Best quadcopter under 100$

best quadcopter under 100$

Finding the best quadcopter under 100$

A dynamic drone may thrill you, but your budget may make you refrain from buying it. The good news for quadcopter fans who do not have the funds to buy big devices is that there are tiny, cheaper ones on the market.

They are incredibly user-friendly as well. Here is a guide to the best quadcopters under $100.

What a quadcopter under $100 should have

It may surprise you to know that there are many budget quadcopters on the market. if you are a beginning pilot, you will need a guide that tells you what to look for in one.

1. All parts included

A drone under $100 is less costly, but this does not mean that manufacturers have compromised its quality. Most ready-to-fly budget drones have all their components included. Check that the drone you are considering comes with everything it should.

2. Repair

Even the best drones are accident prone. Mishaps occur when there are sudden winds. Check that there are repair options for the quadcopter you have in mind.

3. Wide communication range

Losing communication with a quadcopter is frustrating. All drones, including budget drones, should communicate with transmitters from a reasonable distance. Read reviews to find out which quadcopter does this best.

4. Acceleration and altitude

The stronger a drone’s throttle power, the better. A drone with a better throttle response will move faster. It should also soar to great heights. Read reviews of drones to find out how fast they travel, and how high they fly.

5. Power

A small quadcopter should have roughly 10 minutes of battery life. If you want to know how long a drone can stay up in the air, find out what battery it uses. Quadcopter reviews will tell you how long it flies.

6. Camera

Even budget drones come with cameras. If you intend to use a drone for recording quick snapshots, find out what camera it uses. Some quadcopters use high quality HD cameras, though they are less costly.

7. User readiness

Note that not all drones can fly instantly. Some may need assembling. If you are buying one for the first time, it is better to choose a Ready-to-Fly model. You will not have to struggle to put the parts together.
Then, there are bind-and-fly drones, which do not come with a transmitter. Such drones allow you to use a transmitter you already have. Spektrum DSMX transmitters can control different drones. If you already own one, consider a bind-and-fly drone you can use to fly it.

Best 5 choices for a quadcopter under 100$

syma x5c explorers quadcopterSyma X5C Explorers quadcopter

The first palm-sized quadcopter to cost less than $100 is the Syma X5C. With a host of stunning features, its low cost is surprising.


a. HD camera for aerial photography

The X5C comes equipped with a HD camera, which enables you to capture captivating visuals from the air. This device takes sharp photographs with precision.

>>Check out the price of Syma X5C on Amazon<<

b. Six-axis gyro system for stability

This drone is small, but stable. It has a six-axis gyro system that gives it steady flight. This feature also enables you to launch the craft manually.

c. Adapted for signal interference

Syma has adapted the X5C’s technology so that there is no signal interference. You can fly two X5C drones next to each other without cross-communicating.

d. Built for indoor and outdoor flight

The X5C can fly outdoors in a light breeze. You may show off your piloting skills to your friends indoors as well. This craft is small enough to fly around your living room.

e. Aerobatics

Being extremely light, this quadcopter can do fancy back flips and spins easily. More experienced pilots can make use of its 360 aversion feature and turn it upside down.

f. Concurrent aerial and video footage

You can take photos and capture video footage concurrently with the X5C. The device runs its video and image capturing features together for about 30 minutes, which is a considerably long time.

g. Transmitter

This drone comes with a 2.4 HZ transmitter, powered by Spektrum technology. This technology allows the drone to communicate with the craft at longer distances. It reacts 100 times faster than other remote controls.

h. Headless mode

The headless mode of this quadcopter serves as its return to home feature. To tap on it, point the transmitter in an intended direction. Do the same with the quadcopter, and bind it with the transmitter. The quadcopter will take this direction as its reference point, and return this way if it runs out of power.


a Dimensions: 21.2 x 12.2 x 3.1 In ( 31 x 31 x 8 cm)
b. Weight: 32.1 ounces (910g)
c. Battery: 3.7 V LiPo mAh
d. Camera: 2.0 MP HD
e. Transmitter: 4Ch Spektrum


The X5C has many praiseworthy features, and has satisfied many users.

a. Stable

For a start, it flies steadily. Users have mentioned that the 6-axis stabilization feature keeps it from veering off course.

b. User-friendly

The X5C is so easy to use that novice pilots can put it through tenacious aerial paces. A user commented that he could fly it as soon as he took it out of the box. Other users commented that it is easy to control.

c. Remote picture capture

A useful feature of this drone is its ability to take pictures remotely. You can take photographs even though it is some distance away.

d. Changeable battery

Some drones have battery compartments that are difficult to open and close. The X5C’s 3700 mAh battery is easy to remove and charge. This reduces hassle.

e. Durable

syma x5c close viewThis drone is a small quadcopter, but it is tough. A pilot mentioned that resilient landing gear and propeller arms have allowed his drone to survive crashes with few scratches.

f. High image quality

For a drone that costs less than $100, the X5C takes photographs of remarkable quality. With a HD camera, it captures clear self-portraits from the air.


The X5 is an energetic drone which has many merits. There are just a few points you should note before you buy it.

>>Check out the price of Syma X5C on Amazon<<

a. Short flight time

Despite its technology, the X5C only flies for about 5 minutes before its battery runs out. Some users have expressed disappointment about its short flight time. Solve this problem easily by buying extra 3700 mAh batteries.

b. Overheating

Overheating may occur if this device is left on for too long. A user reflected that the battery compartment in his drone heats up easily. This said, overheating does not happen while it is in the air.

c. Slow throttle response

The X5C’s engine is not as fast as other quadcopters. A few customers commented that it reacts slowly, but also remarked that it flies smoothly.

Holy Stone F180C quadcopter

The F180C Quadcopter, by Holy Stone, is an entry-level drone that gives other UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) manufacturers a tough challenge. Holy Stone has fitted it with a list of incredible features.

holy stone f180c quadcopter


a. Ready to fly

This lightweight vehicle comes ready to fly. There is nothing to put together, and you can lift the drone right out of the small package it fits snugly into. All that you need to do is charge the batteries first.

>>Check out the price of Holy Stone F180C on Amazon<<

b. High power

This drone comes with two batteries, both at 3.7 volts. This gives it an extended flight time of 10 minutes, which is long for a quadcopter of this price range.

c. Dual battery charger

The F180C comes with a dual battery charger, so you can charge both batteries at once. This is highly useful as you may want to use both batteries to give the drone a longer flight time.

d. Extra propellers

The F180C comes with 8 extra blades. This increases its durability, and allows you to customize its look as well.

e. 4-channel transmitter

Holy Stone has included a 4-channel transmitter that controls the drone within a 100m range. The transmitter works at a 2.4MHz frequency.

f. Four-way-flip

The F180 C features four flight levels, which allows both experienced and novice pilots to fly it. They can flip the drone four ways and move it in a complete circle.

g. 6 axis gyro stabilization

This aerial vehicle flies without quivering, which is a boon for new pilots. The 6-axis gyroscope keeps it steady in the air.

h. LED lights

Night-time flying is fun with the F180C. You can spot it immediately in the dark, as it has brilliant LED lights. It is a spectacular sight in the night sky.

i. 720p camera

This drone has a 720p camera that captures high quality aerial shots. Record sharp pictures with no distortion.

j. Return home

The F 180C is small, but there is little fear of it becoming lost. It comes with a return-to-home feature that prompts it to return to its user when its battery runs low.


a. Transmitter frequency: 2.4 MHz
b. Structure: Plastic
c. Battery: 3.7V LiPo mAh
d. Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 3.7 inches (31 x 31 x 9.4 cm)
e. Weight: 14 ounces (397g)


The Holy Stone F180 C has a set of advantages that make it a marvelous entry-level drone.

a. Durable

For a start, it is durable, which will relieve many first-time pilots. One user commented that his flew perfectly even after being stuck in a tree. Others mentioned how durable it is.

b. Headless return to home feature

The headless return to home feature works well. As with the Syma X5, it returns to you when it moves out of range or when its battery runs out.

c. Accommodates all skill levels

The four flight levels, at 25, 50,75 and 100%, make it suitable for all pilots. While new pilots can keep it steady, more experienced ones can make it do complex 180 degree turns. You can program the drone to fly with more movement as you become more used to it.

d. Functional transmitter controls

The transmitter is highly functional. A user remarked that the four-directional controls work perfectly, creating ease of movement.

holy stone f180c guarde. Contactable customer service

Holy Stone provides many ways for users to contact them. Customers can connect with them via email, phone or their website. Their quick response amazed a customer, who had reported a problem.

f. Speed

The F180C travels fast. Customers reflected how quickly it moves.

g. Stability

The Six Axis Gyroscope stabilizes the drone well. One user suggested that stable flight makes flying fun.

>>Check out the price of Holy Stone F180C on Amazon<<


The Holy Stone is a reliable drone, though you should go over a few considerations before buying it.

a. Image resolution

The 720 pixel camera captures reasonably clear pictures without distortion. However, it is clear that these are not high-definition photos.

b. Battery connection

It is quite difficult to connect this drone’s battery. Some users reported a weak battery link.

c. Not wind resistant

This is a small drone that is not wind-resistant, despite its reasonably solid structure. A customer reflected that it flies sideways when the wind blows.

BLADE Nano QX RTF quadcopter

The Blade Nano QX is a prince of toy drones. It has delightful features, and looks set to continue as a member of drone royalty.

blade nano qx rtf quadcopter


a. SAFE technology

To begin, the Nano QX comes with SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology. It gives the craft two flight modes. In SAFE mode, the drone hovers in place.automatically when you release its controls. In Agility mode, it flies freely and can do 360 degree turns. This makes it a suitable quadcopter for novice and experienced pilots. SAFE technology keeps it stable.

>>Check out the price of BLADE Nano QX on Amazon<<

b. Indoor and outdoor flying

This featherweight drone is only 0.58 oz (16.5g), making it ideal for indoor flight. It performs well outdoors, if the wind is not too strong. Show off your flying skills almost anywhere you wish.

c. Resilient airframe

The QX’s plastic airframe is resilient and holds up when it crashes. It is durable.

d. Powerful brushed motors

This craft relies on 4 powerful, brushed motors to move. It travels at high speeds and does fancy maneuvers.

e. 4-in-1 DMSX transmitter

You control the QX with a powerful DSMX transmitter. It allows you to buy a second, bind-and-fly version of this drone, which comes without one. Use same transmitter to control both drones.

f. Elite 3.7 V mAh battery/ LiPo battery charger

The 3.7 V Elite LiPo battery gives the Nano QX about 8 minutes of flight time. The accompanying USB charger is useful, as you can bring it with you on the go.

g. Trendy design

This craft has a trendy design. it comes with sleek, yellow and green canopies. It also has cool Nano QX graphics that catch the eye.

h. Return to Home

Besides looking fashionable, the Nano QX is safe. Should it veer out of range, it returns to its take off point.


Flight time: 8 minutes
Battery: 3.7 V mAh LiPo
Weight: 0.58 oz ( 16.5g)
Motor: 0.24 In (6mm) brushed motors
Transmitter: 4 channel DSMX
Dimensions: 14.1 x 8.4 x 4.5 In (35.6 x 21.34 x 11.43 cm)


It is not surprising that most drone users know about the Nano QX. This drone has draws that keep it marketable.

a. Lightweight

For a start, it is lightweight. At 0.58 oz (16.5g), it is easy for children to manage, and makes an ideal gift. It also makes a great display item to put on on your bookshelf.

b. Easy to fly

The QX is extremely user-friendly. The SAFE feature is a plus for beginners, as it prompts the drone to hover in place. Experienced pilots can fly the craft in different ways, using its Agility Mode. Users have praised its flight capabilities.

c. Stability

SAFE mode stabilizes the drone. It keeps on course, if the wind does not blow too strongly. Customers reflected that their Nano QX`s could fly quickly outdoors.

d. Built for flying indoors

The Nano QX is tiny, making it ideal for indoor flight. Amuse yourself for a few minutes while you are hard at work in the office.

e. Convenient USB charging

The USB charger is convenient to use at any time. Carry it while on the go. You can transport this and other items in a bag pack.

blade nano side viewf. DMSX transmitter

The DSMX transmitter is functional, and can control the drone over a long distance. Get another bind-and-fly version of the QX and control both quadcopters using the same transmitter.

g. Durability

The plastic cover that surrounds the drone is durable. A customer who crashed his drone 100 times mentioned that it still works. Its parts are replaceable and inexpensive.

>>Check out the price of BLADE Nano QX on Amazon<<


No drone is flawless. There are a few points about the Nano QX that you need to consider.

a. Works better for experts

This drone hovers well, floats freely and is stable. This said, getting it to do fancy flips takes more skill. A few customers commented that it is a better drone for expert pilots. One customer, an engineer, stated that it takes an adult to set it up.

b. Weak signal link

The drone’s transmission may weaken at some points. A customer reflected that his drone stopped responding when it was 20 to 25 feet away from the transmitter.

c. Neutral hovering is not possible

The Nano QX may drift slightly when it hovers. A few customers reported that it does not stay in a neutral position at times.

Hubsan X4 RC quadcopter

Another small drone that is making waves is the Hubsan X4. This quadcopter is tiny, but has a powerful presence.

hubsan x4 rc quadcopter


a. Stylish

The trendy X4 looks as if it is strutting on a mid-air catwalk. It definitely makes a fashion statement. Choose one with red and silver stripes, or green and black stripes. If you like the “ladybird” look, choose one with red and black stripes.

>>Check out the price of Hubsan X4 on Amazon<<

b. Durable airframe

The airframe of this featherweight quadcopter lasts. Hubsan has constructed it to withstand crippling crashes. Fly the X4 outdoors without worry.

c. Stable flight, 6 axis gyroscope

Hubsan has equipped this drone with the latest six-axis gyroscope technology, which allows it to follow a consistent flight pattern. This technology also enables the drone to hover in place when necessary.

d. 2.4 GHz 4-channel transmitter

This drone also comes with a 2.4 GHz, 4-channel transmitter. These two devices communicate within 100 ft ( 30.5m). The transmitter gives you total control over the drone’s pitch and yaw.

e. 360 degree eversion

The controller also enables 360 degree eversion, or four-way rotation. Stun your friends by using your X4 to do complex back flips forward rolls, or turn in a complete circle.

f. 720 pixel camera

This drone is less expensive than others, but comes with a 720 pixel camera. Use it to record eye-catching video footage as well.

g. Night flight

Hubsan built the X4 to fly at night. The brilliant LED lights on this device guarantee that you will not miss it in the dark.


a. Motors: brushed coreless motors
b. Voltage: 3.7V 380 mAh batteries
c. Transmitter: 2.4 GHz 4 channels
d. Flight time: 7 minutes
e. Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1 In (6.9 x 6.9 x 2.4 cm)
f. Weight: 1.1 lbs (499g)


The Hubsan X4 continues to draw enthusiastic drone fans. it has a winsome set of pros, so this comes as no surprise.

a. Easy, stable flight

This drone moves through the air readily. It stunned users, who were amazed by how easily they could control it. One user says that it provided fun, indoor flight once he practiced flying it.

b. Usable camera

The 720p camera does not record HD quality images, but is surprisingly usable. It captures aerial photographs which are clear and sharp.

c. Light

The X4 a classic, featherweight drone. At only 1.1 lbs (499g), it rests easily on your palm. It takes off quickly as well.

hubsan x4 kitd. Durable /user put it in a tub of rice after flying it into a pool

The X4’s durable airframe has wowed many users. Many have commented on how lasting it is. One user accidentally flew it into a pool. He rested it in a tub of rice and it worked perfectly after that.

e. Suitably challenging

This drone is the epitome of stability, but do not mistake it for a simple drone. Though novice pilots can fly it, it challenges experts as well. One experienced pilot shared that both he and his young son had tons of fun using it.

>>Check out the price of Hubsan X4 on Amazon<<


The X4 is a dynamic budget quadcopter, but like all drones, is not a perfect machine. Remember these pointers before ordering one.

a. Complicated instructions

This is not a drone that novice pilots can get used to quickly. Customers left feedback that the instructions that come with the drone took some time to understand. This said, it is a drone that is easy enough for new pilots to manage.

b. Propellers fly in random

There is concern about how durable the X4’s propellers are. Many customers recommend buying extra blades for the X4 because they tend to break easily. This durability issue aside, the propellers are easy to replace.

c. Short battery life

This quadcopter does not stay in the air for long periods, to the disappointment of some customers. Many of them have advised new pilots to buy extra batteries to keep their drones longer in the air.

UDI Discovery U818A quadcopter

Chinese company UDI has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of remote control products. It has cars, airplanes and now, drones, on its product list. The Discovery U818A is one of the superb devices it has come up with.

udi discovery u818a quadcopter


a. Full HD camera

With a full HD camera, it does not lose out to other drones. This quadcopter takes quality images as it moves over enchanting landscapes.

>>Check out the price of UDI Discovery on Amazon<<

b. LCD radio controller

The LCD radio controller that comes with this drone is remarkably powerful, considering its low cost. They communicate within a long distance of 242.5 ft (80m). You can trace it when it moves out of your line of sight.

c. Low voltage alarm

UDI has given the Discovery U818A an edge over its competition by fitting it with a low voltage alarm. While other drones return to their take-off points without warning, this drone gives you loud notice before it does.

d. 3.7V LiPo battery

The 3.7V LiPo battery gives this quadcopter a reasonably long flight time of 8 minutes. If you buy another battery, it will stay in the air for as long as a large drone can.

e. 360 Eversion

This small wonder does flips and rolls effortlessly. Its 360 degree Eversion feature will make expert pilots sit up. it tumbles and rolls in a full circle, like a gymnast.


a. Weight: 0.76 lbs (346g)
b. Flight time: 8 mins
c. Battery: 3.7 V LiPo mAh
d. Transmitter: 2.4 mHz
e. Transmission Distance: 242.5 ft (80m).


The U818A, with a host of dynamic strengths, is a quadcopter powerhouse. It gives users many reasons to smile.

a. Easy fun flight

To begin, it is easy and fun to fly. One user reflected that navigating the controls is a simple task if you take the time to learn them. Another user commented that it flips and rolls well.

b. Suitable for children

This drone is suitable for all pilots, including those who have little experience. One user mentioned that her 9-year-old son could manage it easily.

c. Batteries

This drone can fly for 8 minutes with one battery. UDI provides two batteries, which keeps the drone in the air for an extra eight minutes. A customer shared that it soared to a great height when he used a newly powered battery.

d. Ready to fly

The Discovery 818A comes ready to fly. All you need to do is give the batteries their first charge. An enthusiastic customer claimed that it flew perfectly as soon as he took it out of the box.

udi discovery u818a propellere. Powerful controller

The Discovery has a credible remote range that trumps other quadcopters. A few have complimented UDI for creating a small drone that they can control over a long distance.

f. Durable

Many customers are taken in by the Discovery’s durability. They mentioned that they often crashed their drones into trees without losing them.

>>Check out the price of UDI Discovery on Amazon<<


The Discovery, with all its strengths, surpasses many competitors. Having said this, do take note of a few points.

a. Stability

A customer shared that he could not get his drone to fly steadily. This said, it could have earned out of control because of human error. Many other customers left feedback that it flies smoothly.

b. Weak motors

This craft may have weak motors. A user mentioned that the ones in his drone failed after a while.

c. Overheating

Overheating may happen if you leave this UAV on for too long. A few customers mentioned that the motors in their drones heated up after some time.


These last recommendations will guide you in choosing a functional quadcopter that costs less than $100.

Should you want a drone that takes pictures even when it Is far away from you, try the Syma X5. This craft can take pictures when it is not within your line of sight.

If you want a drone with a simple, yet reliable return-to-home function, try the Holy Stone F180C. Its Headless function gives it a reference point, and works well.

You may need a USB charger that you can carry with you wherever you go. If you need to charge and fly your drone often, try the Blade Nano QX. With its light, handy charger, you can charge the drone wherever you are.

With the Discovery U818A, you will not have to worry about losing navigation control. It has a signal range that is more powerful than most small quadcopters.

Everyone wants a drone with an airframe that lasts. The Hubsan X4 has a durable plastic airframe that will withstand harsh conditions.

Each of these quadcopters has unique strengths. Deciding which is the best drone under $100 depends on your needs.


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