How to build a quadcopter

how to build a quadcopter

The easy way to build a quadcopter

A quadcopter is an investment that can create a sizeable financial hole. Those produced by established manufacturers cost over $1000.

The numbers are frightening, but you can reduce them by building one of your own. This video by Creative Channel teaches you how to make a simple drone out of popsicle sticks.

Parts of a basic quadcopter

Of course, it is not possible to make a quadcopter without knowing what is in it. You must fit all these components into it before it can fly. A simple quadcopter, without a camera, contains these parts.

1. Frame

Your new drone will fall apart without a frame. Your aim should be to create a stable framework that minimizes vibrations.

A frame contains the drone’s electrical components. It has a center plate where you will mount its electronics. Four arms extend from this center plate. Four motor brackets that hold the propellers are at the ends of the arms. Most drone enthusiasts build quadcopter frames using carbon fiber, aluminum or wood.

This tutorial teaches you to make a sturdy frame out of wooden popsicle sticks. Wood is usually the best material to use as it is lightweight.

quadcopter brushless motors

2. Brushless motor

A brushless motor differs from a conventional DC motor in that it does not have brushes. It relies on coils and magnets to power the shaft. The coils are in the center of the mounting. Brushless motors come in different varieties. They vary in size and consumption.

3. Propellers

Drone manufacturers mount a small, svelte propeller on each brushless motor. They tilt the front and back propellers to the right. Propellers on the left and right veer to the left. Tilting thepropellers in opposite directions gives them lifting thrust.

4. Electronic Speed Controllers

ESCs give off high-frequency signals to keep the drone’s motors turning. They source current, as engines use a lot of power. Pick an ESC that has, at least, ten more amps of sourcing current than what your motor requires.

5. Batteries

Use Lipo batteries for your quadcopter, as they are light. They are also dynamic. Drone pilots usually use 3SP batteries. Three battery cells connect in a series. Each cell contains 3.7 volts of power.

Building a quadcopter – materials to include

The mechanics of trendy drones may fascinate you. You will give a loud cheer when you find out how easy it is to build one. Find everything you need at toy stores or DIY outlets.

So, what do you need to build a quadcopter? The materials you require are accessible. You can create your own instead of buying one. Here is what you need to get from your nearest DIY outlet.

The materials required are:
a. 4x coreless motor 7x16mm,
b. 4 x propeller 5,5cm,
c. 3.7v 500mAh
d. 2 Popsicle Sticks
e. 1 Transmitter
f. 1 Receiver

You have learned what parts a drone consists of, so it is time to create one of your own. Doing so is easier than it seems. Here is our advice on how to build a quadcopter.

Steps to follow:

1. Measure two popsicle sticks. Draw a line in the center of each stick. Arrange them in a cross. The two lines you have drawn should intersect in the middle. Use a glue gun to hold the sticks together. You will have a wooden frame with four arms and four corners.

quadcopter propellers

2. Drill a hole in each corner. You will attach the brushless motors and propellers into these holes.

3. Cut out four mounts with a penknife. Place the mounts at the inner end of each arm. Gauge the distance. They should be able to support the receiver.

4. Mount the receiver and coreless motor in the center.

5. Attach the propellers at each corner. Tilt the forward and backward propellers to the right so that they rotate to the right. Tilt the right and left ones to the left so that they move to the left.

6. Mount the Lipo battery in the center of the frame, below the coreless motor. Secure it with a glue gun.

7. Bend the steel paper clips open. Mount them on each arm of the frame. These give it stability.

8. Cut out thin strips of colored tape and tape them around each arm.

9. Place small LED lights on the mounts next to the coreless motor.

10. Test drive your quadcopter.

Things to note when building a basic quadcopter

1. Since you are creating a basic, mini quadcopter, use small propellers. These need a motor that has more revolutions per minute, as they have to spin faster to lift.

2. A lighter, smaller battery will allow your customized drone to fly higher.

3. Use transmitters and receivers with fewer amps. Too many amps weigh your quadcopter down.


With tips from Creative Channel, you can build a drone that will delight your guests.


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