the future of sport training

Are Drones the Future of Sport Training?

Drones have opened up a new world of possibilities in various industries and professions, and recently this has expanded to include professional sports. In the past few years various amateur and professional teams, from...
5 epic drone crashes

5 Epic Drone Crashes

If you see an airborne object careen, teeter or do anything else but fly, it might be a drone. These little devices have made lives much easier. Still, they are infamous for crashing. What makes...
33 best mythbusters aerial myths

33 Best Aerial Myths Tested on Mythbusters [Infographic]

  Drones are a relatively new phenomenon, so you may want to know more about them. You may have come across a few myths while doing so. Quadcopter Arena shares some insights from the popular series,...
best drones for your kid

Top 5 Awesome Drones For Your Kid

Looking for the best gift ever for your children? Checkout this AWESOME Mini Drones.. You will find each of these drones a sure winner. We have included eye-catching videos and photographs of them. Our suggestions have helped many...
dJI mavic pro review and features

DJI Mavic Pro Review

The DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect outlet for your creativity. Compact and flexible, it is one of DJI's most advanced flying cameras. With 24 high performing computing cores, an updated transmission system, five...
drone users manual list

Drone Users Manual List

If you are a new pilot who has added a new drone to his set of toys. Fun to play with as it is, remember that it is a tool. It cannot remain on...
how to catch fish with your drone

Drone Fishing – how to catch fish with your drone

Drones, with many uses, have developed at a fast pace since their invention. Enthusiasts expect them to revolutionize fishing. Outdoor adventurers enjoy both toying with fishing rods and flying drones. To engage with both passions, many...
The Periodic Table of Drones

The Periodic Table of Drones

The Periodic Table of Drones A drone is a considerable investment. The good news is that there are durable, reliable quadcopters that fit every budget. Quadcopter Arena presents you "The Periodic Table of Drones" a...
autel robotics x-star premium features specifications

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Features and Specifications

You may want a quality drone that is fuss-free and easy to handle. Fancy mechanics and technology may not be for you. Having said this, the perfect drone should have engaging features. The Autel Robotics...
15 little known facts about drones

15 Little Known Facts About Drones

Drones are rising in popularity. With more people using them, their functions have increased. You may think that you know everything about these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. While this may be true, there are surprising facts...