Parrot Bebop drone review

parrot bebop drone review

The Parrot Bebop drone review and ratings

Good news has come for quadcopter enthusiasts who are frustrated with their flimsy toy drones.
Parrot, the prolific toy drone manufacturer that quadcopter lovers are familiar with, has raised its profile with the recently introduced Bebop.

The Bebop drone surpasses the AR Drone, their earlier offering. The latter, small and lightweight, was clearly a toy drone. The Bebop comes with a set of fetching features that will thrill pilots and budding photographers alike.

parrot ar. drone 2.0 quadricopter power edition

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4.5 out of 5 stars
Features 4 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4 out of 5 stars
Design 4.5 out of 5 stars
Price 4 out of 5 stars

What are the best Parrot Bebop drone specifications?

1. Connectivity

a. Dual band MIMO antennas for 5 and 2.4 Hz transmission
b. Transmission power: 21 d8m
c. Communication range: up to 800 feet (250m)

2. Structure

a. 4 Outrunner, Brushless motors
b. Reinforced ABS Glass Fiber Structure
c. High resistance outdoor EPP hull
d. Auto block, three blade propellers
e. Quick disassembly system
f. Dimensions: 14.4 x 13.2 x 3.8 inches (36.6 x 33.5 x 9.7 cm)

3. Speed: 29 mph (47 km/h)

bebop drone camera4. Camera

a. 180 degree Fisheye lens camera
b. 14 mp sensor
c. Digital video stabilization on three axes
d. 1920 x 1080 video definition
e. 4096 x 3072 px image definition
f. 8GB Flash Memory


1200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery


Parrot P7 Cortex 9 Dual Core CPU

7. Sensor

a. Magnetometer 3 axis
b. Gyroscope 3 axis
c. Accelerometer 3 axis
d. Ultrasound sensor
f. Pressure sensor

8. Weight

0.90 pounds (410 gram)


The bebop, while being a toy sized drone, possesses a set of features that drive pilots and photographers to use it.

1. ABS Reinforced structure

bepop propeller defendersFew drones can compare with the Parrot Bebop in terms of structural stability. The drone’s 0.90 pounds (410 gram) ABS reinforced structure balances its intuitive dynamism. This keeps it from careening out of control.

Propellers stop automatically if there is a collision. The drone lands immediately in emergency mode. It has greatly enhanced durability.

2. Technology and dynamism

The Bebop is eight times more dynamic than its AR counterpart. Freeflight 3 technology allows users to focus on the pleasure of flying. It allows pilots access to piloting, flight plans and image capture. It also offers them control of their speed settings and altitudes.

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The Bebop’s navigation computer uses a dynamic, Parrot dual core P7 CPU and a powerful four-core GPU. Its flash memory is an outstanding 8GB.

Manufacturers installed these features on magnesium shelving, which also serves as a radiator. This shelving also provides electromagnetic shielding.

3. Self-hosted WIFI

Parrot has spared no effort in enhancing the Bebop with amazing, up-to-date digital features.

This quadcopter has two, dual-band, WI FI antennas that allow it to send frequencies of 5 Hz and 2.4 GHz. Parrot’s drone experts fitted this aerial vehicle with its own 802.11 WIFI network. Called Parrot Cloud, it enables pilots to store and share their aerial images at once. This means that photographers can send the footage that the drone captures at a frequency which suits their needs.

4. Easy assembly/disassembly

The little Bebop fits in any haversack, but pilots can take it apart to make storing it even easier. They can remove all parts of the drone for easy transport, while continuing to use the camera to capture videos and images from the air.

5. Stability

The Bebop has many sensors that connect with the ground and allow it to hover in place. A 3 axis accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and an ultrasound sensor keep it steady in the air.

6. 14 Megapixel camera

The Bebop now comes with a dynamic, 14 megapixel camera that lets photographers capture stunning aerial images. The camera captures pictures within a wide, 180 degree field, with commendable image quality.

Pilots can control the camera’s features via their tablets, which always synchronize with it. This allows them to capture and send images to their social media accounts in real-time. They can upload flights on Youtube almost instantly.

7. Controlled camera vision

Photographers can control the angle of the 14 megapixel camera using Parrot’s functional application, available on IOS and Android platforms. They can shift the drone’s 180 degree angle digitally, as it is free of its other movements.

8. Lightweight

Though the Bebop has more features than its AR predecessor, it is still featherweight at only 0.90 pounds (410 gram). Novice pilots can manage it easily.

9. Brushless motors

Brushless motors (motors without carbon brushes) sense movements and resistance better than brushed ones. This is why electronics manufacturers promote them as smart tools. The Bebop drone comes with brushless motors that allow beginning pilots to control its movements well.

10. Speed

The Bebop takes off faster than pilots can set it down. It has an amazing speed of 42.6 ft/s (13m/s).

11. Pre-set acrobatics

This drone comes with a set of pre-programmed acrobatics. With the help of Freeflight software, it can spin and rise quickly in the air.

12. Transmitter and tablet control

Pilots can choose to use a tablet or a conventional transmitter to control their Bebops. They can download Parrot’s application on their Iphones or Android phones. Alternatively, they can buy the drone’s transmitter, sold separately.

13. Hood

Those concerned with being affected by UV radiation need not to fear. Parrot supplies users with a hood that blocks out sunlight.

14. Two batteries

blue bepop in airThe drone comes with powerful 1200 mAh lithium batteries. This gives it a long flight time of 22 minutes. The drone takes about an hour to charge.

15. GPS connectivity

The drone’s GPS connectivity is assuring for pilots. GPS connectivity allows pilots to find and track their drones, so they never get lost.


Winsome, savvy features aside, the Bebop quad-core has a compelling set of draws.

1. User-friendly

For a start, it is extremely user-friendly. A reviewer reported that It took off as soon as he got it out of the box. Programmed with aerial acrobatics, novice pilots can make the drone do spins in the air with ease. The Bebop also comes with an extra set of propellers that stabilize the craft as it flies indoors.

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2. Stable

The Bebop, with Parrot’s internally programmed software, hovers in place at the touch of a button. A reviewer commented that it is the most stable drone for one in its price range. The 3 axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer give it smooth flight. An ultrasound sensor, which has an 8 meter reach from the ground, and another pressure sensor keep the drone flying steadily, no matter its altitude.

3. Durable

Built with a 0.90 pounds (410 gram) ABS reinforced structure, the Bebop drone is extremely durable. An Amazon reviewer remarked that he crashed it several times without incident.

4. Compact, functional design

Many reviewers commend the Bebop drone for its compact, functional design. One remarked that Parrot packs a tremendous amount of technology into the Bebop’s tiny frame. The dual-core CPU and a four core GPU, on magnesium shelving, keep the small, functional drone running.

5. GPS and return home features

The GPS features allow the drone to fly in a way most pilots can only dream about. Besides being able to track their drones, pilots can target the points where they want it to land.

This aside, the return home feature ensures that the drone returns to its take-off point when it veers of course. Pilots will never lose their devices.

6. High quality camera

The stone’s 14-megapixel camera compares with those fitted on many drones. It allows photographers to record astounding images and videos from the air. Some reviewers commented that the images, though not the highest quality, are excellent for a drone in its price range.

7. Lightweight and portable

An important boon of the Bebop is its high portability. Only 0.90 pounds (410 gram), pilots can transport it easily as is. However, all its parts are removable and fit easily into a haversack for transport.

8. Speed

The drone moves relatively fast for its size. It travels at a quick rate of 29 mph (47 km/h).

9. Frequency choice and signal range

The drone flies to a high altitude of 500 feet (150m) without losing its signal. Pilots can choose to communicate with the drone using a 2.4 Hz or 5Hz frequency over high altitudes and distances.

bebop drone front view10. Smartphone compatible

Besides being able to fly with the help of an optional transmitter, pilots can fly it by using a smartphone compatible application. Users commend it for being highly efficient. Freeflight 3 is available for IOS and Android users.


The Bebop trumps many other devices, but leaves potential users with a few points to ponder.

1. No Go Pro camera addition

The Bebop’s structure does not allow users to add Go Pro cameras. That said, the devices own camera takes quality images.

2. Bulky transmitter

The optional transmitter is cumbersome. Some users commented that it has more bulk than the drone itself.
This aside, users can save money by not buying it and relying on the Freeflight IOS application instead.

3. No manual

Some reviewers commented that their drones did not arrive with manuals, rendering it less effective.

Comparison: Bebop vs Parrot AR

Pilots who are thinking of upgrading their Parrot AR drone to the Bebop will want to know whether doing so is worth the money.

1. User friendliness and engagement

Parrot designed both drones with beginning pilots in mind. They fly as soon as their owners take them out of the box.

While both are fun to fly, the Bebop has improved acrobatics. With the help of Freeflight 3 software, the Bebop spins and does fancy flips without much help from the pilot. Novice pilots can show off their newly learned flight skills easily. Reviewers reported that the AR drone is engaging, but the Bebop surpasses it.

2. Upgraded camera

The camera on the Parrot AR drone captures 720p of high definition video. The Bebop’s 14 megapixel camera, kept stable on three axes, has capabilities that go beyond this.

With a “Fisheye” lens, it captures 1080p, undistorted photos and videos within a 180 degree field. Photographers can control it using the Freeflight 3 application.

3. Communication range

The Bebop trumps the AR drone with a wider signal range. While the AR drone and its transmitter communicate within 500 feet (150m), the Bebop and its transmitter do so within 800 feet (250m). Pilots can control the Bebop even if it is further away.

4. Technology

Being the newer drone model, the Bebop has improved technology. While the Parrot AR drone functions on a Cortex A8 processor, the Bebop uses a dynamic dual core, Cortex 9 processor that gives it more processing power.

Both drones have pressure sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes that keep them stable. The Bebop, however, has enhanced location features. New GPS features allow pilots to plan their flight paths and track their drones as they fly.

Tips & Tricks

parrot bebop quadcopter flyingNovice and experienced pilots alike would get the Bebop instead of its predecessors, as it is better value for money.

For a start, the pre-programmed aerial aerobatics give users more room to show off their piloting skills in front of their friends. Like all Parrot drones, it is stable in the air.

Those who are more technologically savvy should consider the Bebop. This drone has a more powerful, dual-core, Cortex 9 processor. It comes with a Quad core GPU as well.

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For users who have trouble transporting their drones, the Bebop is ideal. Easily taken apart, they can put the drone in a lightweight haversack easily.

The Bebop has a high quality camera for a drone in its price range. Photographers who want a high quality, yet simple aerial camera should turn to the Bebop.


What is the conclusion of theĀ Parrot Bebop drone review?

Parrot has proven that it can manufacture more than toy drones. The Bebop, besides being able to stun audiences with fancy flight moves, is a nifty photographer’s tool as well.

Stability & Performance
Build Quality
parrot-bebop-drone-reviewThe Bebop drone is a mini quadcopter that is more than just a toy. With its image capabilities, it can serve the purposes of real estate agents, researchers, film makers and anyone who needs to record images from an aerial perspective.


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