how to catch fish with your drone

Drone Fishing – how to catch fish with your drone

Drones, with many uses, have developed at a fast pace since their invention. Enthusiasts expect them to revolutionize fishing. Outdoor adventurers enjoy both toying with fishing rods and flying drones. To engage with both passions, many...
how to do quadcopter flips and rolls

How To Do Flips And Rolls

Incredible flips and rolls with your quadcopter Many enthusiasts buy quadcopters to perform fancy aerial acrobatics. They long to get their drones to dance in the air. Expert pilots will tell you that doing this is...
great aerial photography tips

Great Aerial Photography Tips

How to do Aerial Photography Aerial images that speak a thousand words never fail to dazzle. Professional photographers and hobbyists with selfie addictions make taking them their ultimate goal. All aim to capture perfect moments...
how to build a quadcopter

How to build a quadcopter

The easy way to build a quadcopter A quadcopter is an investment that can create a sizeable financial hole. Those produced by established manufacturers cost over $1000. The numbers are frightening, but you can reduce them...
extend battery life of your quadcopter

How to extend battery life of your quadcopter

Tips to extend the life of your quadcopter's battery Without a push, no drone can take to the air. All drones need effective batteries to surge ahead. Making sure that your quadcopter's battery has a longer...