Best quadcopter under 200$

best quadcopter under 200 dollars

The best quadcopter under 200$

Flying a quadcopter is an expensive, albeit enjoyable hobby. Quadcopter enthusiasts always seek the least costly, yet best performing drone. To do this, they need sensible suggestions verified by experienced drone pilots. These tips will help a potential pilot choose a reliable, low-cost device.

What a quadcopter under $200 should have

If a pilot only has $200 to spare for a drone, he will have to make a wise investment. This means pondering over a few serious considerations.

1. Camera

Most quadcopters come with attached cameras that allow drone pilots to capture stunning aerial visuals.

gopro hero 4

Other quadcopters, however, do not come with attached cameras. Instead, they have a mount, on which they attach a camera manufactured by Go Pro Inc, Though Go Pro cameras are versatile, it is ideal to buy a drone with its own attached camera.

Potential pilots should look for cameras that have a high number of pixels. They should also have a high video resolution so that pilots can capture videos of exceptional quality. In addition, pilots and photographers should have control of the camera’s angle so that they can capture pictures from all perspectives.

2. Components

PIlots will cheer to find out that many quadcopter models costing below $200 have necessary components. When choosing a quadcopter, pilots should find out if the model they are considering comes with motors, propellers and ESCs (Electronic Speed Controls).

Some quadcopter parts are more expensive when bought separately. This would defeat the purpose of owning a less costly one.

3. Range of control

To get the most out of a quadcopter experience, pilots have to seek a drone that has a wide control range. Many fly only within 100 feet (30 meters).

For the average hobbyist, this range is probably acceptable. If the pilot is also an aspiring photographer who wishes to snap as many stunning photographs as he can, this distance is far from enough.

4. Live feed

Many quadcopters are FPV (First Person View) drones, which allow pilots to see, in real-time, the images they capture.

A quadcopter which allows the editing of live photos and videos is essential for photographers. Busy photographers should not have to spend hours trashing and editing unsatisfactory images.

5. Battery life

Even though the drone is a low-budget device that costs less than $200, it should not have a battery life that is too short. Pilots can do without the frustrating and sometimes financially painful experience of losing their drones because they crash when they are not adequately charged. Some drones have in-built batteries, which greatly increase their flying time. It is worth remembering that most models take about two hours to charge.

6. Speed and height

Of course, it is also essential that pilots consider how high a drone can fly. Some high flying drones can soar as high as 165 feet (52 meters). Photographers hoping to snap aerial shots from a great height should consider using these drones.

7. Design

In the competitive aerial drone industry, manufacturers are producing more drones with compact and functional designs.

Advances in manufacturing drones happen daily. Some drones come with highly functional GPS capabilities which prompt them to return to their take-off point should they become lost.

Naturally, design is a matter of preference. Some drones are heavier than others, and need more power to take off. However, such drones, compared with small, light ones, fly better in strong gusts of wind.

8. Replacement options

Like all machines, quadcopters need occasional repair. At times, their parts will need replacement. Some drone manufacturers do not make allowances for this, which renders the drones they produce completely useless once damaged. Pilots need to buy drones from manufacturers who have enough replacement parts in store.

9. Not every drone is ready to fly

A useful piece of information for first time drone owners is that not all of them come ready to fly. An RTF (Ready-To-Fly) drone comes completely assembled, with a controller. A pilot only needs to prepare the drone for flight. He will need to charge it and bind the quadcopter’s transmitter with the drone.

In contrast, other quadcopters are BNF (Bind and Fly) drones. These drones, too, come completely assembled, but without a controller. They are an alternative for pilots who already have their own controllers. If their controllers send signals on the same frequency as the drone`s, they would not need to spend needlessly on a more expensive RTF model. This would mean having an extra controller that they may not need.

Then, there are ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) quadcopters. These need partial assembly, and come in a quadcopter kit. The kit includes many necessary components, such as motors and flight controllers.

10. Not every drone is easy to fly

Pilots cherish their drones for the challenge they present. Drones, being light, flying devices, are particularly difficult to control. Every drone flies in a unique way, depending on how its pilot pairs it with its controller.

Contrary to mistaken belief, less costly drones are difficult to fly. Lightweight, they test the skills of aspiring drone pilots. The more expensive drones take to the air more easily, because of their added functions.

Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter

The first of these budget-friendly drones is the Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF quadcopter. At under $200, it is unbeatable value for money. The Hubsan 107D has a set of extraordinary features worthy of more expensive drones.

hubsan fpv x4 mini rtf quadcopter

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4 out of 5 stars
Features 3.5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 4.5 out of 5 stars


1. Features

a) 6 axis gyro stabilization

6 axis gyro stabilization keeps the drone secure as it flies. Gyro stabilization counteracts the quadcopter’s awkward motions from six axes. It can flip, roll and complete a number of eye-catching aerial stunts. Photographers can snap pictures without shaky, or “rippling” effects.

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b) Engaging FPV flight

This little drone has FPV, allowing photographers to see images on screen as they record them. It also allows them to edit the videos and images they capture instantly.

The 480 pixel camera, with a 640 by 480 resolution, takes clear, detailed aerial images and videos. With the help of a 4.3 inch (10.92 cm) LCD screen, pilots can edit videos as they record them.

c) Flight video recording

The Hubsan 107D allows pilots to record their flights, giving them the information they need for reference.

d) 1S 380mAh 3.7 volt LiPO battery

The 380 mAh battery gives the drone a substantial six minutes of flight time. This is enough to take several good quality photographs.

e) Flies in the dark

Four LED lights, at the ends of its propellers, make this quadcopter a beacon of beauty at night. Apart from this, the lights also allow a pilot to spot it in the sky a night.

f) Rubber propeller guards

The rubber protection feet ensure that the device’s propellers are well-guarded. A protection cover slows the Hubsan 107D’s wear and tear.

2. Specifications

The specifications of the Hubsan 107D are as follow:
a. Motor: X4 0820 Coreless
b. Transmission frequency: 5.6 GHz
c. Control distance: 50 – 100 meters (160 – 330 feet)
d. Video distance: 100 meters (330 feet)
e. Charging time: 30 minutes, using a wall charger or a computer
f. Product dimensions: 4 x 4 x 2 inches (102 x 102 x 51 mm)

3. Pros

The 107D meets the expectations of quadcopters that cost below $200:

Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF quadcopter images
Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF quadcopter

a. FPV and flight recording

Manufacturers built the Hubsan’s FPV screen into the controller, making viewing and recording seamless. An aspiring pilot reported that he is able to capture images smoothly, from the helicopter’s point of view. FPV immersion allows users to rank this cost-friendly drone highly. In addition, the LED lights allow a pilot to see his drone at night, making a thrilling night-time flight experience possible.

b. Completely Ready-To-Fly

The Hubsan 107D, though budget-friendly, is a reliable RTF model. Already assembled, its propellers come with rubber guards. The 480P camera is built into the model, enabling it to take dazzling aerial shots. There is no need to waste time installing and adjusting a personal camera.

c. Wide control range

While most quadcopters only send and receive transmissions within 30m (100 feet), the Hubsan 107D has a control range of 100m (330 feet). It can fly over vast spaces.

d. Fast, responsive and durable

Many users comment that this lightweight drone is speedy and receptive. This quality makes it an excellent training quadcopter. They report that they have not replaced any of its parts.

e. Cost-effective

At under $200 on Amazon, this nifty, advanced drone is well worth the money. It functions much better than other drones in its price range. An enthusiastic pilot commented that he got more than what he paid for.

4. Cons

There is no perfect craft. Like all other drones, the Hubsan 107D has imperfections pilots have to counter.

a. Short battery life

The short battery life of the Hubsan 107D means that users have limited flying time. They have a mere six-minute flight experience before having to charge the quadcopter, which can take the joy out of flying. Some users complain that the controller uses a lot of battery.

b. No peripheral view

Though the camera is of reasonable quality, it has no peripheral view. Some users say that it is hard for them to know what is happening beyond its straight-ahead field of vision.

Blade Nano QX BNF

The next, cost-effective drone that flies beyond expectations is the Blade Nano QX. Horizon Hobby has equipped this drone with advanced functions that allow it to surpass its quadcopter counterparts. Like all other machines, it comes with its perks and drawbacks.

blade nano qx bnf

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4 out of 5 stars
Features 4 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4.5 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 5 out of 5 stars


1. Features

a. SAFE™ Technology

The first of its winsome features is SAFE™ technology. Standing for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope, manufacturers usually apply the technology to rotary aircraft.

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With SAFE™ technology, the drone comes equipped with stability and agility flight modes. The stability mode gives the craft altitude awareness, preventing it from soaring to extreme heights. SAFE™ technology causes the craft hover at a certain height. This makes it suitable for novice pilots.

SAFE™ technology also allows the Nano QX to switch to a more aggressive mode that is suitable for trained pilots. Agility mode allows more maneuverability. Regardless of the flight mode, AS3X technology counters the effects of wind and turbulence. This implies that the QX flies stably, without interference.

b. Built for indoor flying

The QX is so small that pilots can park it comfortably on their desks. Made for indoor flying, piloting this drone is a wonderful way to add some zest to a mundane office day.

c. Resilient, light airframe

Durable, the Nano QX3 has a tough airframe which stands up to gusty wind and rain. Yet, it does not need bulk for toughness. Its airframe is light and takes it to great heights.

d. 4-in-1 DSMX receiver and DSMX transmitter

The Nano QX comes with a four-channel, DSMX receiver and an accompanying DSMX transmitter. Spektrum manufactures both devices, which use the spread spectrum technique to send signals. Signals spread within a communication frequency, making their bandwidth wider and eliminating interference.

e. Yellow and green canopies

This stylish craft comes with yellow and green canopies, giving it variety. A pilot merely needs to switch canopies to give his quadcopter different looks for different occasions.

f. Extra rotor blades

The manufacturer includes extra rotor blades in its QX3 package. This enhances the craft’s durability and assures a pilot, who may feel frantic when his craft has damaged rotor blades.

g. USB LiPo Battery Charger

With the USB LiPo battery charger, a pilot can park the little QX3 on his desk as he charges it. This makes the craft a charming decorative accessory and a thrilling conversation piece.

h. 3.7 volt 150 mAh battery

The 150 mAh battery gives the craft 8 minutes of flight time, more than other quadcopters in its price range.

2. Specifications

a. Flying weight: 0.58 oz or 16.5g
b. Motor: 6mm (0.23 inch) coreless motor
c. Rotor length : 50mm (1.97 inches)
d. Receiver : 4-in-1 DSMX
e. Transmitter 4-in-1 DSMX
f. Battery 3.7 150 mAh LiPo battery
g. Product dimensions = 7.2 x 6.3 x 2.5 inches (183 x 160 x 64 mm)

3. Pros

The QX is a little drone that pleases beginning pilots who want a satisfying flight experience.

Blade Nano QX BNF quadcopter
Blade Nano QX BNF quadcopter

a. High altitude

For a start, the QX flies to great heights. Some users comment that it can rise to 100m (330 feet) without issues.

b. Components

The QX comes with fully functioning motors, ESCs and propellers. This lower priced drone comes with everything it needs to fly.

c. Longer battery life

The 150mAh battery lasts for eight minutes, allowing the drone to fly longer than others in the same price range.

d. Comes ready to fly

To suit the transmitter needs of pilots, the drone comes in both RTF and BNF versions. Both are completely assembled, though the BNF version does not come with a transmitter.

e. Easy to fly

Customers comment that they can fly this quadcopter, though they do not even know the basics of flying a drone. SAFE™ technology makes it completely maneuverable.

f. Affordable

At under $100 on Amazon, this quadcopter is well worth the money. It comes with everything necessary to fly well.

4. Cons

It is impossible to find any device that functions without flaws. The Nano QX has a few minor ones.

a. No camera

It does not come with a camera, which will disappoint budding photographers. Pilots, however, will have fun with this drone.

b. Propellers hit its guards

Some owners mentioned that the propellers of the quadcopters they received hit the propeller guards, restricting it from taking off. Such drones will need a little adjustment.

Blade 180 HD Ready to Fly Quadcopter

The last, low-budget quadcopter that excels expectations is the Blade 180 QX HD RTF. It is an improved version of its predecessor, the Nano QX .

blade 180 qx review

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4 out of 5 stars
Features 3.5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 3 out of 5 stars


1. Features

a. SAFE™ Technology

Like the QX, the 180 QX HD makes use of SAFE technology. In the same way, this craft flies on either stability or agility mode. It has 2 stability modes that allow it to fly at a high or low angle. In stability mode, a pilot can hover it when it gets to a too-high altitude. Alternatively, he can show off its astounding aerial stunts using the agility mode. Flexible, it can loop, tumble and roll.

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b. Eflite EFC 720 camera

Unlike its predecessor, the 180 QX HD comes with a 720 pixel camera produced by quadcopter accessories manufacturer Eflite. It captures clear quality, still aerial images and videos.

c. 2GB Micro SD card

A 2GB Micro SD card stores countless images and videos. With 2GB of memory, photographers do not have to worry about space for their photographs.

d. Lightweight airframe

Not heavy, the 180 QX HD has a lightweight airframe that makes it completely portable. Take it to the beach and gather snapshots of the dazzling landscape from the sky.

e. Brushed motors with drive gear guards

The 180 QX HD, of course, comes with durable brushed motors, which are fully protected by drive gear guards.

f. 1.7 Volt 150 mAh LiPo battery

This nifty craft comes with a 150 mAh LiPo battery, giving it eight minutes of time in the air. Unlike the QX, it can capture a great number of still photos and videos during this time.

2. Specifications

a. Rotor blade length : 14m (355mm)
b. Weight: 3.35 oz (95 g)
c. Length : 11.5 inches (292mm)
d. Motor size: 0.33 inches (8.5 mm)
e. Camera: 720 megapixels
f. Battery : 1.7 volt 150 mAh LiPo battery
g. Product dimensions: 11.5 x 20 x 5.5 inches (292 x 508 x 140 mm)

3. Pros

The 180 QX HD is a user-friendly drone that will give novice pilots and photographers an out-of-this-world flight experience.

blade 180 hd rtf quadcopter top view
Blade 180 HD RTF quadcopter top view

a. Components

This craft comes with the rotor blades, propellers and transmitter it needs to take flight. Unlike its predecessor, it comes with a camera attached.

b. Easy to fly

Many pilots have reported that this craft flies superbly. Some recommend it for its athletic performance.

c. Ready to fly

This drone comes completely ready to fly. There is no need to assemble it after taking it out of the box.

d. FPV ready camera

Its 720 megapixel camera is FPV ready. Photographers can edit their photos as they capture them.

e. Suitable for beginning pilots

At under $200, this cost-friendly drone suits newer pilots who need more experience before using drones like the DJI 2 Vision Plus. New pilots can manage simpler drone capabilities before dealing with more complex ones.

f. Durable

A few pilots comment that this drone is quite durable, though it still cannot withstand fierce storms.

4. Cons

Though the 180 QX HD is a drone with promise, it still has a few minor flaws.

a. Camera quality

At only 720 megapixels, its camera quality sometimes needs improvement. Pilots remark that the camera does not always take sharp enough pictures.

b. Durability

The 180 QX may soemtimes have some durability issues. A pilot mentioned breaking the craft’s landing gear when he flew it.


Which is the best quadcopter under 200$?

All three drones offer marvelous, positive flight experiences.

An ideal craft to begin flying with is the Nano QX. At under $100, it makes an apt practice craft. With SAFE™ technology, new pilots can fly it without worrying about damaging its components.

With a little more confidence, users can combine their photography and flying passions. The 180 QX HD allows them to do so, with remarkable facility.

Of these low-budget quadcopters, the Hubsan 107D is the most outstanding. The 6-Axis Gyro stabilization allows it to fly smoothly while performing aerial stunts. The 480 pixel, FPV camera captures the sharpest images of the three devices. It is extraordinarily, cost-friendly, at under $200.