Drones As a Data Service [Infographic]

how drones collect data

how drones collect data infographic

Drones as a Data Service

Drones have contributed to various industries with the countless growth opportunities they’ve created. This infographic will explain their business applications and how they gather data. It will also introduce their benefits and limitations.

How Drones Collect Data

Drones extend existing aerial photography and sensor data collection methods. Because drones are short range, they complement other data sources, including satellite imagery, manned aircraft, and ground robots. Service providers aggregate these sources, filter, analyse, and deliver results to a smartphone or other display

How are drones changing?

Drones have the ability to:

Drone services market

The drone services market is expected to reach $127 billion by 2020. The top business applications include: infrastructure inspection, precision farming, transportation and more.

Special thanks to our contributor:

Pae Natwilai

Founder, TRIK

Pae Natwilai, is the founder of TRIK, a former oil and gas inspection and maintenance engineer, who was named as one of the rising stars in the Forbes 30, under 30.


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