How To Do Flips And Rolls

how to do quadcopter flips and rolls

Incredible flips and rolls with your quadcopter

Many enthusiasts buy quadcopters to perform fancy aerial acrobatics. They long to get their drones to dance in the air.

Expert pilots will tell you that doing this is not as gargantuan a task as it seems. You can do so with a Hubsan X4. This video from the RCTV channel shows pilots how to engage a goggle-eyed audience with fancy flips and barrel rolls.

How to do a flip roll

So, how would you do flip roll with your drone? The answer lies in making sure that you understand your drone. Get to know every part of it and its transmitter.

Thorough pre-flight checks are necessary. If you are an absolute drone novice, make sure that you have piloting basics under your belt.

1. Get to know your quadcopter

Before you can get your quadcopter to move or flip, you must get to know it. Your drone consists of a few essential parts.

The frame links the drone’s components. On a quadcopter, it has four arms and an X shape. It has four motors, which spin the propellers. Wired components, or Electronic Speed Controllers, connect the battery and motors.

The flight controller moves your quadcopter. It controls the gyroscope and accelerometer, giving it stability and speed. It has four propellers, which determine the direction the drone flies.

Of course, your device will need a battery, which is its power source. You will also need a charger to keep its power constant.

2. Get to know your transmitter

Hubsan X4 transmitterYou would panic if your drone were to fly by itself. You must give it help. To add, you need an extra device to assist you.

The radio transmitter is that device. The right stick controls the quadcopter’s pitch and moves it in all directions. The left stick controls the device’s yaw. It moves the quadcopter clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Doing fancy flips, and turns is possible with the help of these controls.

3. Check your quadcopter before you fly it

You cannot flip or roll your quadcopter if it is not ready to fly. Check these details before you get it off the ground.

First, ensure that your quadcopter has no loose parts. Charge the device and transmitter batteries. Wait until it has finished calibrating.

Ensure that there is room to launch it, and activate the transmitter. Push the left stick of the transmitter down. Keep the quadcopter within sight so that you will know if it is about to crash.

4. Choose the right location to fly

The right location makes a tremendous difference to your flying experience. Fly in a place where there are no trees or buildings that will obstruct your quadcopter. Birds should not get in its way either.

5. Take safety precautions

Keep safe when flying a drone. Drones are fragile, but you can prevent their damage. You should also protect yourself from injuries.

Propellers are sharp when they move at high speeds, so ensure that you keep your hands away from them. Always take out the battery if you are doing work on it. It may turn on, and you do not want to risk a visit to the emergency room. Fly your drone in an enclosed space without breakable objects if you are doing so indoors.

6. Get your quadcopter off the ground

You are ready to fly once you have mastered the controls and taken necessary precautions.

You need to use the throttle, or the left stick, to get your drone up in the air. Give it a gradual push to move the propellers, and then release the stick.

Repeat this until you are comfortable with the process. Push the throttle further until you get the drone off the ground, and then push it back and land it.

7. Learn how to keep your drone hovering in mid-air and land it

Before you can get your drone to roll, you need to make it stay in the air.

flips and rolls with your quadcopterGet it about an inch off the ground. You will have to make slight adjustments to the right stick to keep the drone from moving in all directions. You may also need to adjust the left stick to keep it from turning.

Once you have gained control of the switches’ intensity, let the device drop to the ground.

8. Move your drone in all directions

Once you have learned to make your drone hover, you can move it in all directions.

Move the right stick to the right or left to guide it in those directions. Moving the lever up or down will get your drone to go forward and backward.

Do the flips and turns that your friends will admire

Every pilot wants to learn how to flip a quadcopter; getting it up in the air is insufficient. After all, it is fancy aerial acrobatics that impress.

Every self-respecting drone pilot needs a bag of quadcopter tricks under his or her belt. The secret to flipping and rolling lies in the drone’s switch and lever. Most drones have switches that will prompt them to do fancy flips in all directions. The acrobatic Hubsan X4 shows how they can help you.

Now that you have gotten your device to move, you can get it to do the flips and turns that your friends will admire. With all the necessary tools, the is one of the best examples of a flip drone.

To begin, go to expert mode on your Hubsan X4. Gain full control of the quadcopter’s pitch.

Flick the right switch from the left to the right. Your quadcopter will do a right barrel. Move the control from the right to the left, and it does a left barrel.

You will first need to know how to do a flip with a drone. Maneuver the control forward, then backward to do a backflip. Flick the lever backward then forward to do a front flip.

You have gotten a glimpse of what a drone can do. These nifty devices can do barrel rolls that will make circus acrobats envious.

Your next task, then, is to do a flip barrel roll. Flick the right switch from the left to the right. Your quadcopter will do a right barrel. Move the control from the right to the left, and it does a left barrel.


With a little savvy, your drone can move in a way that will amaze all who see it.


  1. Its very easy, and they have a very good technique, but one problem, I can’t seem to do it again unfortunately. I did it the first time and then tried and second and so on, but it never did it again, my drone isn’t one of the expensive ones, its just a learning drone for now.
    But Thanks for all the help, ill try and fix my issue.

  2. I bought the one that cost 900 dollar and is doesn’t even work im in sanatonio and I went to bargains depot and they had the same one and it worked they buy stuff for 2000 and under and sell it for like from 80 to 0 dollars.>:I


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