Privacy Policy concerns the manner in which utilizes, gathers, provides and retains the pieces of information obtained from the users (each “User”) of the website. Such terms are to be applied both to the website, as well as to the services and products generated by

Web browser cookies
“Cookies” are often used as a means of enhancing the user experience. Thus, it is common for the web browsers to impact the hard drive with cookies – the aim of the latter is to keep track of the user information. However, the users are able to reject these cookies from the settings of the computer. However, the removal of these cookies is likely to impair the normal functioning of the respective website. Normally, all these actions required the name of the user and e-mail address. These pieces of information are offered voluntarily and are essential in the user being able to access the respective website.

Information for personal identification
The collection of personal identification pieces of information from the users can be performed in several manners: through the accessing of the website, filling in a subscription to the newsletter, ordering something, filling in various forms or surveys. Normally, all these actions required the name of the user and e-mail address. These pieces of information are offered voluntarily and are essential in the user being able to access the respective website.

Non-personal identification information
This type of information is to be gathered from the users at the moment they use the website. Such pieces of information normally comprise the name of the browser, the manner in which the respective user accessed the website, the provider of internet connection and the user’s computer type.

Usage of the collected data is to gather information and use it for the following purposes:
• enhance services offered to customers;
• provide better answers to the numerous requests formulated by the customers on the offered services;
• strengthen the website;
• introduce a personal experience;
• administer payments;
• utilize the feedback in order to enhance services;
• retain the information provided during the placing of an order from third parties;
• send regular emails to the users;

The attached email address shall be used in order to provide users with updates on the status of their orders, as well as answer any questions they might have. In the event in which the users agree to receiving these emails, they will comprise updates, company, product and /or service information, etc. Nevertheless, in case the user does not want to receive future emails, they can un-subscribe by using the detailed links provided in this regard at the bottom of each page.

Sharing your personal information with us
The pieces of information offered to the website shall not be traded, sold or rented. The only thing to be shared with the website’s business partners and affiliated companies is the demographic information on visitors and users. Additionally, a third party service shall be employed by the website in order for them to perform activities such as conducting surveys and offering leaflets. Thus, once the user has given his permission, the pieces of information shall be shared only with the above mentioned third party.

Information protection
In order to ensure that the data gathered are protected from unauthorized access, any kind of alteration, accessing the password or the contents, or even perform transactions with them, we resort to the usage of proper means of collecting, storing and processing it. Thus, a secure data milieu is offered through the usage of the PCI technology and standards.

Third party websites
The advertising and content present on the website shall be linked to partner websites, as well as to advertisers, sponsors suppliers, and license holders. However, the website shall not be held responsible for the manner in which the content is featured on the other websites, which are known to be having their own regulations on customer service and privacy. As a result, browsing these websites entails the need to respect such regulations.

Changes in privacy policy
It is upon discretion to update this policy whenever needed, an action which shall be notified at the bottom of the present page. In this regard, users are kindly asked to constantly check this page for any changes or updates. It is the responsibility of the users to look for the latest changes in this policy.

The website’s advertising partners are likely to send ads containing cookies to the users. By these ads, the accompanying cookies gather pieces of personal information about the user and the computer. The management of these pieces of information will help the advertising company send the appropriate ads to the user, based on his manifested interests.

Your acceptance of our terms
By using this website, one accepts the site’s policy, terms and services. If one refuses to agree to these terms of policy, then one should not access the website. The usage of the website after the changing of the terms of service entails the fact that one accepted these terms a priori.

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