Quadcopter accessories: how to put your drone on steroids

best quadcopter accesories

Must-have quadcopter accessories

A quadcopter pilot wants to delight in his drone’s fancy aerial moves. An aerial photographer has a separate aim of capturing stable, brilliant aerial photographs.
Accessories are an asset. They help a drone fly its best and snap professional-looking aerial images. Durable quadcopter parts prolong an enthusiast’s enjoyment.
Having said that, quadcopter accessories are a substantial investment. Each quadcopter manufacturer sells accompanying accessories, so owners will have to decide which extras they need.

A. Why it is important to have the best quadcopter accessories

Drone owners must get ready for any eventuality. Accessories will help enthusiasts enjoy uninterrupted flights.

1. Payload

Extra accessories, such as motors and quadcopter bodies, improve a quadcopter’s payload. Photographers need to attach cameras to their quadcopters. Quadcopters must have durable bodies and motors to increase the weight they can carry.

2. Better flights and landings

Quadcopter pilots often complain that their devices land mid-flight, cutting short their enjoyment or work. Upgraded landing gear and batteries take care of this grouse. With reliable accessories, pilots do not have to worry about their drones crashing.

3. Durability

Upgrading accessories is a way to upkeep drones. Extra quadcopter parts enable pilots to fly their devices for years.

gopro hero 4

4. Memory issues

Photographers sometimes grouse that their quadcopter cameras do not have enough memory to snap all the photographs they need. SD cards and other accessories will relieve some of this stress.

5. Better photography

Photographers wish to capture outstanding aerial photographs. Upgrading in-built cameras or camera gimbals makes this possible.

B. Top accessories for quadcopters

Quadcopter pilots always want an optimal flight experience. Having an extra set of these accessories prevents flights from being disrupted.

1. Propellers

With durable, light propellers, drones do not consume so much energy. A set of reliable propellers helps to prevent hazardous crashes.

2. Propeller guards

Propeller guards serve to protect propellers and pilots. They protect the former from breakage and prevent nasty cuts on the hands of the latter.

3. Bodies

A quadcopter’s body wears out after a while. Pilots deal with such wear and tear by buying extra bodies for their drones.

Aside from this, well-decorated quadcopter bodies make excellent conversation pieces.

4. Lights

One may think of lights as a frivolous addition, but they do more than just brighten up a quadcopter. These lights are essential tools for helping pilots spot their drones in the air, at any time.

5. Enhanced cameras

Photographers use quadcopters with the aim of capturing sky-view images. This is only possible if the quadcopters they use have durable, high-quality cameras that can do so. Cameras are especially necessary for those whose quadcopters do not come with attached ones.

6. Carrying cases

As flying is often an outdoor activity, portability is an automatic concern. A carrying case to transport quadcopters around safely is definitely essential.

7. Micro SD Card

Photographers sometimes face issues with their cameras not having enough memory to capture all the pictures they need. Having an extra micro-sd card for their device’s camera will allow them to capture more captivating images.

C. Must-have accessories for: DJI Phantom, Walkera Scout, Blade QX and Parrot AR Drone

Pilots who already have one of these drones in their flying arsenals will want to fly them without pausing. These are the accessories they will need to make this possible.

1. DJI Phantom Accessories

DJI Quadcopters, such as the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, are svelte and chic. They come with accessories that earn them these accolades. They add to this charming, high-performing quadcopter’s resilience.

DJI Phantom backpack
DJI Phantom backpack

a. Backpack

A phantom quadcopter owner can buy a trendy backpack to enhance its voguish image. Carrying mechanical equipment becomes stylish and urbane.
A backpack also enhances portability. Transporting a quadcopter in a bag pack leaves a pilot’s arms free to carry other items.

b. Carbon Fiber 9433 propellers

DJI owners will want a second set of DJI’s hardy, lasting Carbon Fiber 9433 propellers. DJI fits a similar, already resilient set on its ready to fly version, but an extra serves as a contingency in case of crash damage.

c. LED Blue Light Kit Strip

To make a Vision Plus quadcopter look more fashionable than it already is, pilots can buy one of its LED Blue Light Strip kits. Blue lights make it easier to spot the drone at night.

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d. Hobbypower tall landing gear

Hobby power tail landing gear protects the drone and ensures that it does not crash as it lands.

e. DJI Phantom propeller guards

Propellers are the most vulnerable parts of quadcopters. DJI Propeller Guards protect the device’s propellers if it crashes.

2. Walkera Scout X4

The Walkera Scout X4 is another sleek, dynamic drone that becomes even more durable with extra accessories. These are a few that will increase its already fine capabilities.

a. 22.2 volt 5400 mAh batteries

The 22.2 volt, 5400 mAh battery that the X4 comes with already gives it a reasonably long flight time of about 25 minutes. An extra will keep the drone in the air for almost an hour and allow pilots to snap eye-catching, aerial photographs.

b. Spare part body set

Many users feel that the X4 Scout is a well-designed, professional looking drone. An extra body set makes sure that it always looks that way.

c. Tali H500 Propellers

Though the Tail H500 propellers the Walkera comes fitted with are tough, a second set will increase the X4 Scout’s resilience. An extra set is always helpful lest there are accidents.

d. Tali landing pipes

Proper landing gear is always essential. A few tail landing pipes will help the X4 Scout arrive at its destination smoothly.

e. Aluminum Carry Case

An aluminium carry case protects the scout as its pilot carries it to different locations. The tough material protects the quadcopter from hard bumps.

3. Blade QX 350

The durable Blade QX 350 is a high-quality, optimal performance quadcopter. It will last even longer with the help of these quadcopter parts.

a. Spektrum DX4 Transmitter

The 350 QX3 flies with the help of a Spektrum DX4 Transmitter. Pilots who bought the Bind and Fly version of this quadcopter may need one. It flies the QX3 and other quadcopters controlled by it. If you intend to add another quadcopter powered by a Spektrum DX4 to your arsenal, you will only need to buy this transmitter once.

b. Go Pro camera/CGO2 GB 3-Axis stabilized HD camera

The QX3, which comes with a Go Pro Mount, is Go Pro Camera friendly. Pilots may need a Go Pro Hero 3 or 4 camera to make use of its aerial photography capabilities.
Alternatively, they may buy a Blade CGO2 GB 3 Axis stabilized HD camera. This camera, which Blade sells separately, is an ideal aerial video upgrade for the device. It comes with a gimbal that keeps the camera steady as the quadcopter flies, It can snap perfect photographs as the quadcopter takes off in Aerial Photography mode, which is the more adventurous of the two flight modes the quadcopter has. The quadcopter can capture images even as it does fancy aerial maneuvers.

c. Elite 3500 mAh 11 Volt LiPo Battery

The Elite 3500 mAh 11 volt Lipo battery that comes with the QX3 gives it 15 minutes of flight time. A pilot can get more mileage out of his AR Drone if he gets a second battery.

Blade white tall landing gear
Blade white tall landing gear

d. Antenna Mast

The antenna enhances the Qx3’s transmitter signals. It enables pilots to fly the quadcopter in wide, open spaces.

e. Body set

Though the QX3 is a solid quadcopter, an extra set serves as a contingency should accidents occur.

f. White Tall landing gear

Quadcopter pilots always have a fear of their drones crash-landing. White Tall landing gear makes sure that the QX3 lands without a bump at its intended destination.

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4. Parrot AR Drones

Anyone who has a Parrot AR Drone will laud the quadcopter for its wind-resistant body and high speed. Parrot has a set of accessories drone owners can buy to enhance their flight experiences.

a. 1500 mAh LiPo Battery

The 1500 mAh LiPo battery gives the drone roughly 10 minutes of flight time. A second would allow pilots to show off fancy aerial moves for a little longer.

parrot ar drone carrying case
Parrot AR Drone carrying case

b. Carry Case

An aluminium case allows pilots to protect their quadcopters as they carry them. An O-ring seals this case, which one can submerge in almost 3 feet of water. The pressure equalizing values allows pilots to carry their drones in airplanes.

c. Propellers

Propellers are the most breakable parts of any quadcopter, so an extra set, for any drone, is essential. The Parrot AR Drone’s quadcopters maximize forward thrust. They also make the device more efficient.

d. Ultra Light High Performance Gears

The orange color of these gears, which match the drone’s body, make it easy to find. These greatly enhance the drone’s durability.

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e. Motor and Controller

To allow their AR drone to fly to greater heights, a pilot who owns one should get himself an extra motor. This powerful motor can turn at 28000 revolutions per minute.

f. Blue LED light strip kit

The Blue LED light strip kit allows pilots to track their drones easily. They ease night-time flying and add to the drone’s appearance.

g. Flight recorder

The flight recorder is a must-have accessory for every Parrot AR Drone pilot. It stabilizes the drone and allows them real-time, 3D views of their flights. It also has a return-to-home feature that prompts the drone to return to its take-off point should it lose its way.

D. Conclusion

The correct quadcopter parts make a clear, positive difference to the way quadcopters fly. With a little help from accessories, drones stay longer in the air. Capturing extra, enchanting aerial photographs is a breeze.