Best quadcopter for beginners

Best quadcopter for beginners

Drone piloting is an engaging hobby. It is also essential for certain professions. Real estate professionals use the aerial images that a drone captures to keep track of properties.

Whether you are a new hobbyist pilot or someone who needs to capture aerial photographs for work purposes, you will need to know what features a beginner’s quadcopter should have.

You will also gain from knowledge about the latest beginner quadcopters on the market.

Top features of best quadcopter for beginners

Manufacturers have flooded the market with drones, including those targeted at beginning pilots. If you are a novice pilot, you will benefit from a few tips on choosing your first quadcopter.

1. Needs

Before setting out to buy your first drone, think about how you will use it. If you are only interested in perfecting your piloting skills, a solid, resilient drone will do.

If you are a film-maker, photographer or real estate agent, you will need a drone with a camera.

2. Camera

Many drones come with cameras, but not all cameras have top-notch features. For a drone with a camera, make sure that it has FPV, or First Person View. This feature lets you record video footage in real-time. It is worth investing in a drone that has a camera with 720 or more pixels.

3. Flight timeĀ 

A typical beginning quadcopter will have between 5 and 15 minutes of flight-time between charges. A reliable quadcopter, of course, will stay in flight for a longer time. If possible, choose one that comes with spare batteries.

4. Range and durability

A dependable quadcopter should fly within 100m (330 feet). If it has a solid frame, it should not sustain major damage even if it crash lands. Quadcopter reviews will give you an idea of how well they fly.

5. Spares

Every quadcopter sustains occasional damage. Spare propellers and spindles should come with a quadcopter package. Make sure that you know what comes with a quadcopter when you buy it.

6. Price

Value for money is a paramount when choosing your first quadcopter. A cost-effective drone is one that fulfills all your needs. It should have a stable camera, communicate with its transmitter within a reasonable range and come with essential spare parts. Beginning pilots, who are more likely to crash their quadcopters, must consider affordability.

7. Quality transmitters

A beginning pilot must consider flight stability when buying his first quadcopter. A reliable transmitter with functional control features gives it this stability.

Photographers and videographers need a transmitter with a wide LCD screen which gives them clear, real-time views of the images the drone captures.

8. High Service Standards

Drones, like other devices, malfunction occasionally. It is always advisable for you to buy your drones from a manufacturer that offers high service standards.

Best quadcopters for beginners in 2016

Blade Nano QX BNF with SAFE quadcopter

Blade Nano QX BNF with SAFEManufactured by Horizon Hobby, the Blade Nano QX is an astounding drone for beginners.

Horizon Hobby never fails to produce top-of-the-line quadcopters. It is a high-performing, beginning quadcopter. With a Blade Nano QX, you will have quality, stability and efficiency.

SAFE technology gives the NANO QX stable flight. It performs well indoors or outdoors, in a light breeze. It also gives this drone multiple flight modes. SAFE mode allows it to stay in place and makes it ideal for beginners, while Agility Mode allows experienced pilots to show off their skills.

The Blade Nano QX shines when it comes to beginner RC quadcopters. If you want the best quadcopter for beginners, this is one to consider. Experienced pilots will enjoy its daring aerial acrobatics. Note, however, that it is not the best Beginner Drone with Camera, because it does not have one.

One would rank it among the best drones for beginners because it helps them hone their flying skills. SAFE technology allows pilots to stabilise it as it flies. It prevents an over-enthusiastic novice from flying it at a too high altitude.

A lightweight drone, it takes to the air easily. Durable, this little aerial vehicle has a lasting physical frame. The extra green and yellow canopies it comes with allows it to fly for about 15 minutes, longer than many beginning quadcopters.

Not surprisingly, pilots give this smart aerial vehicle high ratings.

Heli-Max 1SQ v-cam RTF quadcopter

Heli-Max 1SQ v-cam RTF quadcopterHobbico, a company manned by a group of top-rated drone professionals, produces high-quality quadcopters as well.

Its latest creation, the Heli-Max 1SQ v-cam RTF quadcopter is a shining example of quality.

It is a craft that pilots value for its solid construction and durability. This hardy quadcopter lasts because of its solid frame. It survives unforeseen crashes with few scratches. Pilots laud Heli Max for providing them enough spare parts. Easy to fly, pilots can put it to work as soon as they remove it from the box.

This drone has stable flight, a boon for all beginning drone pilots. It teaches them many flight basics. Experienced pilots can enjoy this drone fully as well, because it does fancy flips. It also soars to amazing heights.

The 1SQ comes with a durable transmitter that is more sturdy and reliable than those of many other beginning quadcopters. You can control its sensitivity using any of its two different modes, a boon for beginning quadcopter pilots.

It is no surprise that it excels in the quadcopter market consistently.

Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter

Holy Stone RC Drone with HD Camera QuadcopterHoly Stone, a Chinese-based drone manufacturer, has gained popularity in recent years. Drone pilots commend its staff for its professional expertise and high service standards. Its latest creation, the F181 RC quadcopter, allows it to live up to this reputation.

With a 360 degree four-way flip, it gives both expert and novice pilots chances to show off their skills. Expert aerospace engineers favor it. The quadcopter ‘s Headless Security System ensures that pilots will never lose it. This nifty device, with a flight time of 7 to 10 minutes, stays longer in the air than other drones. Bright LED lights and a clean, black design allow a pilot to spot it in the air.

A hallmark of the Holy Stone F181 is its durability. It does not sustain damage after hard landings. A quadcopter for beginning photographers, it takes remarkable shots from the sky.

A Holy Stone quadcopter is a perennial hot favorite among drone enthusiasts.

UDI U818A quadcopter

UDI U818A reviewTechnology experts at UDI RC Toys, who place much emphasis on research and development, produce high-speed cars and speedboats.

Their latest creation, the U818A, is a drone that promises to charm quadcopter lovers. Its 6 Axis Gyro with posture control allows it to fly in place, while its 4-channel function and modular design allow a pilot to control it. A high-capacity battery and strong power motors allow him to guide the craft efficiently.

The sleek remote with an accessible display allows a pilot to navigate it easily. Durable, it overcomes crashes with nary a scratch. This easy-to-fly quadcopter takes to the air as soon as it comes out of the box. Its sleek, modular design makes it easy to install and repair. The quadcopter flies as well as UDI RC promises.

A chic, well-developed quadcopter, UDI U818A delivers as it should. Beginning pilots can take the U818A to new heights.

Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF quadcopter

Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF quadcopterAll novice pilots should put the Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF quadcopter on their lists. Beginning pilots can add this quadcopter to their lists of drones to consider. By the efficient and prolific Hubsan, the 107D does not disappoint.

This charming drone with a sleek design offers pilots and photographers a first person view of the images they capture. It comes with a dynamic, 2.4 HZ transmitter that has a 4.3 inch FPV LCD monitor. Few other beginning quadcopters allow pilots real-time views of the images they capture. LED lights make it easy to spot at night.

Durable, this nifty quad comes with propeller guards that you can install easily. Though a small quadcopter that flies within a mere 30 to 50 meters, it does 360 degree flips and is a challenge for expert pilots to fly. Its lightweight frame allows it easy take off. It makes an attractive display feature for any desk.


With these beginning quadcopter offerings in front of you, you should know how they measure up to each other.

The Blade Nano QX quadcopter is suitable for more experienced beginners. Agility Mode allows pilots to show off their skills.

Pilots who need drones that capture clear aerial images should consider the Hubsan 107D, which comes with a reliable FPV camera.

The Heli-Max 1SQ gives pilots better control, with a transmitter that is more dynamic than other beginning drones.

Drone pilots need to keep in touch with their drone manufacturers constantly. For excellent service, they should buy the Holy Stone F181.

Those who want stability should consider the U818A, with 6 Axis Gyro that gives it steady flight.

These astounding entry level quadcopters are fit for any beginning pilot. They spoil novice pilots, quadcopter experts, photographers and other professionals for choice.


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