10 Great Features of DJI Phantom 4

10 great feature of dji phantom 4

Professional UAV maker DJI has excited the drone industry once again with the new DJI Phantom 4, that comes with interesting new features. Like its predecessors, this quadcopter will floor you with its ability to soar high in the sky. This delightful machine will also thrill you with the incredible aerial photographs it takes. Since its introduction, it has thrown avid photographers into a frenzy.

It has all the features of DJI’s earlier creations and more. It is an excellent example of DJI’s unmatched technology. Besides explaining its features, this article will discuss the Phantom 4’s pros and cons. Quadcopter Arena will also provide you with a few recommendations for its use.

phantom 4 features

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 5 out of 5 stars
Features 5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 5 out of 5 stars
Design 4.5 out of 5 stars
Price 4.5 out of 5 stars

The DJI Phantom 4 greatest features

As the Phantom, Vision Plus, and Phantom 3 drones have shown, DJI uses first-class technology. The company has integrated this technology with the Phantom 4 and made some improvements as well. These are the features you can expect when you buy it.

1. DJI Go

For a start, these prolific manufacturers have fitted the Phantom 4 with DJI Go, a fully-automated system that makes this drone a comprehensive tool. It allows pilots to share their photos, creates new flight paths, and connect with their friends on social media. Send your friends a selfie and tell them where you are at once.

2. Tap to fly

dji phantom 4 cameraThis handsome quadcopter does more than fly out of the box. It can soar with two taps, and is more dynamic than before.

DJi has fitted the Phantom 4 with an Obstacle Sensing System, which allows the drone to course around objects. The first touch sets it to fly while the second brings it back to its take-off point. You do not need to shudder in fear of your drone crashing.

3. Precision hovering and Automatic Flight Positioning

Besides being able to fly without you worrying about it ramming into objects, this drone can hover. As it has done with its other products, DJI has included its Vision Positioning System (VPS). VPS locks the drone in place when necessary, and it can stay put for hours.

Besides, the Automatic Flight Positioning System tracks your device’s position. With such nifty GPS features, you do not need to worry about your quadcopter getting lost among tree branches.

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4. Built-in redundancies and electronic logs

With built-in compasses, this drone is almost as competent as a real aircraft. Compasses enable it to monitor the data it collects. It can lock away unnecessary information to prevent it from disrupting your flight.

5. Active track

The Active Track feature makes this drone a must-have for selfie fans. Besides being able to follow subjects without prompting, it keeps them within their GPS bracelets. The best part of the Active Track system is that you do not need to use a GPS tool.

6. Multiple flight modes/Sports mode for greater agility

DJI created this craft for everyone to enjoy, whether they are beginning pilots or otherwise. The Phantom 4 functions on different flight modes.

The beginner mode reins a pilot in and prevents him from stretching himself too far. In this mode, you can adjust the maximum height of the drone so that you can develop confidence flying it close to the ground. Raise the height as your flying techniques improve.

DJI has integrated the new Sport Mode with this drone, giving it more agility. Fly faster than you have before, and experience new speed thrills.

7. Extended flight time

This drone will allow you to fly further and longer than its older counterparts do. While older DJI models, take to the air for about 25 minutes, the Phantom does so for almost half an hour. You will be able to take more aerial photographs than before.

8. High-performance cameradji phantom 4 sideview

As the drone industry matures, cameras must improve. The DJI Phantom 4 has a high-quality camera that takes sharp, 1080 pixel photos. It can capture high-resolution photos at 4K, and you can choose from a range of video color profiles. An integrated camera gimbal keeps it steady in the air.

9. Customizable controller

With a customizable controller, the craft will adapt to your needs. Tailor the flexible controls to suit your flying style, and you can pilot the drone in any way you want.

10. Push and release propeller

An overwhelming number of pilots complain that their drone’s propellers break. DJI has solved the problem of fragile propellers by installing press and release propeller mounts. These mounts lock the propellers in place and prevent them from bumping awkwardly into objects.

Phantom 4 specifications

  • Weight: 48.7 oz (1380g)
  • Max Ascent Speed: 19.7ft/s ( 6 m/s)
  • Max Descent Speed: 13.1ft/s ()4 m/s)
  • Max Speed: 65.6/ft (20m/s)
  • Max Flight Time: 28 minutes
  • GPS Mode: Glonass GPS
  • Hover accuracy: 1.64ft (0.5m)
  • Obstacle Sensory Range: 2 – 49 feet (0.7 – 15 m)
  • Camera: 4K, 1080p

The new Phantom 4 Pros

If you are looking for an all-inclusive drone that anyone can fly, the Phantom 4 is a winner. It has not been on the market for very long but has already garnered many fans. Reviews of this drone show that DJI has improved it over its earlier creations.

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1. Ease of use

The user-friendliness and simplicity of this drone blow fans away. The Phantom 4 may look intimidating, but even novice pilots can tame it. Its winsome features make this possible.

2. Sleek design

The Phantom 4, with its all-white surface and streamlined design, has got to be one of the trendiest looking drones to date. The transmitter and propellers are in eye-catching white as well. DJI has given its latest product a clean look.

3. Lanyard and extra batteries

The company does all it can to extend the drone’s time in the air. The extra 5300 amp Lipo batteries do just that. The lanyard makes it easy for users to carry them around. One user remarked that these tools were useful ones to have.

4. Fast delivery

DJI impresses with its attention to detail and fast service. One user reflected his amazement at how quickly he managed to get his drone.

5. Durable Styrofoam Carry Case

Further, the Phantom 4 arrives at your doorstep in a long-lasting styrofoam case. Fiddle with its clasp and turn it into a carrier case that you can use to tote the Phantom 4. It may comprise styrofoam, but few cases can beat its durability. Of course, anything made of styrofoam is light and easily lifted.

6. Efficient Waypoint Planning

Moreover, DJI has enabled instant waypoint planning with the Phantom 4. All you need to do is to draw a ring around the area you want your drone to go, and it will fly there in an instant.

phantom 4 under7. Excellent aerial coverage

The Phantom 4 can now take panoramic shots. DJI has moved camera sensors into the drone, which allows them to cover larger areas. Photographers will feel excited by the full but clear shots they can capture.

8. Clear still and video shots with camera

Also, the Phantom 4’s camera takes sharp shots when compared with other aerial cameras. A range of colors is available for post-production. You can make your footage look the way you want, with a little mischevious tweaking.

9. Sonar technology and altitude hold

Sonar technology or what DJI terms Optical Sensing Technology is DJI’s latest innovation. It allows the drone to sense objects below it. The Phantom 4’s built-in sensors keep this revolutionary quadcopter stable.

One reviewer panicked when his drone almost did a nose-dive into the sea. She had forgotten its ability to lock its position at a set altitude, which, to her luck, it did. The drone’s altitude adjustment feature had saved it.

10. Easy to monitor flight logs

Tap on your IPAD and the drone’s flight information will be available to you. You can track where the drone has been, and program it to travel to that location. Check on your flight logs at a glance.


No product is perfect, much as we would like it to be. DJI ‘s latest offering may be stunning, but it has its share of flaws. That said, its strengths far outweigh them.

1. Affordability

Price may be a deterrent to buying the Phantom 4. It costs a few hundred dollars more than the Phantom 3, but the improvements that come with it justify its higher price.

2. Service

A few users have complained that DJI’s service was lacking. That said, the company does deliver drones on time.

Comparison with the DJI Phantom 3

The Phantom 4 is one of DJI’s newer drones, so you would want to know how it fares against its other products. You will be glad to have a comparison between the Phantom 4 and its predecessor, the Phantom 3. Both have similar features, but there are stark differences between them.

1. Similarities

a. Size

At first glance, the Phantom 3 and the Phantom 4 are hard to tell apart. Both machines are the same size. Each of these DJI Innovations measures 13.8 inches(350mm).

b. Positioning Systems

DJI has fitted both machines with efficient positioning systems. The Vision Positioning System allows these aerial vehicles to hover in place when necessary. It uses two ultrasonic sensors for this purpose. Both drones utilize the GPS and GLONASS systems for outdoor positioning.

c. Charger

The charging time for both drones, at about half an hour, is about the same Both of them come with a 100W charger.

d. Hover Accuracy

Both Phantom drones can hover in the air at + or – 1.64ft (0.5m)

phantom 4 backpack

2. Differences

a. Greater battery power

A more powerful battery drives the Phantom 4. While the Phantom 3 has a 5350 mAh battery, the Phantom 4’s is 5350 mAh.

b. Flight time

A more powerful battery means that it can stay in the air for longer. While the Phantom 3 flies for 23 minutes, the Phantom 4 does so for 28 minutes. With nearly half an hour of flight time, it can capture more footage.

c. Speed

The Phantom 4 flies much faster than its counterpart. It travels at 45 mph, which is about ten mph faster than the Phantom 3. This feature is critical for capturing quick, motion shots.

d. Optical sensor and OSR

The Phantom 4, unlike its predecessor, comes equipped with an Optical Sensing System that allows it to detect objects on the ground. Besides this, the obstacle sensing system picks out anything that may get in its way.

e. Playback button

The Phantom 4 has no playback button, unlike the Phantom 3. It is harder to edit videos with the Phantom 4.

f. Active Tracking

The Phantom 4’s active tracking system allows you to monitor a subjects’ movements. The system is not available on the Phantom 3.


dji phantom 4 outdoorA drone is a considerable investment. If you cannot decide whether to buy the Phantom 4, these recommendations may help you. Do give them some thought.

1. Buy this drone if you are a novice pilot.

With optical sensing enabled, the DJI drone is easier to fly than before. It can hover in place and hold its altitude when necessary. Beginning pilots can get it under control.

2. Buy it if you are concerned about durability

You can lock the propellers in place. Further, the Optical Sensing technology makes it virtually crash proof. Its sensors can detect objects, and it avoids them automatically.

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3. It suits avid photographers

This drone captures images better than DJI’s earlier models. Tap on a range of video profiles, and make them look the way you want. The brilliant HD photographs it captures will amaze you.

4. Buy it if your drone gets lost

This drone is a reliable tool for those whose devices always go missing. Just circle the area where you want it to go, and it will head there at once. This convenience aside, it has the Return to Home feature like DJI’s other drones. It will always fly back to you.

5. Use it if you are not an efficient mission planner

This drone is for you if you have difficulties tracking locations. All you have to do is to circle the places where you need to go, and the drone will fly there at once.

Besides, the device’s flight information is available to you. Just tap on your tablet, and you will find out where the device has been before. You can redirect it to go there again.

Stability & Performance
Build Quality
10-great-features-dji-phantom-4With a host of new features, the Phantom 4 outclasses other drones. it promises a flying experience like no other.


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