do note that it suits experienced pilots better. It is quite a task to manage the lock system that controls the propellers.

In all, this UAV is the one to choose if you want a small, stable quadcopter that captures great photographs and is fun to fly.

 2. Ionic Stratus Drone

By appliances manufacturer Ionic, the Ionic Stratus Drone is a GoPro mini quadcopter that makes a statement. Few drones make its presence felt the way it does. With outstanding features and functionality, it is one of the best Go-Pro drones to date.

1. Features

This quadcopter does not come with a camera but is compatible with all models of GoPro Hero. Avid photographers with GoPro cameras can attach their devices to the accompanying mount. Other than being Go Pro friendly, it has other outstanding functions.ionic stratus drone

It has a Six Axis Gyro System that keeps it stable no matter how you fly it. Pilot it yourself, or let your children have a hand at it. It will perform even in the hands of novice pilots.

The Ionic Stratus features a Headless mode, which allows it to fly forward no matter where its head faces. The drone will fly in the same direction even if the pilot accidentally steers it off course. This feature makes it easy for new Pilots to hone their skills.

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Another quality that supports new pilots is the 3D roll function. You can program the quadcopter to perform stunning flips and rolls at the touch of a button. Even beginning pilots can show off fancy aerial stunts to their friends with this quadcopter.

2. Pros

The six-axis gyro stability system makes this drone extremely durable. It is one of the most stable mini drones on the market. Many users commented that it flew steadily and worked well even though they crashed it many times.

ionic stratus drone for goproThe user-friendliness of this drone satisfies many pilots. A new pilot, who had never flown a drone before mentioned that he flew the Ionic Stratus easily. The transmitter’s controls were a breeze to manage once he became used to them.

This mini quadcopter is easy to assemble. The company provides easy-to-follow instructions in a manual. Its flight time, at 12 minutes, is long for a drone of its size.

3. Cons

Though novice users can fly this drone, it is more suitable for those who are not completely new to UAVs. Durable as it is, the propellers are light, so it is better for a new pilot to fly it in an open field. The gyro stability system works better when winds are not too gusty.

There are some issues with the quality of its accessories. One pilot noted that it was difficult for him to fit the screws for the landing gear. Another broke his attachment storing when he tried to assemble it. You may find this drone a task to put together.

 3. Blade 350 QX3

The next drone on the list is the Blade 350 QX3, an outstanding quadcopter for beginners. Made by Horizon Hobby, it has a set of nifty functions.

1. Features

Stability is what makes the QX3 a top drone. Horizon Hobby has taken measures to remove the “jello” effect that makes taking aerial shots a challenge. Fit your Go-Pro camera on its anti-vibration mount. The camera will take clear footage. Aside from this, it has a list of jaw-dropping features.

blade 350 qx3The QX3 flies in three modes, making it a fun toy for both experienced and novice pilots. The SAFE circle feature that Horizon has incorporated operates in SMART mode. SAFE Circle prevents the drone from flying too close to its pilot. The stability mode keeps it level, while the agility mode allows it to do fancy flips and tricks.

This drone is a must-have for photographers. GPS and Altimeter Sensors track its position in the air. They stabilize it and allow it to take amazing aerial photographs.

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Further, the Spektrum transmitter it comes with is versatile. You can use it with other drones powered by DSMX transmitters. It has a cyclic stick, which guides it where you want it to go.

The Blade QX3 never gets lost. The Return Home function guides it back to its take-off point should it veer off the flight course that you planned for it to follow.

2. Pros

blade 350 qx3 quadcopterThe QX3, being able to fly in three modes, is fun to fly. You can pilot it regardless of your experience level. One avid drone pilot, who is a mother, shares it with her young son.

You do not have to waste money on transmitters because this is a Bind and Fly (BNF) drone. The transmitter can fly other drones as long as they are DSMX compatible.

The QX3 is affordable. Considering the number of features that come with it, it is worth every cent it costs.

3. Cons

One drawback of the QX3 is that it is fragile. Pilots report that the propellers fall off when it crashed.

 4. Ehang Ghost Drone

The EHang Ghost Drone is a small GoPro device that every pilot should add to their drone collections. Modest but svelte, it makes a great quadcopter for all pilots. Its functions will astound you.

1. Features

The Ghost drone has one of the best cameras on the market. The Sports Camera functions in four different resolutions, allowing you to take pictures of any quality. The camera aside, it comes with a mount that can accommodate your Go-Pro camera. Why not use both cameras and record two sets of footage?ehang ghost

Of course, it has other extraordinary features. Flying it does not take effort. You do not need to use a bulky transmitter. Just key in commands into your iPhone or Android phone. EHang provides a G-BOX, which makes it easy to pilot.

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Another draw of this device is its extended flight time. The powerful SMART battery allows it to stay in the air for almost half an hour. The Rapid Charge feature pumps it up within 60 minutes or less.

New pilots will find it easy to control critical functions like Waypoint Planning. Plan your flights with the touch of a button. You may fly the drone with a friend in Companion Mode or show off fancy tricks when flying in Avatar mode.

One of the biggest attractions of this drone is its sleek design. In a chic black and with sharp contours, it will make you gawk.

2. Pros

ehang ghost droneThe Sports Camera, which captures pictures in four different resolutions, is a joy to use. The drone is also compatible with a GoPro Camera, allowing you to use a device that you already have. Power both cameras, and you can capture two sets of footage at different angles.

The Ghost drone’s built-in safety features make it easy for new pilots to fly. It returns to home when it runs out of battery and hovers when it loses its connection with the transmitter.

3. Cons

There are durability issues with the Ghost Drone, as some reviews show. One user reported that the propellers came apart easily.

Further, it may not be able to communicate with the transmitter if it is too far away. A pilot reflected that he could not get a signal from the drone after it rose to a certain altitude.

 5. 3DR Solo Drone

3D Robotics has outdone itself with the Solo Drone, a quadcopter that promises to give other drones in its price range stiff competition. The Solo Drone’s exciting features will make you wish that you can fly quadcopters endlessly. It is one of the best GoPro enabled drones available.

1. Features

First, a discussion of its photography capabilities. This drone is open to expansion. Add a Go-Pro Camera to capture an extra set of pictures. Solo put a Gimbal Bay in this drone to make it easy for you to change motor pods.3dr solo

The Solo’s photography capacity is large. Watch the footage you capture live, on your mobile device, in HD. You will feel as though you are holding a camera instead of controlling your device. The Zipline feature allows you to tag moving subjects to track and photograph.

The Solo Drone is one of the safest quadcopters to fly. Incorporated geofencing keeps your drone within its boundaries. You do not have to worry about losing your device because it will never fly out of range.

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Dual built-in computers allow you to keep tabs on your drone as it flies. You can submit a ticket to the 3D Robotics support team as soon as you detect a fault.

The wireless feature allows you to connect seamlessly with your networks. Send photographs that you take straight to Facebook.

2. Pros

The drone’s mechanics are well-designed. Users compliment 3D Robotics for programming its functions well. One mentioned that the Auto Take Off and Return to Home features worked well.

3dr solo droneThe controller is hefty, so you feel as though you are a professional pilot. It is user-friendly and well-designed. The Gimbal switch is easy to use.

Besides being easy to set up, its frame is solid. Do not worry about your drone breaking if it crashes.

Many users are happy with the quality of their footage. One user recalled how easy it was to operate. It took clear pictures as soon as he removed it from the box.

3. Cons

The support staff at 3D Robotics may take some time to respond to your requests. If there is anything wrong with your drone, you would have to wait for them to fix it.

The Gimbal did not work well for some users. A few of them reported that their videos had a jello effect.

6. 3D Robotics Iris+

Another drone that comes with a GoPro mount is the Iris Plus, also by 3D Robotics. With its standout features, it fares well against other drones in its price range.

1. Features

First, a discussion of its GoPro features and camera. The Follow Me feature allows the camera to follow you from the air and take photographs of you. With real-time telemetry, it is one of the best ways to capture selfies. Use your GoPro Camera to track you as you move.3d robotics iris+

The Tarot Brushless Gimbal is one of the sturdiest in the drone arena. It keeps your camera steady. With a little help from a tutorial from 3D Robotics, it is easy to set up.

A top feature of this drone is the comprehensive GPS system. It opens up capabilities like mission planning, HD cinematography, and even scientific research.

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The Iris Plus include three flight modes. Set the controller to standard mode to fly it manually. Set it to Auto Mode and it will fly automatically to all the waypoints you program. Switch to Loiter Mode to hold the craft in place.

With the Return to Launch feature, your drone will never get lost. It returns to you when it runs out of battery or flies out of range.

2. Pros3d robotics iris+ quadcopter

The drone can go up to speeds of 40 mph, and is incredibly fast. The high speed makes it fun for experienced pilots to fly.

Many users love its sturdy, black-and-blue design. The drone is ready-to-fly, right out of the box, so there is nothing to assemble.

The Iris Plus scores high marks on usability. The well-programmed features make it possible for novices to pilot. The software is easy to navigate. You can plan missions by drawing on a map.

3. Cons

This drone is relatively large but has a flight time of only 15 minutes. The short flight time is a quality that 3D Robotics can improve.

7. DJI Phantom 2

With its built-in technology, the Phantom 2 Vision Plus is one of DJI’s most innovative creations. This Go-Pro enabled drone works well for enthusiastic photographers who want to capture impressive aerial shots.

1. Features

This awe-inspiring drone already comes with a 14 Mpx camera that takes clear, HD quality aerial shots. Attach a Go-Pro camera to an available mount, and you can capture two sets of footage.dji phantom 2

This drone has GPS and altitude modes, so it can stay in place when necessary. It returns to its take-off point when its battery runs out. Its Return to Home feature is one of the best among drones today.

The 5200 mAh battery keeps it in the air for longer than most drones. Enjoy extended flight of about 25 minutes.

2. Pros

The Phantom 2 works straight out of the box. The only accessories you need to fix are the propellers, which are easy to fit.

dji phantom 2 goproPilots rave that this drone provides smooth flight. The Return to Home feature ensures that you will never lose or damage this device. This function is assuring if you are a novice pilot.

This device is expandable. It may not be the best-looking drone in the market, but you can make it more sophisticated with upgrades.

It is so user-friendly that even novices can fly it within a few hours. A customer remarked that her son, who had never flown a drone before, could pilot the Phantom 2 quickly.

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Perhaps the best feature of this drone is the aerial footage in can capture. You can record amazing HD quality photos on its camera. Take another set of photographs on a GoPro camera if you wish to.

3. Cons

Some customers encountered a few durability issues. A customer commented that it crashed easily.

Do not pilot this drone if you are a novice, because it may fly away if you do not calibrate it well.



It is hard to know which of these drones to choose because they all have outstanding traits.

If your piloting skills are at an intermediate level, the Syma X8 will suit you. The 360-degree eversion feature can be quite a challenge to master for novice pilots.

Try the Blade QX3 if you are a beginning pilot. The SAFE circle feature will prevent unnecessary accidents.

You may be one of those pilots who hates to use bulky controllers. Get the Ehang Ghost drone if this is the case, and fly it using your tablet.

Should you want to show your piloting skills off without too much effort, get the Ionic Stratus. The 3D roll feature will allow you to display your skills at the touch of a button.

Use the Solo drone if you want to take the best selfies. The zip line feature will allow you to zero in on yourself as you move.

If you want a drone that moves fast, try the Iris Plus. Get the Phantom 2 Vision Plus if you want to a backup set of footage.


Each of these GoPro enabled drones is unique. Focus on what you need before you get one.


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