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Which are the best quadcopters with camera

One of the problems that often trouble photographers is the inability to capture stunning visuals from the air. A pilot would want a craft that flies steadily.
These groups of enthusiasts have a vested interest in using quadcopters with cameras. With so many camera quadcopters flooding the market, finding the best quadcopter with camera is definitely no small feat.
The obstacle, then, is finding out about outstanding camera quadcopters and knowing what makes them so.

What to consider when looking for the best camera quadcopter

First time quadcopter owners will find choosing a quadcopter from a wide, readily available selection a mammoth task. Thankfully, they can base their decisions on a set of essential qualities.

1. The camera

gopro hero4

For photographers, the quality of the quadcopter’s camera is paramount. Professional photographers will want quadcopters with high-resolution, HD cameras. The number of megapixels and the camera’s video resolution is a concern.
Perspective makes a difference to image quality. Photographers want cameras with controllable angle.
While some quadcopters have their own built-in cameras, others have a Go Pro feature that allows users to attach a Go Pro camera to them. So saying, an ideal choice is a quadcopter with its own camera.

2. Control range

A quadcopter should have a comfortable control range. No one would choose a quadcopter that can only fly within a limited space.

3. Live feed

The quadcopter should come with a real-time, live streaming feature. Photographers will want to view and edit their videos as they film them.

4. Battery life

A quadcopter that lands almost as soon as it takes of is not helpful. Powerful batteries would allow it to spend more time in the air.

5. Weight

Light quadcopters are less easy to fly in strong winds. Heavier ones, conversely, are more stable. It is essential to find a quadcopter with the right balance of weight and stability.

6. Height and speed

If aerial photographers want to capture images from great heights, they will need quadcopters that reach high altitudes.
Speed is a consideration for photographers who need to capture high-definition, aerial photographs of live action events. They will need a fast-moving quadcopter to capture sports games.

7. Design

Everyone wants their hobbies taken seriously. Quadcopter enthusiasts will want sleek, stylish drones that look less like toys.
Researchers often use quadcopters as tools for capturing data, as they can reach inaccessible areas. For them, a professional-looking research tool is essential.

8. Replacement options

Not being able to find replacement cameras or propellers for a slightly damaged quadcopter is frustrating. As such, users should buy quadcopters from manufacturers who have replacement parts available.
All the above considered, these three quadcopters with cameras rank among the best in the market.

Top 3 quadcopters with camera of 2016

A. Walkera Scout X4

walkera scout x4 drone

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4 out of 5 stars
Features 4.5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4.5 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 3.5 out of 5 stars


The first quadcopter on the list is the Walkera Scout X4 RTF
Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co Pte Ltd, found in Guangzhou city, China. It has become a leading manufacturer of drones and other aerial vehicles.
Its latest drone is the Walkera Scout X4, a minute but agile quadcopter. An exceptional device, it captures dazzling aerial images, at high speeds, from different perspectives.

1. Specifications

Rotor blade length: 233mm (9.17 inches)
Dimensions : 335 x 335 x 275 mm ( 13.19 x 13.19 x 10.83 inches)
Weight : 1770g (3.9 pounds)
Transmitter : DEVO F12E
Receiver: DEVO RX707
Battery: 22.2 V 5400 mAh LiPo battery
FCSX4 Mult-Axis control system
2.4g Bluetooth Datalink
WK-WS-34-002 Brushless Motor

2. Features

The X4 Scout comes with a set of astonishing, highly-functional features.

a. Plotting waypoints and designating flights

Pilots can plan their flights with this drone. The Waypoint Mission Planning feature allows them to chart the quadcopter’s destinations. They can decide, and plot on their transmitters, the places they want it to fly to. X4 Scout users can also decide the drone’s take-off and landing points

b. Useful GPS features

With the Follow Me Mode, pilots can program their quadcopters to follow them where they want to go. They can capture aerial photographs of themselves.
Pilots can program their drones to retrace their flight paths using the Follow Record Track feature. The X4 Scout makes its way home easily.

c. Telemetry recording

The X4 Scout allows real-time, live-streaming video and keeps the recorded data. With real-time telemetry recording, pilots can edit their videos as they record them.

d. Increased load ability

The X4 Scout changes quickly from a four-motor to an eight motor plane. With increased power, it can carry heavier loads.

e. 25 minute flight time

The 5400mAh LiPo battery allows this quadcopter to spend about 25 minutes in the air. It can capture more aerial images than drones that have only five to seven minutes of flight time.

f. First Person View

The drone’s First Person View feature allows the pilot, who usually mans the drone from the ground, the ability to feel as if he is in the cockpit. The camera gimbal gives him a long range, stereoscopic view of his flight.

3. Pros

These amazing features aside, the Walkera Scout X4 is on the best camera quadcopter list for other compelling reasons.

a. Svelte, professional design

Being savvy and professional, its design attracts quadcopter pilots. Unlike other drones. this one does not look like a child’s toy. This is important for those who want their piloting hobbies taken a little more seriously.

b. The Scout X4 flies fast

To add, the X4 flies at great speed. This allows it to capture fast moving, live action events.

c. This quadcopter comes ready-to-fly

There is no difficulty assembling the drone, which can fly as soon as users remove it from its box.

d. Retractable legs

The Scout X4 comes with retractable legs. With its legs drawn in, it looks more stylish when it is up in the air. Pilots can release its legs to give it a more stable landing.

e. Stability

The FCSX4 multi-axis system gives the drone more stability, preventing it from careening in different directions. With the help of the three-axis gimbal, it can capture photographs steadily, without a “jello” effect.

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4. Cons

All said, there are a few points to ponder before buying the Walkera Scout X4.

a. Occasional durability issues

Some customers report that the drone’s landing gear is unstable at times. The drone sometimes lands with a bump.

Walkera could have made its motors a little stronger. A user remarks that they sometimes give out.

b. Camera quality

Walkera should enhance the drone’s in-built camera. Despite this, it still captures clear, accented images.

B. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus

dji phantom 2 vision plus review

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4.5 out of 5 stars
Features 4 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4.5 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 4 out of 5 stars


The DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus is another device that ranks highly among quadcopters, It is produced by DJ Innovations.
A Shenzhen-based company with offices world-wide, DJI produces state-of-the-art aerial vehicles. It wants to give its customers the power to capture images in new, intriguing ways.
Its latest brain child is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus. Many users include this little drone on their best camera quadcopter lists because of its steadiness and ability to capture images from unique perspectives.

1. Specifications

Battery : 5200 MaH Lipo battery
Weight 1242 g (2.74 pounds)
Hover accuracy: Vertical: 0.8m (2.62 feet); Horizontal: 2.5 m (8.2 feet)
Camera :14 megapixels
Range extender : 2412 MHz
RC Transmitter 5.728 GHz

2. Features

The Vision 2 Plus has features that put it a notch above other quadcopters. They make it one of the highest-performing quadcopters available.

a. Ready to fly

There is no need to assemble this drone. Once unpacked, it is ready to fly.

b. Three Axis Camera Stabilization

The Vision Plus comes with an attached, reliable, three-axis camera gimbal. Photographers can capture sharp aerial images that do not seem blurred or shaky.

c. Anti vibration mount

An anti-vibration mount holds the camera in place. This removes the any quivering effects on videos.

d. Altitude and position holding

A synthesised, GPS, auto-pilot system enables the drone to hover in place, at a preferred altitude. These sensors hold the drone and make it easier to find.

e. Return Home feature

The return to home feature is a relief for pilots. They can program the Vision 2 Plus to return safely to its take-off point, should it get lost.

f . 16 Waypoint ground station system

A feature that makes this drone outstanding is the ground station support. Using the RC transmitter, pilots can program up to 16 destinations for the drone to fly to. They can also trace it along its route.

g. High performance camera

This quadcopter’s camera has a dynamic resolution of 4384 by 3288 dpi. Aerial images are exceptionally clear. The high-performance camera captures 1080 pixel videos.

h. Camera Tilt Control

Using the RC transmitter, pilots can tilt the camera at different angles. This enables this nifty quadcopter to capture videos from unusual, creative perspectives.

3. Pros

If these superior features are not persuasive enough, the Vision 2 Plus has a list of positive qualities that will convince anyone to rank it among the best camera quadcopters.

a. Easy control

This marvellous drone is easy to maneuver. The auto pilot system keeps it in place when necessary. This is a handy function for newer pilots.

b. Stability

Three Axis Stabilisation makes this one of the steadiest drones available. Pilots can control roll, pitch and yaw effortlessly.

c. Compatible with smartphones and tablets

Pilots can use most smartphones and tablets to control the Vision 2 Plus.

d. Seamless integration of camera and device

The camera and drone are integrated seamlessly. Pilots can control both through their smart phones or tablets.

e. Wide communication range

Pilots can fly the Vision 2 Plus over vast areas. The quadcopter has a wide communication range of between 500 to 700 m (1640.42 to 2296.59 feet), so the pilot’s signals do not waver easily.

f. Easy set-up

Setting up this quadcopter is simple, because it comes ready-to-fly. A pilot can program it once he or she takes it out of its box.

g. Real-time recording

With the DJI Phantom Plus, photographers can edit their videos as they record them. Live streaming and editing enhances the quality of videos.

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4. Cons

Pilots have to mull over a few points before buying the Vision 2 Plus.

1. Does not store telemetry data

The device does not store data about the videos it records, making it difficult to keep track of edits.

2. Image quality

Metering is difficult with this camera. It is hard for photographers to control camera exposure when it is dark.

3. Needs careful calibration

A pilot must remember to calibrate his or her drone when flying it to a different destination, or it will return to the latest destination they programmed.

C. Blade 350 QX3

The Blade 350 QX, also a leading quadcopter, has become one because of its affordability, sturdiness and amazing versatility.

blade 350 qx3 ap

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4.5 out of 5 stars
Features 4 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4 out of 5 stars
Design 4.5 out of 5 stars
Price 4 out of 5 stars


1. Specifications

Length:18.30 in (465mm)
Rotor Diameter: 22.80 in (580mm)
Battery : 3000mAh LiPo Battery
Transmitter: Spektrum DX4 4 Channel transmitter
Charger: 3SDC LiPo Battery Charger
Motor 4X 1100Kv Brushless motorWeight: 33.7 oz (955g)

2. Features

This quadcopter has a host of features that help to place it among the best quadcopters with cameras.

a. Go Pro Ready

Users can use the 350 QX3 with Go Pro Cameras. These high-quality cameras, such as the Hero 3, capture high-resolution images without effort.

b. SAFE Technology

It also features SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology. With this technology, the quadcopter is aware of strange attitudes, or flight patterns. The SAFE circle barrier enables altitude hold.

It also allows users to switch between two flight modes. While SAFE mode stabilizes the craft, using the Aerial Photography mode lets pilots do tricky aerial stunts. ASX3 stabilisation controls the craft’s roll, pitch and yaw.

c. Aerial Photography mode

The Aerial Photography mode also allows the drone to capture sharper images from different angles in the air.

d. GPS features

The return to home feature helps the quadcopter retrace its movements based on the latest programmed flight path. It is accurate within 5m (16.4 feet), so pilots may have to guide the drone to a safe landing as it comes near.

e. 15 minute flight time

The 3000 mAh LiPo battery allows the drone to fly for about 15 minutes. It can capture a few captivating aerial images within this time.

f. Intuitive Programming Interface

A winning feature of the QX3 is the Intuitive Programming Interface.
From the Sensor Information Screen, pilots can check on the status of speed controls and sensors. They can also see how much battery the device has used.They can calibrate accelerometers from the calibration screen. From this panel, they can also adjust flight boundaries and compass sensors.
The GPS screen tells pilots where available satellites are. They can also verify the accuracy of tracking information.
The Device Information screen, the last panel, lets pilots check if the quadcopter’s firmware and software versions need updating.

g. Spektrum DSM2 transmitter

The Ready-To-Fly version of the QX3 comes with a Spektrum DSM2 controller. This sends a common signal to all craft controlled by this transmitter, so pilots can use it to fly other drones that respond to it as well.

3. Pros

If these features are not winsome enough, the QX3 has a few other pros.

a. No hassle to assemble

The craft comes ready to fly, so pilots do not have to stress about fitting it together. It takes to the air as soon as it comes out of the box.

b. Easy tracking

The functional GPS features ensure that the drone is never lost. The Return to Home feature sends the drone safely back to its take-off point, while the GPS screen makes sure that tracking information is accurate.

c. User-friendly

With two modes, both new and experienced pilots can fly this drone. The SAFE circle gives it stability, a helpful feature that helps newer pilots. The Aerial Photography mode allows the more seasoned ones to fly the drone in new ways.

d. Touch Sensitive Controls

Stick Relativity ensures that the quadcopter flies in the direction the pilot intends. It will fly to the right if he pushes the stick to the right. This helps pilots stabilize the craft.

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4. Cons

As with other quadcopters, pilots will have to make a few notes before buying this one.

1. Batteries

The 3000 mAh batteries are less powerful than the ones other quadcopters run on. They give the craft less flight time.

gopro hero3

2. The camera is sold separately

There is a Blade CG02 3 Axis Gimbal, HD camera that goes with this craft, but this is sold separately. Having said that, the craft is compatible with high resolution, Go Pro cameras that capture clear images.

3. Time-consuming initial set-up

Some users found calibrating the craft at the beginning a little time consuming.


The Blade QX3 stands out because of its affordability. The RTF version, with a high quality camera, remarkable GPS features, SAFE features and different flights modes, is outstanding value.

The DJi Phantom 2 Vision Plus is useful for those who seek stability. Many are familiar with DJ Innovation’s ability to create stable quadcopters and camera gimbals. Altitude and position hovering features keep the craft steady, enabling novices to control it. 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilization allows photographers to capture high-resolution aerial photographs without a shaky, jello effect. Camera tilt control enables users to capture images from different perspectives.

Those who prefer a sleeker, more professional design would want to buy the Walkera Scout X4. It is also an agile craft that experienced pilots would consider. The drone’s high speed makes it an ideal, live action camera quadcopter. A multipurpose plane, it can lift heavy loads.

With remarkable qualities, these three impressive camera quadcopters will not disappoint you.