DJI Mavic Pro Review

dJI mavic pro review and features

The DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect outlet for your creativity. Compact and flexible, it is one of DJI’s most advanced flying cameras. With 24 high performing computing cores, an updated transmission system, five vision sensors, and a stabilized camera, it trumps the competition. This device has a long list of benefits for drone pilots. Do read this DJI Mavic Pro review to find out more.

dji mavic pro review

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 5 out of 5 stars
Features 5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4.5 out of 5 stars
Design 5 out of 5 stars
Price 4 out of 5 stars


This aerial wonder comes with a set of winning features. Each one pleases to no end.

1. OcuSync Transmission

You will enjoy the Mavic’s ability to fly longer distances than its predecessors. The OcuSync Transmission System, one of DJI’s innovations, makes this possible. It builds on Lightbridge Technology, which DJI developed for its Phantom series of drones. Updated, it allows the drone to fly for long distances while optimizing communication.
OcuSync chooses the frequency suitable for stable transmission. DJI uses a long-range WIFI system so that you can communicate with the drone from anywhere. You will enjoy the OcuSync System if you enjoy piloting drones with mobile devices. It allows you to fly your UAV using your mobile phone or tablet.

2. Obstacle Avoidance System

The Obstacle Avoidance System guarantees the workability of sensors. Your friends may have told you that their drones crash all the time. The Mavic prevents accidents. It features Ultrasonic and Time of Flight Sensors, which judge distance from obstacles. They gather information on the object and project infrared beams. The beams create a 3D image of the obstacle.

Together, these sensors prevent your drone from breaking. Vision sensors calculate the distance between the drone and anything that stands in its way. Intelligence Flight Mode activates the OAS. For flight accuracy, fixed cameras and others on the left and right of the drone take pictures of its take off point. An aluminum bracket protects them and ensures that they are well-aligned.

dji mavic pro front view3. Precision hovering

You may lose your drone without satellite positioning. It may fly off at random and crash into trees. The instability can represent a new danger. Updated GPS features let you track your device. DJI’s vision positioning technology enables your drone to stay in place. Thanks to this innovation, it lands where it takes off. The ultrasonic and vision sensors give altitude information by judging the distance between its height and landing area. They hold it in place when it soars to the highest point it can reach. These gadgets capture images and combine it with satellite data.

4. Long flight time

DJI came up with the Mavic because they wanted a small drone that could stay in the air. The Mavic features increased speed and flight time. This device flies up to 40 mph (64 kph). You can attribute its efficient flying to a stable propulsion system. An aerodynamic design and sleek frame lower its resistance to air. Its rear arms fold and hide. Lithium batteries offer power, yet reduce battery space. DJI’s integration of the craft is seamless and impressive. Powerful propulsion accelerates it. Together with a strong controller, this device conquers high wind speeds.

5. 4K UHD Video

DJI has been a major drone market player for a while. Have you wondered why?
The answer is simple. DJI’s flying camera takes compelling, high-quality aerial photographs. It makes use of Electronic Image Stabilization, a shake reduction technology that lessens the annoying ‘jello’ effect that happens when a photographer tries to record moving subjects. This technology works on image cropping. To enhance the Mavic’s 4K capabilities, DJI has equipped it with a 3-axis gimbal that controls the camera with precision. The gimbal controls the shaking caused by the craft’s movements. This device captures images that a professional sports camera can.

6. First Rate Altitude Photography

If you are a camera buff, this device is for you. It is one of the few drones that can capture
12-megapixel images from 5000 feet. The sensors allow you to capture the ideal subject. The drone has a Follow Me feature that allows it to track whatever it photographs.
You may even flip the drone at 90 degrees for the perfect shot. If editing pictures concerns you, use DNG RAW, which has all the editing functions you need. Capture jaw-dropping pictures of yourself from the air. These Ultra HD images emulate what professional photographers produce.

7. Smart Features

DJI has armed the responsive, agile Mavic Pro with a host of state-of-the-art features.
For a start, you can use a controller or mobile phone to fly this craft. DJI recommends using the latter, as it makes other nifty features more accessible.
One of these functions is Active Track. It prompts the drone to follow you and take selfies of you from the air.
Then, there is Gesture Mode. You can use this feature to make a gesture in front of your head to signal a countdown to a selfie.
A final function that is worthy of mention is the TapFly feature that guides the drone to its destination with a single tap on the screen.

Dji Mavic Pro review – Specs

Weight: 1.62 lbs (734g) without gimbal coverdji mavic pro top
1.64 lob (743g) with gimbal cover
Diagonal Size: 13.17 In (335mm)
Dimensions when folded : 3.3 x 3.3 x 7.8 In   (83 x 83 x 198 mm)
Maximum Ascent Speed: 16.4 ft/s (5 m/s) in Sport mode
Max Speed: 40 mph (65 kph) in Sport mode
Max Flight Time: 27 minutes
Max Flight Distance : 8 Mi (13 km)
Hover Accuracy Range: 0.33 ft (0.1m) vertical, with vision positioning
0.98 ft (0.3m) horizontal, without vision positioning

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The DJI Mavic Pro has winning features. If these do not convince you to give it a try, these incredible draws will.

1. Long lasting battery

First of all, this savvy drone comes with a powerful battery that surpasses those used in its other drones. A top-quality battery is essential when it comes to piloting a drone outdoors. A drone that runs out of battery will crash.
Good news is that the Lithium battery in the Mavic Pro lasts for about half an hour. That means half an hour of continuous surveillance. Your drone has the time to capture first class, stunning images. A quality battery, combined with the drone’s precision hovering feature, enables the Mavic Pro to soar in the air for hours.

2. Durable

DJI creates lasting drones, and this one is no different. The Mavic Pro has won over many DJI supporters with its well-designed, well-built frame. It withstands crashes with no problems, though new pilots should note that they should read the instruction manual that comes with this device.

Fortunately, this drone is not prone to crashes. Customers commented that they had not called customer service because the drone is of top quality. Its propellers and other accessories are replaceable and do not break easily.
Again, this, combined with its Return to Home and Precision Hovering features, keep the drone safe during its flights.

mavic pro folded3. Portable

And then, this drone scores full marks for its portability. This device has a compact size, which allows you to tote it all over the place. Carry it in your knapsack without any space issues. It is stable; you can haul it without fear of it breaking.
Also, this drone comes with a durable carry case. Store your propellers, batteries and landing gear. You can take it with you to any open space for an enjoyable flight.

4. Responsive Controller

The controller that the Mavic Pro comes with is every pilot’s dream. It is more sensitive than DJI’s other transmitters.
For a start, it is small and portable. You can slip it into your knapsack at any time. Its LCD screen allows you to check on the drone’s flight speed, distance, battery levels, GPS signals, and altitudes.
Also, it has two handles that fold outward towards the controller. You can slide your mobile phone up to the handles. DJI includes iPhone and Android cables with this device. You can use any cell phone to control your drone.

5. Improved return home feature

DJI’s previous creations came with a savvy Return to Home feature that prompted them to fly back to their take off points should they get lost. The Mavic Pro is no different.
It, too, comes with the Return to Home feature. However, DJI has made it more responsive. The device not only goes back home but also captures a photograph of the area where it takes off.
This feature is useful for novices who are new to drone piloting. It helps them to retrieve their devices. They will not face the stress of losing their drones.

6. User-friendly instruction manual

New pilots need instruction manuals, and all drones should come with one. DJI includes a user-friendly manual with the Mavic Pro. It is simple enough for a new pilot to grasp. The manual teaches the basics of flying the drone and navigating controller mechanisms.
That said, this device takes some skill to fly. Users recommend reading the manual thoroughly before launching the drone. They mention that it is harder to pilot than DJI’s other creations.

7. Streamlined design

Also, you will enjoy its sleek design. In dramatic black, it is unmistakable in the sky. Its slender body and foldable arms make it suitable for displaying on your desk.
DJI has improved the design of the Mavic Pro over its prior creations. Besides being attractive enough to put on display, you can fold it up and carry it around with you. Slim and lightweight, It is indeed the perfect drone for all occasions.

8. Stability

Moreover, you will delight the Mavic Pro’s stability. This craft courses through the air without flinching
The three-axis gimbal that it comes with keeps the camera in place. The drone takes top-quality photographs and videos without a shaky, ‘jello’ effect.

9. High-quality videos

The DJI Mavic Pro’s 12 MP camera takes high-quality videos. Its ultrasonic sensors allow it to focus on its subject for the perfect aerial shot. Enhanced by the drone’s Active Track feature, it captures pictures that stand out. With further help from the 3-axis gimbal, this device takes clear pictures without a shaky effect.dji mavic pro transmiter

10. Long Communication Distance

The drone communicates over 1540 feet (500 m). This figure is an improvement over some of its other drones. It trumps some of its competitors regarding communication distance. A necessary when you want to prevent your drone from becoming lost.


Every product gives its user something to consider. Do ponder over everything about the DJI Mavic Pro before buying it.

1. Support

Technical advice is necessary for new drone pilots. DJI provides support for its products, but you need to wait awhile for it. The wait is long at times. You can attribute this to its popularity and broad customer base.

Customers commented that it was some time before DJI’s support services responded to their queries. That said, they were willing to wait for it to attend to their needs. Fortunately, this is not always necessary. DJI has garnered a reputation for creating durable, quality products. You will not need support services to attend to you regularly, or send your drone for servicing.

2. Poor dynamic range

Are you a professional photographer who always looks for the latest sunrises and sunsets to record? Do you want to wow audiences with their red glow? You may have to use the Mavic Pro for other photography purposes. A customer reflected that its photographic range is not satisfactory enough to capture panoramic views of the setting sun.

That said, this particular client may have taken the photo from the wrong angle. Also, he could have taken a photograph from an unsuitable site or setting.

DJI’s innovative 12 megapixel HD cameras take panoramic shots, so this is just a point to note.

3. WiFi Connectivity

A customer mentioned that this drone has poor WIFI connectivity, and cannot communicate well with its transmitter. He reported losing the communication signal on a few occasions, resulting in his drone becoming lost.
This client may not have calibrated his drone. He may have flown it in areas where there are too many trees as well. Either way, the WIFI signal may not have been robust enough to prompt his drone to respond.

Note that the Mavic Pro can communicate with its transmitter within a few hundred meters, so you can rest assured that its transmitter sends out a strong signal.mavic pro


Fans of the DJI Phantom 4, which is not yet outdated, will wonder if the Mavic Pro makes it redundant. Here is a take on both drones.

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For a start, they do not differ when it comes to image quality. Both have 3-axis gimbals which stabilize images. However, the Mavic Pro’s camera has a lower fps rate. It shoots 1080 HD videos at 96 fps, slightly lower than the Phantom 4. That said, the Mavic Pro’s top-notch camera, like the Phantom 4’s, is 12 megapixels.

It is also hard to differentiate the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 with regards battery life. Both can fly for about 28 minutes. The Phantom 4, however, flies slightly faster than the Mavic Pro.

For certain, the Mavic Pro can cover a longer distance. It travels for 4.7 miles, 1.2 miles longer than the Phantom 4.

With regards features, the Mavic Pro is more versatile. DJI has equipped it with Ultrasonic Sensors and Obstacle Avoidance. It has a few modes, such as the tripod mode, which suits photographers. It slows the drone down, so that striking photographs are within your lens area.

This drone is right up your alley if you are looking for portability. You can put this foldable device in a rucksack and take it anywhere.

In all, the Mavic Pro, with its compact frame and fabulous features, will make you proud to own and pilot it. Quadcoopter Arena hopes that this review has been helpful.

Stability & Performance
Build Quality
dji-mavic-pro-reviewThis drone is for you if you have an eye for design. Its sleek, polished black frame will make it stand out on your bookshelf. You can spot it at a glance in the night sky. Note that you should not have unrealistic expectations of this UAV when it comes to taking panoramic shots. Make no mistake; it captures such scenes like a dream. However, DJI's Phantom 4 is a more suitable drone if you are after that perfect sunset.


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