The Periodic Table of Drones

The Periodic Table of Drones

The Periodic Table of Drones

A drone is a considerable investment. The good news is that there are durable, reliable quadcopters that fit every budget. Quadcopter Arena presents you “The Periodic Table of Drones” a comprehensive list of drones, structured in seven different price ranges. Read through these lists and you will be able to find one that suits you.

The aim of this project is to provide readers with a complete, well-organized and user-friendly index of drones. The drones we selected for this index comprise mostly of quadcopters, and their prices are as listed on Amazon. This project is open and we encourage readers to leave their opinions in the comment zone at the end of the article. We will add new drones according to the suggestions given.

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List of drones under $50

drones under $50

This list of drones comprises mini-quadcopters that are below $50. They will not blow a hole in your pocket, and are a thrill to fly both indoors and outdoors. All of them make eye-catching display items that you can put on a bookshelf or study desk. Each of them is suitable for both beginning and expert pilots.

4DCopter X-Drone Nano
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1. 4DCopter X-Drone Nano

The X-Drone Nano 2.0 is one of the savviest quadcopters in its price range. With intuitive command and synchronization systems, it can respond to instructions instantly. Pilots can not only fly it in three different speed modes, but also do impressive flips and rolls. Innovative though it is, note that a customer complained that the propellers on his drone continually fell off.

Aerius Axis Mini Drone
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2. Aerius Axis Mini Drone

Balance the world’s smallest quadcopter on the tip of your finger. This micro-drone has an astounding seven minutes of flight time on a 15-minute charge. Use the Trick Mode to do stunning flips and rolls. You can fly this little quadcopter at two different speeds. Its excellent qualities, note that its propellers may come off during flight.

Akaso X5C
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3. Akaso X5C

The Akaso X5C is budget-friendly and high in quality. Its six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps the craft steady during its flight. Plastic blade frames protect the propellers. It does flips and rolls with the touch of a button, and you can record them with its HD camera. One user remarked that he had difficulties charging his drone.

Andoer F8 H7 Mini Quadcopter
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4. Andoer F8 H7 Mini Quadcopter

With a 4CH, six-axis gyro stabilization system, the Andoer F8 is one of the steadiest quadcopters under $50. It does 360-degree flips that will make any pilot look like an expert. LED lights make it a spectacular sight in the night sky. Though it is a fascinating mini drone, customers reported that it tends to go off in all directions.

BH Tech X-Drone Nano 2.0
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5. BH Tech X-Drone Nano 2.0

Value for money describes this innovative drone. A six-axis gyro-stabilization system enables smooth operation. Auto Trim allows indoor and outdoor flight, while the Headless mode ensures that the drone never gets lost. LED lights allow night flight. Though it has excellent features, some customers noted that it did not work after one use.

Black Aviax Drone
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6. Black Aviax Drone

Few mini-drones can match the Black Aviax in durability. The paint on this device will not come off because it is metallic and anti-scratch. It arrives in an exclusive luxury box and makes a great gift. This steady drone will flip at the touch of a button. Hover control, Headless security, and Cruise control make it easy to control for beginners. All said, some customers found one drone stronger than the other.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini
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7. Cheerson CX-10 Mini

The Cheerson CX10 Mini may be tiny but packs a punch. With a six-axis design, this drone is stable. Flip it at three different speeds. This little toy spends up to eight minutes in the air. One user remarked that it is not suitable for young children to use.


Cheerson CX-10A
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8. Cheerson CX-10A

This steady drone flies on four different channels: forward, backward, left-sideward and right-sideward. It flies when you throw it. The CX 10-A travels at three different speeds. The headless mode allows you to track the position of the craft. A few customers raised durability issues.

Cheerson CX-10C
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9. Cheerson CX-10C

Like other Cheerson models, this quadcopter has four flight channels and comes with a 0.3MP camera that captures clear images and videos. It does 360-degree flips in four directions. You can launch this incredible mini-drone by hand. Despite its positive qualities, one user mentioned that the drone tends to heat up when being charged.

Cheerson CX-10W
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10. Cheerson CX-10W

Experience a First-Person View (FPV) when you fly this drone, courtesy of its 0.3MP HD camera. You can store images on your phone without a memory card. This drone’s transmitter can control other Cheerson drones. With a few speed modes, it is easy to pilot. A few users noted that it is quite hard to monitor, so it may not suit novices.

Cheerson CX-Stars Mini
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11. Cheerson CX-Stars Mini

The CX Stars Mini comes in four different, cheery colors. This ultra-small mini-drone launches when you throw it. It performs 360-degree rotations, flies in four directions and hovers in place when necessary. LED lights enable night flight. That said, a user mentioned that it is a task to control while it flies.


Cheerwing U841-1 3D Drone
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12. Cheerwing U841-1 3D Drone

Do not trifle with this drone. It is capable of running, flying and even climbing with 4.4 lbs (2kg) load. It has a long-distance, 2.4 GHz communication range. This craft has an impressive repertoire of movements and comes armed with a 720p camera. According to customers, It is a steady drone, though hard to maneuver at times.

Eachine E10C Mini
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13. Eachine E10C Mini

The Eachine 10C Mini, with a 2 MP camera, takes clear footage from the air. It does flips and rolls in three-speed modes, making it suitable for both novice and expert pilots. With LED lights, it is a joy to fly at night. Winsome as it is, a few customers noted that it’s batteries tend to overheat.


Eachine H8 Mini
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14. Eachine H8 Mini

The Eachine H8, like the 10C mini, comes armed with a 2MP camera. Headless mode makes it unnecessary to adjust the craft’s position before flight.The key to return feature helps you to keep track of the aircraft, which does 360-degree flips. Everything said pilots should note that an experience customer had controller issues.

Eachine H8C
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15. Eachine H8C

The Eachine H8C is both a functional quadcopter and a fabulous toy. It takes stunning aerial shots with a 2MP camera. With headless mode, there is no need for pilots to adjust the craft before it flies. The one-key return function ensures that the drone never gets lost. Besides this, it does jaw-dropping 360-degree flips. Pilots should remember not to overcharge it or its motor will over heat.

Eachine H8S 3D
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16. Eachine H8S 3D

The Eachine H8S 3D wows audiences with its inverted flight ability. This super craft rolls 180 degrees and executes 3D flips. Headless mode makes it unnecessary to adjust the aircraft’s head before the flight. Its airframe is light but does not damage easily. It has many excellent features, but do remember not to charge it for too long; it may overheat.

Echoman Mini RC Quadcopter
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17. Echoman Mini RC Quadcopter

The Echoman RC quadcopter is a blessing for both pilots and photographers. It comes equipped with a biometric pressure sensor that allows pilots to hover the craft from a set height. With FPV, you can take images in real time. It moves in four directions and does mind-blowing 360-degree flips as well. A six-axis gyro system keeps it stable. Fantastic as it is, its network is quite hard to configure.

Estes 4606 Proto X Nano
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18. Estes 4606 Proto X Nano

The Estes 4606 has a plastic body and LED lights, which indicate the back and front of the craft. The lights herald the aircraft’s presence, which is helpful when it is flying at low altitudes. It comes with a LiPo battery, a USB charger cord, spare rotor blades and a handy set of instructions. Note that its motors may be hard to replace.

Estes Syncro X Nano
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19. Estes Syncro X Nano

Fly the Estes Synchro X Nano right out of the box. This craft is lightweight but highly durable. It counts on four micro-motors to give it an outstanding performance. Charge it with a USB cord. It is a nifty drone, but pilots should note a few reviews which mention durability issues.


FQ FQ777-124 Pocket Drone
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20. FQ FQ777-124 Pocket Drone

The developers of this sleek, black pocket drone had pilots’ interests in mind. It flies in three different modes, which makes it an ideal craft for both beginners and experts. It comes with rotor protectors and landing gear, which protect it from crashing. Headless security ensures that users never have to reposition the craft. It is a well-crafted drone, though some customers mentioned reduced power retention.

Geek Toys Waterproof RC Drone
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21. Geek Toys Waterproof RC Drone

The GeekToys quadcopter is a one-of-a-kind device that can stay submerged in 7 inch (20cm) deep water. A transmitter can control it at a 320 ft (100m) distance. It flies to a height of an astonishing 250 ft (80m). Charge it for an hour, and it is ready to fly. It may be powerful but do note possible durability issues.


GoolRC T10 Nano
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22. GoolRC T10 Nano

The wireless technology of this nifty quadcopter prevents other drone signals from disrupting it. With a nano-sized protector guard, it is suitable for indoor flight. The one-key return feature ensures that pilots will not lose it for long. It launches with one throw. A six-axis gyro-stabilization feature gives it steady flight. Remember, though that it may be hard to control.

GP - NextX 993 Quadcopter
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23. GP – NextX 993 Quadcopter

The NextX is one of the safest drones to fly. A protective board shuts it off in the event of a crash. Headless mode locks the drone in a take-off position. Portable, it is capable of 360-degree flips and rolls. While it has many good points, note that it may be hard to charge.


Haktoys S611 Storm Ryde
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24. Haktoys S611 Storm Ryde

The Haktoys S611 is a drone that suits beginners to a T. It performs flips and rolls in all directions, yet flies steadily because of its six-axis gyro-stabilization system. It comes with a powerful 3.7-volt battery. Fly it in winds of up to 5mph.


HobbyZone Faze Quadcopter
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25. HobbyZone Faze Quadcopter

The HobbyZone Faze is a compact quadcopter that weighs a light 12.2 grams. The flip mode enables it to execute flips and rolls that will thrill audiences. It communicates with the transmitter in three different ways.


Holy Stone HS170 Predator
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26. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

The Holy Stone HS170, with a wind-resistant control range of about 160 ft (50 meters) and a six-axis gyro stabilization system, is one of the steadiest mini-drones available. The machine’s 2.4 GHz wireless technology blocks signals from other transmitters, so the drone will never fly off course. It stays in the air for about eight minutes, longer than most mini-drones. However, do note that some users mentioned that users could not control it.

Hosim Aviax Waterproof Drone
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27. Hosim Aviax Waterproof Drone

Hosim made the H20 Aviax for pilots, photographers, and swimmers. It stays submerged in water of up to 2.3 ft (70 cm). In Open This mode, the craft launches instantly, wherever it is. A gyroscope gives it stability, and a waterproof camera captures sharp HD shots. Its transmitter has a crystal display for data transmission. Despite its incredible qualities, note that it can be difficult to assemble.

Hubsan Q4 H111 Nano
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28. Hubsan Q4 H111 Nano

Do not let this charming drone fool you. Cute as it is, it does 360-degree flips that will make your head spin. A six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps it steady. Flashing LED lights allow you to identify it in the night sky. A pilot should be careful when putting this drone together, to prevent the motor burning his fingers.


Hubsan X4 H107C
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29. Hubsan X4 H107C

The H107C is a compact, capable drone that delights all pilots. An adjustable six-axis gyro-stabilization feature permits stable flight across four different channels. A 0.3 MP camera records footage without annoying lines. It flips in four different directions. Adorable as it is, it may be hard to calibrate. Though this is an excellent drone, note that Hubsan can be hard to contact if it is faulty.

Hubsan X4 H107L
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30. Hubsan X4 H107L

The Royal Blue H107L is one of the most user-friendly drones to date. Six-axis gyro stabilization ensures that it never veers or shakes. Equipped with four-way directional control and two different flight modes. It is comfortable for both novices and experts to use. This drone is efficient if you control it well. Note that a user mentioned that his drone flew randomly.

Hubsan X4 Hornet
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31. Hubsan X4 Hornet

This little hornet can sail through the air for eleven minutes, longer than its mini-drone counterparts. Unlike other models by Hubsan, it has an altitude hold feature, which allows it to stay within a set height limit. LED lights enable you to identify it at night.


HVR Mini Drone
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32. HVR Mini Drone

This mini quadcopter is user-friendly but takes some practice to get it to take to the air. The transmitter that it comes with is manageable by novice pilots. The flips and rolls that this little drone does make it the ace of the skies. This small wonder takes clear aerial snapshots. It is an innovative drone, though a few customers mentioned durability issues.

Inguity Max Micro Drone
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33. Inguity Max Micro Drone

This flexible toy is a real acrobat. Its durable frame resists crashes. Internal LED lights make night flying a thrill to remember. The craft’s sturdy frame makes it ideal for flying indoors. All said, one user mentioned that she found it hard to pair the remote and the drone.


Ionic 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Drone
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34. Ionic 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Drone

The Ionic Drone is the ‘supermodel’ of the drone industry. Its six-axis gyro stabilization system comes with posture control, and guarantees the exact position of the aircraft. With powerful batteries and monitors, it stays for a long time in the air. This white craft has a modular design, which makes it easy to assemble and repair. It is not perfect, however; one customer mentioned that he could not charge his drone.

JJRC H8 Mini
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35. JJRC H8 Mini

The JJRC H8 Mini is a functional quadcopter that is a breeze for novices to fly. The six-axis gyro-stabilization system makes it easy to control. Headless security removes the need to adjust its position before flight. Recall the drone by touching a key. The H8 Mini is functional, though its battery is difficult to detach.


KiiToys X-10 Mini
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36. KiiToys X-10 Mini

The KiiToys X-10, at 1.5 in (4cm) is one of the smallest drones in the world. It moves in all directions and hovers on command. It tumbles in 360-degrees. A six-axis gyro stabilization system and four dynamic micro-motors give it stable flight. Some users complained that the instruction booklet it comes with is too small for them to read.

KiiToys X-10 Mini UFO Drone
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37. KiiToys X-10 Mini UFO Drone

This drone is a prop right out of Star Trek. Let its unique UFO design blow you away. It does 3D flips, and Headless mode ensures that it never gets lost. The 2.4 GHz, four-channel transmitter is user-friendly and controls the drone from a long distance. It does not have a power-on switch, which makes it inconvenient to start.

Luxon Quark RC Quadcopter
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38. Luxon Quark RC Quadcopter

The Luxon Quark is a high-quality, durable drone. The six-axis gyro-stabilization system allows it to fly in all conditions. It has an adapted wireless system to prevent signal interference. It has integrated propeller guards so you can fly without fear.


Maxbo YD-921 Explorers
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39. Maxbo YD-921 Explorers

The Maxbo YD 921 is one of the most reliable drones to date. Its six-axis gyro-stabilization system comes with posture control. The high-power battery gives it a longer flight time. Four motors ensure its stability.


Metakoo Bee Pocket Quadcopter
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40. Metakoo Bee Pocket Quadcopter

The Metakoo Bee’s intelligence will astound you. It senses changes in air pressure, and can fly at a constant height. It operates in three adjustable speed modes and lands with one touch. This intuitive drone issues a warning when it has no power. Some customers questioned the durability of the materials.

Mota Jetjat Nano Drone
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41. Mota Jetjat Nano Drone

This world famous drone has graced the covers of Wired Magazine. It is one of the smallest quadcopters to date. It fits snugly into the controller, which makes it portable. It flies in four channels and, a powerful battery keeps it in the air for a long time. Some customers mention that its thrust is uneven.


PowerLead Phad iDrone CVT02
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42. PowerLead Phad iDrone CVT02

The CVT02, at 1.27oz (36g), is one of the lightest drones to date. The adjustable six-axis gyro stabilization system permits steady flight. Record images with its 2.0 MP camera. It flips four ways and stays in the air for a relatively long six minutes. Power is a concern when buying this drone. A customer reflected that his did not come with a battery.

Protocol Neo-Drone
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43. Protocol Neo-Drone

The Protocol Neo-drone is one of the most responsive drones you can find. It moves in six different directions, at three selectable speeds. It communicates with the transmitter at a wavelength of 2.4Ghz. A customer remarked that the battery compartment of this drone is inconvenient to detach; it requires the tiniest screwdriver you can find.

QuadPro CM5 Mini
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44. QuadPro CM5 Mini

This little device is a photographer’s dream. It records images and videos when you click on the ‘convert” button. Besides doing 360-degree flips and rolls, it has a host of quirky technology gifts. It is capable of flying at high speeds and remains in the air for about seven minutes. A disadvantage of this drone is that it does not have live video.

Quadpro NC5 Nano
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45. Quadpro NC5 Nano

With a speed flip and professional multi-fly function, the NC5 flips and turns in every direction possible. A six-axis stabilization system keeps it steady. It moves at high speeds. The drone is not sturdy enough to hold a camera, which disappointed some customers.


RC Stunt Drone
Image source:

46. RC Stunt Drone

With a reinforced screw, this durable fellow is almost crash proof. If you have a second battery, it can stay in the air for about 12 minutes. It is safe in the hands of both experts and beginners. It does 360-degree flips that many drone owners will envy. It has adjustable speed. Some users mentioned that the batteries did not last as long as they hoped.

Spy Drone X007
Image source:

47. Spy Drone X007

The Spy Drone is the ultimate photography tool. It comes with an HD Spy Camera that can take magazine-worthy photos. A six-axis design gives it stability. It flies at different speeds, adjustable via a spectrum speed controller. It has a compact, durable frame that withstands crashes. One drawback of this drone is that it can be a task to hover.

Syma X1
Image source:

48. Syma X1

The Syma X1 will turn you into a professional pilot. It does flexible pirouettes, rolls, and flips. It comes with the latest 2.4 GHz technology, which removes interference. It has a longer control distance as well. The adjustable speed mode makes it fun for anyone to fly.

Syma X11 Mini
Image source:

49. Syma X11 Mini

The GoolRC is another intuitive drone by Syma. A six-axis gyro-stabilization system permits stable flight. This light, durable drone flips four ways. However, manufacturers may not have packaged it well. One mentioned that the drone arrived at his doorstep with no battery.


Syma x12s Nano
Image source:

50. Syma x12s Nano

The X 12 Mni is an intuitive creation by Syma. The company has adapted 2.4 GHz technology for anti-interference so that you can fly a few helicopters at once. 360-degree rotation gives it flexibility and allows it to execute perfect performances. It warns you when its battery is almost flat. These draws aside; one customer pointed out that one propeller on his drone seemed to turn slower than the others.

SYMA X5C Explorers
Image source:

51. SYMA X5C Explorers

The X5C is one of Syma’s durable creations. It does flips and rolls with one click. The drone flies well despite strong gusts of wind; it has a six-axis gyro stabilization system that keeps it stable. One of its drawbacks is that it has a small communication range.


Syma X5SW Explorers 2
Image source:

52. Syma X5SW Explorers 2

The X5SW is one of Syma’s most intuitive drones. The drone can fly forward even if its nose does not point that way. A six-axis system allows it to fly steadily, while an HD camera captures engaging aerial shots. FPV allows pilots to view and edit them in real time. Some customers remarked that it does not come completely assembled.

Syma X9 Fly Car
Image source:

53. Syma X9 Fly Car

The X9 is a drone before its time. With a 2-in-1 fly and drive function, it can command the air and the ground. Four-axis structure allows flexibility and rapid movement, while 360-degree eversion allows continuous rolls. A six-axis system keeps it stable. Note that a few users mentioned that they found it hard to control.


Sys GPtoys F8
Image source:

54. Sys GPtoys F8

The GP Toys Drone is an intuitive creation by SYS. It flies in all directions and can do continuous rolls. It conforms to various flight modes, which gives it stability. Its transmitter is much faster than other drones in its price range. A few users realized that it has durability issues.

Tec Bean Mini Pocket Drone
Image source:

55. Tec Bean Mini Pocket Drone

The TEC Bean Mini Pocket drone fits into its controller like a glove. With Headless mode, pilots do not have to adjust the drone’s head before a flight, and can launch it by hand. Note that a customer reported a faulty connection between the remote and the drone.

Tec Bean X902 Spider
Image source:

56. Tec Bean X902 Spider

The X902’s standout feature is its unique, spider-like design. Pilots can click on a switch to adjust the speed. A six-axis system enables it to perform exhilarating 3D flips steadily. A protective frame enhances its durability. A customer reported that he found it hard to make it fly straight.

UDI Freedom U32
Image source:

57. UDI Freedom U32

The Freedom U32 mini drone is a considerable force. It has powerful motors, which allow it to stay in the air for a long while. The sturdy, hardy plastic frame protects the propellers from damage. UDI provides two batteries, which give the drone a total of 20 minutes in the air. Customers reported that its blades, which point downwards, pick up hair easily.

Image source:

58. UDI RC U27

This drone shocks friends with its unbelievable acrobatics; the RC U27 flies upside down in Inverted mode. With headless mode, pilots do not need to turn the drone in a forward direction before launching it. Six-axis gyro keeps it steady, and high-capacity batteries give it a strong performance. What is the only drawback of this drone? Durability. Some customers reported that its propellers kept coming off.

Image source:

59. UDI RC U839

The U838 does 360-degree turns without missing a beat; UDI has optimized it for fun. Pilots can swap the flight battery for its lithium battery as they use the same power pack. Light, it is easy enough for a novice pilot to fly. A customer noted that his had a weak rear motor.


UDI U840 Mini
Image source:

60. UDI U840 Mini

This trendy drone is the perfect gift; it comes with a clear case for showing off. Compact, it is about two times the size of a coin. Roll and flip it in all directions. A six-axis gyro-stabilization system makes it ideal for beginners. A user noted that the batteries which came with his drone did not fit into the battery compartment.

Urge Basics Quadcopter
Image source:

61. Urge Basics Quadcopter

The Urge Basics has an apt name; it satisfies anyone with an urge to fly a quadcopter, no matter his skill level. Its strong HBS body does not break easily. Propeller guards protect it from crashes, and it performs flips on command. A six-axis gyro-stabilization system makes it easy for beginners to use. One frustrated customer remarked that the spring was missing from the battery compartment of his drone.

Yu Xiang 668-A4 Mini
Image source:

62. Yu Xiang 668-A4 Mini

This compact, lightweight drone will not disappoint you. It has a crash-friendly frame and communicates efficiently with its transmitter at 2.4GHz. A 360-degree eversion feature makes it possible for anyone to play with this drone. A customer noted that his drone did not hover.

List of drones between $50-$200

drones between $50-$200

This category of drones comprises quadcopters that cost between $50 to $200. They are a little bigger than mini-drones and suit pilots who wish to fly larger aerial devices on a restricted budget. Many of them have an impressive list of features which will delight users and their friends.

Aeroblade RT5000
Image source:

1. Aeroblade RT5000

Few quadcopters are as intuitive as the Aeroblade RT5000. This mega-drone flies in all directions and comes equipped with an HD camera that takes clear aerial images. In the RT5000 package is an extra set of blades, so pilots do not need to worry about durability. Its draws aside, do note one user’s observation that his drone’s motherboard burned quickly.

Akaso K88 Quadcopter
Image source:

2. Akaso K88 Quadcopter

The Akaso K88 is an intuitive quadcopter that has delighted customers the world over. It comes with a six-axis gyro system for strong stability. This drone can do 3D flips, so it is ideal for both beginners and experts. The aircraft’s blades have solder protection, which protects it from a collision. A built-in HD camera captures sharp images, Reliable though it is, note that it may have occasional connectivity problems.

Ares Ethos AZSZ2500
Image source:

3. Ares Ethos AZSZ2500

The AZSZ 2500 Ethos HD comes ready to fly. The Aegis six-axis flight stabilization system includes a camera which captures 1080p videos. The anti-vibration mount prevents a jello effect. The parts for this drone are readily available at Hobbyzone Stores. Note that a few customers raised durability issues.

AVA Drone
Image source:

4. AVA Drone

The AXA drone comes with a 720p camera that enables FPV viewing. Pilots can see what the drone does in real time. It hovers automatically and launches with the touch of one key. It comes with four replacement blades, so pilots need not worry about buying spare parts.

Babadio 2 Quadcopter
Image source:

5. Babadio 2 Quadcopter

This drone comes with an electronic compass and returns to its take-off point with the touch of a key, so it will never get lost. A six-axis stability function makes it a breeze for a novice to control. Pilots can manage it from their IPhones or tablets. The drone’s cool features aside, a customer mentioned that only three propellers on his drone turned.

Babrit Elite Flying Car
Image source:

6. Babrit Elite Flying Car

The Babrit, with four motors, is a powerhouse. It achieves all kinds of stable flight movements with the help of a six-axis gyro flight system. It does 360-degree flips like a dream. A built-in HD camera allows pilots to record exciting moments. Dynamic as it is, note that a customer commented on its flimsy accessories.

Babrit Mast
Image source:

7. Babrit Mast

The Mast is one of Babrit’s most intuitive creations. An adjustable six-axis gyro stabilization system gives it stable flight. A resilient, yet light frame ensures durability. Pilots can record its movements with its 2MP camera. Before buying this drone, note that a customer mentioned that his device came without an SD card.

Babrit Uplay Quadcopter
Image source:

8. Babrit Uplay Quadcopter

Brit does not disappoint with the Uplay. It comes with FPV transmission, so pilots can edit footage as the drone captures it. With Headless mode, pilots do not have to adjust the drone’s position before it flies. It returns to its take-off point with the touch of a button and will not remain out of sight for long. A six-axis gyro system keeps it stable while it does 360-degree turns.

Blade 180 QX
Image source:

9. Blade 180 QX

The Blade 180 QX merges quadcopter innovations with astounding HD ability. With SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, the craft is aware of its altitude and is easy for a novice to control. Durable, it flies both indoors and outdoors. Though it is innovative, note that a customer questioned the quality of its camera.

Blade Nano QX
Image source:

10. Blade Nano QX

The Blade Nano QX, like the 180QX, is an intuitive quadcopter that is small enough to fly anywhere. Brushed motors lift it efficiently. With a tough, lightweight airframe, pilots need not fear it crashing.

Blade Nano QX2
Image source:

11. Blade Nano QX2

The QX2 is a classic example of Horizon Hobby’s cutting edge technology. With SAFE technology, the aircraft can sense its altitude. Pilots can edit their footage as they see it, with the help of FPV, or First Person View. With two flight modes, it is excellent for both beginner and expert pilots. New Pilots can fly the aircraft in beginner mode, while experts can test their skills in expert mode. It flies both indoors and outdoors. Its excellent qualities aside, some customers complained that the device turned more slowly than they would have liked.

Cheerson CX-10WD
Image source:

12. Cheerson CX-10WD

The CX-10 WD is a sophisticated quadcopter for its price range. It comes with a dual operating transmitter and mobile mode, so pilots can choose to control the craft from their cellphones or tablets. Two different flight modes enable both beginners and expert pilots to fly the drone. An air pressure allows it to hold its height and stabilize. Note a customer’s reflection that it does not transmit images well.

Cheerson CX-30W
Image source:

13. Cheerson CX-30W

The 30W is one of most inexpensive drones with a WIFI camera to date. It comes with 3-speed modes, so beginning drone users and experts can fly it. It transmits video and images in real-time. It also hovers in place when necessary.


Cheerson CX-32W
Image source:

14. Cheerson CX-32W

The 32W is an intuitive innovation. FPV technology enables it to send real-time images and videos to its transmitter. Motion sensing mode allows it to tell if there are objects on the ground, while a six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps it steady in the air. Aside from its excellent qualities, this drone has durability issues.

Cheerson CX-35
Image source:

15. Cheerson CX-35

With a wide angle, 2MP FPV camera that operates within a 1640ft(500m) range, this is a reliable quadcopter. Pilots can edit the shots they capture. A barometric high-hold system keeps it stable. Though it is innovative, note that it can be difficult to calibrate.

creazy x6sw drone
Image source:

16. Creazy X6SW Drone

This sturdy drone comes with a six-axis gyro stabilization system, which allows it to do 3D rolls without a hitch. It takes dazzling images and videos in real-time. Readers have expressed concerns about its reliability.

CX-30S Drone
Image source:

17. CX-30S Drone

This intelligent quadcopter is an excellent model of UAV technology. It takes stunning FPV videos in real-time, without an annoying “jello” effect. Pilots can fly it both indoors and outdoors. It moves in all directions and does the cute turns that thrill audiences.


D017 X163 Drone
Image source:

18. D017 X163 Drone

Power lead has created a drone that is hard to challenge. This drone captures images that have a surreal effect. It does the 3D flips everyone enjoys and communicates with its transmitter within 150 meters. Power lead is so sure of its product that it offers a year’s warranty, but customers commented that its mechanics are not impressive.

DBPower Hawkeye-I Quadcopter
Image source:

19. DBPower Hawkeye-I Quadcopter

This UAV can turn and flip like a Cirque de Soliel member. It scales walls, crawls on the ground, and takes clear pictures with a 720p camera. The drone communicates within a short distance of 98.42ft(30m). It runs, jumps and climbs.


DBPower MJX X400W
Image source:

20. DBPower MJX X400W

This drone is a prime example of UAV technology. With headless mode, pilots need not adjust the drone in a forward position before they fly it. It does 3D flips at the touch of a key, and a powerful battery gives it a long flight time. Pilots can watch real-time videos from two perspectives, via a split-screen display. A customer commented that it was a task to get his drone to fly.

Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter
Image source:

21. Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter

Seasoned pilots and novices will find the Dromidus Ominus a dream drone. This durable machine bounces back from crashes and remains intact because Dromida made it from a resilient material. LED lights help pilots to identify it at night. An auto flip function helps it do thrilling 3D flips. Despite its impressive features, customers reflected that this drone is hard to control.

Dromida Vista UAV Quadcopter
Image source:

22. Dromida Vista UAV Quadcopter

The Dromida Vista is a rugged drone that does not come apart easily. It comes ready to fly, and pilots can use it indoors. It includes an extra set of blades, so pilots need not worry about looking for spare parts. Like the Ominous, it can be hard to maneuver.

Dynamic Aerial Systems X4 Spartan
Image source:

23. Dynamic Aerial Systems X4 Spartan

The X4 Spartan is a smart quadcopter that moves in all directions. A well-programmed, updated control board stabilizes it and makes it easy enough for novices to fly. With Headless mode, there is no need to reposition it before a flight. Though it has excellent features, customers mentioned that it disconnects from its transmitter even at a short distance.

Eachine E40G
Image source:

24. Eachine E40G

The Eachine E40G is a steady drone that captures clear aerial shots with its 720p camera. Pilots can watch the footage the drone captures via its LCD transmitter screen. Headless mode keeps the drone in a set position, It has fantastic qualities, but a customer reflected that it would not charge.

F180W Quadcopter
Image source:

25. F180W Quadcopter

The F180W is a brilliant drone that allows maximum control. A CVT function allows a new pilot to shift and accelerate it seamlessly. He can switch between left and right-hand throttle. A six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps the aircraft stable. It takes HD footage in real time.

F1C WildGrow Drone
Image source:

26. F1C WildGrow Drone

The F1C is a creation that should make WildGrow proud. This top-quality drone transmits footage in real-time and flies in all directions. With the help of a six-axis stabilization system, it does steady acrobatic flips that will make pilots the envy of their friends. Red propellers move it forward, while black ones steer it backward. Intelligent as it is, novice pilots may take some time to learn to control it.

F-22 Fighter Jet Quadcopter
Image source:

27. F-22 Fighter Jet Quadcopter

The sleek ROSOLO F-22 commands the air. In jet black, pilots must take it seriously. With a durable frame, it is easy for both novice and expert pilots to control. A customer commented that he could manipulate it well after spending some time learning how to maneuver it.


F2C Aviax Quadcopter
Image source:

28. F2C Aviax Quadcopter

The F2C Aviax travels in all directions. It comes with a Spectrum-enabled controller, so pilots can use it to control other drones. A six-axis gyro stabilization system enables it to hover in the sky. It has remarkable qualities but note customers who mentioned that its motors gave out quickly.

Fayee FY560
Image source:

29. Fayee FY560

With four rotors, the FY560 is a stable, powerful drone. The eye-catching, white design packs a punch. Headless mode ensures that pilots never have to reposition it, while a six-axis gyro stabilization system enables it to fly steadily. Its 5.8G transmission system ensures that pilots remain in contact with it constantly. A 720p camera takes steady aerial shots.

Flymemo X8 Quadcopter
Image source:

30. Flymemo X8 Quadcopter

The X8 is the smart brainchild of Flymemo. Headless mode automatically locks it into takeoff, wherever it is. With a six-axis stabilization system, it does perfect 3D flips without missing a beat. The LCD on its transmitter allows you to see more details at once. This drone’s brilliance aside, a customer mentioned that it was hard to connect it to its remote.

GoolRC 509W Drone
Image source:

31. GoolRC 509W Drone

The 509W is an all-inclusive drone by GoolRC. An air pressure sensor enables it to hold its altitude. This aircraft flies in Motion Sensing mode, and can detect objects on the ground. It transmits images of everything it sees to a transmitter in real-time. Headless mode locks it in for takeoff, while its one key-return system ensures that it will never get lost. A six-axis gyro-stabilization system allows it to maintain steady flight. A customer reported that Gool10’s customer service sector was not responsive.

GW007-1 Quadcopter
Image source:

32. GW007-1 Quadcopter

The GW007-1, made of rubber and durable material, is a reliable little drone. LED lights allow pilots to spot it at night. With Headless mode, pilots do not need to put the drone in a takeoff position. The one-key return feature recalls it whenever pilots lose it. It remains steady with the help of a six-axis gyro-stabilization system.

Haktoys HAK905
Image source:

33. Haktoys HAK905

The HAK905 comes ready for pilots to fly. Ultra-bright LED lights allow them to locate it at night. A 2.4 GHz wireless system keeps it in touch with its transmitter. A customer mentioned that its blades spun too much.


Haktoys HAK908F
Image source:

34. Haktoys HAK908F

This little machine enables real-time video from a first-person perspective. It comes ready-to-fly, and courses through the air in two different speed modes. Beginners and experts will find it easy to control. A user remarked that the drone does not have enough power to sustain its camera.

Hawkeye FPV Quadcopter
Image source:

35. Hawkeye FPV Quadcopter

This charming quadcopter transmits real-time video via a 5.8GHz signal. Headless mode ensures that it is always in takeoff position, while its six-axis design creates stability. It is user-friendly. It returns to its takeoff point with a touch of a button. A drone user questioned the quality of its landing rudders.


Heli-Max 1Si
Image source:

36. Heli-Max 1Si

This drone is a simple, yet dynamic toy. It features a micro digital camera that captures images and videos from its transmitter. This quadcopter comes ready to fly. A satisfied user expressed that the quadcopter maintains its direction. A Go Home feature ensures that it never gets lost. It also hovers in place when necessary. One drawback of this drone is that it is hard to calibrate.

HMF SL300 Quadcopter
Image source:

37. HMF SL300 Quadcopter

This racing quadcopter can tear through the air at high speeds. Pilots can capture its exploits with its FPV camera. Its frame consists of strong carbon fiber and aluminum. One user commented that tightening its arms is a task.


Holy Stone F180C
Image source:

38. Holy Stone F180C

This drone is the ideal device for a beginning pilot. It turns in four directions and takes sharp 720p photos. Holy Stone has filled the package that it comes with 12 rotor blades, so it will never become damaged.

Holy Stone F181
Image source:

39. Holy Stone F181

This little black drone stands out against the backdrop of a vast blue sky. A headless feature locks it in takeoff position. It comes with an extra battery for added power. A few customers mentioned durability issues.


Holy Stone HS110W
Image source:

40. Holy Stone HS110W

The Holy Stone HS 100W is an all-inclusive innovation that captures sharp, 720p images in real time. It is the perfect drone for a beginner because of its Altitude Hold feature. It never climbs beyond its set height. With Headless mode, it is always in a forward position. The one-key return button sends it back to its takeoff point, should it become lost.

Holy Stone X300C
Image source:

41. Holy Stone X300C

Holy Stone does not disappoint with the 300W. It takes sharp videos in real-time and sends them straight to a pilot’s mobile phone. Headless mode keeps it ready for takeoff. The flexible, sleek design makes it easy to replace motor parts. It is an innovative drone, but pilots should note connectivity issues.


Holy Stone X400C
Image source:

42. Holy Stone X400C

This responsive drone allows pilots to adjust its throttle to avoid damage. It transmits footage in real-time and a six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps it stable. It flips in three directions. Pilots can toggle between its right and left throttle. There is no doubt that it is an impressive drone, but remember that its Headless function does not always work. Pilots must also be careful not to overheat it.

Hubsan X4 Drone
Image source:

43. Hubsan X4 Drone

This UAV promises an unforgettable flight experience. A six-axis gyroscope keeps it steady, and pilots can adjust it to a comfortable level. It is durable, yet light. It takes real-time videos but the footage is a bit grainy.


Hubsan X4 H107D
Image source:

44. Hubsan X4 H107D

The 107D is a bona fide entertainer. It thrills little children with jaw-dropping flips and rolls, yet remains stable because of its six-axis flight system. LED lights allow pilots to find it at night. This durable toy comes with rubber feet to protect its blades.

Hubsan X4 H107L
Image source:

45. Hubsan X4 H107L

The 107L is a consummate drone which entertains people both indoors and outdoors. The six-axis gyro system provides stability while it flips in four ways. With its small size, it is the perfect addition to any bookcase.


Ionic Stratus Drone
Image source:

46. Ionic Stratus Drone

This smart device comes with a mount for a pilot’s Go Pro camera. It returns to its takeoff point at the touch of a button and stays stable with the help of an adjustable six-axis gyro-system. It supports headless mode, so pilots do not have to orientate the drone before flying it. It rolls in three directions. One user reported that the controller does not pair well with the drone.

Image source:

47. JJRC H11C

The intelligent H11C takes clear 2 MP HD shots from the air. It flies from one point to another without delay, and headless mode helps with its orientation. It flips in three directions when a user touches a button. This drone functions well but note a user’s mention that one of the motors of his drone gave way after one flight.


Image source:

48. JJRC H11D

The H11D is a savvy device that can find its way home at the touch of a button. It moves in four ways, and pilots can capture it in action with its 2.0MP camera. A six-axis system gives it stability. Orientation is not an issue with a headless system. A customer commented that it works within a limited range.

Image source:

49. JJRC H12C

This marvelous innovation has a powerful camera that takes sharp videos and photos. An LCD monitor shows pilots the throttle, so they are always in control. A powerful 700mAH battery gives it raw power. It communicates with its transmitter within a 2.4 GHz range, so it is easy to fly.


Image source:

50. JJRC H26D

The JJRC H26D is an obedient toy that comes home at the touch of a button. A six-axis gyro system keeps it stable. A wide-angle, 120-degree camera takes dazzling, panoramic aerial shots. It rolls in all ways. A few customers mentioned durability issues about this otherwise smart drone.

JJRC H26W Quadcopter
Image source:

51. JJRC H26W Quadcopter

The H26W is an all-inclusive quadcopter that comes with a camera that provides FPV, real-time views. A 7.4V battery enables stable, powerful flight. Pilots can control it via a transmitter, or their smart devices. Intuitive as it is, its battery may not fit into the battery compartment.


JJRC H6d Drone
Image source:

52. JJRC H6d Drone

This ingenious device comes with a 2.4 GHz transmitter that lets pilots control several drones at once. A 5.8 GHz camera takes professional aerial images from the air. Pilots can control it in two different modes. An LCD transmitter gives pilots access to all operations. It flips in all directions and returns upon command. A few users mentioned problems with its airframe.

Image source:

53. JJRC H8C

This savvy UAV takes sharp aerial shots with its 2.0 MP camera. It responds well to a pilot with the help of its 2.4 GHz wireless system. A powerful 7.4 battery keeps it in the air for a long eight minutes. A user mentioned that its motors are not powerful, so pilots will need to buy spare ones.


JJRC H8D Quadcopter
Image source:

54. JJRC H8D Quadcopter

This intelligent tool flies all the way home with one touch. LED lights make night flight possible, and pilots can track its movements with an FPV monitor. A 5.8 G camera makes taking professional photographs a breeze. Though it is intuitive, note that its headless function may not work well.

Image source:

55. JJRC H9D

Drone flying is possible for left-handers. The Womail JJRC is controllable by the left hand. It takes professional images, and can move in all directions. With an RC system, pilots can delight their audiences both indoors and outdoors.


Image source:

56. JJRC X1

This quadcopter is a mighty force, small as it is. A 7.4 GHz battery gives it strong power, and a six-axis system keeps it stable. A safety protection program keeps it safe despite obstacles. It flies in all directions, across four channels. One of its best advantages is its light, durable airframe. One pilot remarked that its gyro system malfunctioned when he tried to turn it.

JXD 509G
Image source:

57. JXD 509G

This drone flies even if a pilot turns the transmitter off. An air pressure sensor holds its altitude, and a 2,0 camera takes real time videos. It moves in all directions, and orientation is not an issue with its Headless mode. A user mentioned that he had problems landing his drone.


JXD 509V
Image source:

58. JXD 509V

This RC camera drone excites audiences both indoors and outdoors. It takes aerial shots with a. 0.3 MP camera. A six-axis gyro system keeps it in the air, and it comes with an extra battery for added power.

JXD 510G
Image source:

59. JXD 510G

This smart device rolls exquisitely, in all directions. Headless mode locks its orientation, and it returns at the touch of a button. The modified 2.4GHz system ensures that there is no interference from other drones. It transmits real-time video from a professional 5.8G camera.


JXD 510W
Image source:

60. JXD 510W

This drone is in a class by itself. Other than being able to roll in all directions, it can stay in the air because of a steady altitude hold. Pilots can control it through its mobile phone. Headless mode makes sure that it flies in the direction a pilot intends.

Kolibri Discovery Delta-Recon U818A
Image source:

61. Kolibri Discovery Delta-Recon U818A

The U818A is a drone that compares well with its peers. Besides capturing images in real-time, the One Key Return Function ensures that it does not get lost. One customer remarked that his drone came with missing parts.


MJX X101 Drone
Image source:

62. MJX X101 Drone

The X101 performs well even after being splashed with water. It flips in three directions and resists winds. It remains stable because of a six-axis stabilization system. This drone is responsive, but customers reported durability issues.

N101C RC Quadcopter
Image source:

63. N101C RC Quadcopter

The N101C is tough, wind resistant drone that captures perfect shots with its 3D camera. It flips at the touch of a button, and a six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps it steady. This drone travels for about eight minutes. Despite its positive qualities, some customers mentioned issues with propellers and durability.


Nano QX 3D
Image source:

64. Nano QX 3D

This marvelous drone flies at high speeds, in multiple flight modes. Reverse motor technology makes the drone sturdy, yet light. Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology makes it aware of its altitudes and allows it to do acrobatics safely. Customers mentioned connectivity and durability problems.

Night Lions Tech Flying Drone
Image source:

65. Night Lions Tech Flying Drone

Pilots can take pictures of this drone executing perfect flips withs its 2MP camera. This hardy device executes 3D flips at the touch of a button, and its six-axis gyro system keeps it stable. A few customers find it overpriced.


ODY 2283 Quadcopter
Image source:

66. ODY 2283 Quadcopter

This savvy drone communicates well with its 5.8GHZ transmitter. Pilots can capture full, FPV videos, which they can view on a mounted screen. The red frame is svelte and impressive.


Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition
Image source:

67. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

This nifty drone includes a six-axis flight stabilization system that keeps it steady. The drone’s 720p camera captures professional aerial video. Hobbytown makes replacement parts available. This is a competent drone except for its lack of durability.


Potential F183W
Image source:

68. Potensic F183W

This is a competent drone for its price. It moves in all directions, and pilots can control it up to 150 feet. Its six-axis gyro system is motion sensitive and stabilizes it no matter how fast it moves.


Protocol Slipstream Evo RC
Image source:

69. Protocol Slipstream Evo RC

With a built-in camera, this drone is a powerful photography tool. Pilots can control it directly from their tablets. The six-axis gyro stabilization system keeps it steady and makes it easier for new pilots to control. Two batteries extend its flight time. This drone is intuitive, except that it does not always communicate well with its transmitter.

Proto-X Micro Quadcopter
Image source:

70. Proto-X Micro Quadcopter

This device is intelligent as it is charming. With FPV views, users are right in the pilot’s seat. The triple-axis gyro system allows new pilots complete control of their craft. They can fly the aircraft in normal mode before piloting it in expert mode.

QC1 Drone
Image source:

71. QC1 Drone

The QC1 gives its counterparts a run for their money. It comes with a bonus battery for a longer, richer aerial experience. It has a 2MP HD camera that takes professional level photographs. It features a six-axis gyro system for solid stability. Bright LED lights help pilots to find it at night. Despite its intuitiveness, a user complained that it does not go into Headless mode.

RC Logger Eye One Xtreme
Image source:

72. RC Logger Eye One Xtreme

The RC Logger holds its altitude and does heart-stopping aerial flips. Brushless motors keep it running. With a mount for a Go Pro camera, it is a drone for photographers. One user reflected that its propellers comprise poor quality material.


SKRC Q16 Quadcopter
Image source:

73. SKRC Q16 Quadcopter

The Q16 comes with an FPV system that allows real-time transmission of images captured by its 0.5 MP camera. The headless mode takes care of any loss of orientation and pressing a key returns it to its takeoff point.


Sky Walker Matrix 1306
Image source:

74. Sky Walker Matrix 1306

The Sky Walker Matrix is one of GoolRC’s most versatile creations. It flies in all directions, and LED lights make it ideal for night flight. GoolRC designed it to be resilient, and spare parts are readily available.

Spirit Mini Quadcopter
Image source:

75. Spirit Mini Quadcopter

This little drone is one of Metakoo’s smartest devices. Intelligent Altitude enables a real-time transmission effect. Pilots can adjust its speed, and it gives a low power warning. A customer expressed that the motor dies quickly.


SY X25 Quadcopter
Image source:

76. SY X25 Quadcopter

This drone is a competent device, with a useful 2.0 MP camera that takes HD quality videos. The 2.4Ghz transmitter communicates with the drone without a hitch. Colorful LED lights help pilots identify it at night. Headless mode ensures its proper orientation.

Syma X5C
Image source:

77. Syma X5C

The X5C is a versatile indoor and outdoor drone. Durable, it comes with a propeller guard for safety. Capture its flights with its 2MP HD camera. It is competent, except that its batteries may be weak.


Syma X5C-1 Explorers
Image source:

78. Syma X5C-1 Explorers

The X5C-1 Explorer is a cool, professional UAV that does its owner proud. A six-axis system keeps it stable. Syma adapted its 2.4 GHz technology for anti-interference. It does 360 flips and turns in a heartbeat. Note that user commented that his drone does not connect to the remote well.

Syma X5HC
Image source:

79. Syma X5HC

The intelligent X5HC holds its altitude and hovers in place obediently. Headless mode removes all problems with orientation, and it does flips in three ways. A six-axis gyro system keeps it stable. Syma has adapted its 2.4GHz wireless technology for anti-interference.


Syma X5HW
Image source:

80. Syma X5HW

The X5HW stays steady with the help of its six-axis structure. FPV allows pilots to view the footage that the drone takes in real-time. It does acrobatic; three-way turns like a dream. A Headless function allows it to orientate itself. A few customers mentioned durability issues but were otherwise quite happy with it.

Syma X5SC-1 Explorers
Image source:

81. Syma X5SC-1 Explorers

This quadcopter turns in four ways and stays stable with the help of a six-axis, gyro-stabilizing feature. An elastic protective circle keeps its blades from breaking. It is a competent drone, except that landing may displace its gears.


Syma X5SW
Image source:

82. Syma X5SW

The X5SW is a drone that fits the definition of smart. The Headless mode keeps it aware of its direction, and its FPV camera provides real-time views of its captured footage. It comes with two extra batteries that give it more power. A customer expressed that its motor is not powerful enough.

Syma X8C Venture
Image source:

83. Syma X8C Venture

Left-handed pilots should consider the Syma X8C Venture. It comes with a controller that offers seamless, left-handed control, suitable for other Syma devices. An adjustable six-axis gyroscope gives it stability as it does dazzling 360-degree flips. It takes sharp photos with its HD camera.


Syma X8G
Image source:

84. Syma X8G

Another intuitive Syma creation, the X8G comes ith Intelligence Orientation Control (IOC), which gives the drone an idea of its direction. It takes clear shots with an 8MP HD camera. It flips four ways and stays stable with the help of a six-axis gyroscope. A blade protector prevents damage. A user commented that it was not responsive to the input from the control’s right stick.

Syma X8HG
Image source:

85. Syma X8HG

This savvy drone captures professional-looking photographs on its 8MP camera. It performs like an acrobatic dancer both indoors and outdoors, and its six-axis system stabilizes it. Smart Height Hold allows it to hover.


Syma X8W Cheerwing
Image source:

86. Syma X8W Cheerwing

The X8W has all the functions one would look for in a drone. An FPV camera provides a clear, real-time perspective of the drone’s flight. The Headless feature takes care of its orientation. It tumbles like a trapeze artist, but never loses its stability because of a six-axis gyro stabilization system. It has many desirable qualities, but a customer expressed that it does not allow a full charge.

T5W FPV Drone
Image source:

87. T5W FPV Drone

This drone is all-inclusive. It takes excellent, professional-level shots in real-time, and tumbles like an excited child in a jumper gym. It never loses its stability.



Tarantula X6 H16 Quadcopter
Image source:

88. Tarantula X6 H16 Quadcopter

This tarantula is a powerful spider. The hyper IOC function helps it to maintain its orientation, and beginners will find it easy to maneuver. A 7.4-volt battery gives it power. The only drawback of this drone is that it may stall.


Target Hobby QAV210
Image source:

89. Target Hobby QAV210

This drone is a tenacious powerhouse that can capture full HD images without a jello effect. FPV allows it to do so in real-time. Its Carbon Fiber airframe protects it against crashes.



TDR Robin RC Drone
Image source:

90. TDR Robin RC Drone

Pilots need not worry about quality with the Robin RC drone. It has an intuitive headless mode that maintains forward orientation, and an auto return function that ensures it’s safe flight home. It has a modular battery design for longer battery life. It is an exceptional drone, though it may capture shaky images.

TR002 RC Quadcopter
Image source:

91. TR002 RC Quadcopter

The TR002 is a sleek, high-performing drone. The One-Key return function sends it home immediately, and the Headless mode points it in a forward direction. Pilots can experience FPV views with this marvelous device. It has gotten rave reviews from satisfied customers.


U818S Quadcopter
Image source:

92. U818S Quadcopter

This drone’s one-of-its-kind design tells pilots that they cannot trifle with it. A powerful motor and high wind resistance allow it to stay in the air without wavering. It flies in all directions, which pilots can view, in real-time, through an FPV camera. It is a steady drone, except that it may get lost as it has no GPS function.

UDI 818A HD+
Image source:

93. UDI 818A HD+

The 818A is a capable drone that orients itself with a headless mode. A six-axis gyro-stability system keeps it stable, and an HD camera records all its exploits from the air. It returns to its takeoff point at the touch of a button.


UDI Lark Quadcopter
Image source:

94. UDI Lark Quadcopter

Both experts and novices can control this A-Star device. It flies like a lark, in stable and stunt-flying modes. A low voltage alarm warns pilots when its battery is about to run out. Blade guards protect its protect its propellers from damage. A customer remarked that it tends to fly out of range.

UDI RC Discovery
Image source:

95. UDI RC Discovery

The Discovery comes with a powerful HD camera that allows it to take sharp aerial shots. Like the Lark, pilots can fly it in both beginner and expert modes. A high-capacity battery gives it tremendous power. It is a competent device, except that its motor can do with more power.


UDI RC Eagle Drone
Image source:

96. UDI RC Eagle Drone

This intelligent quadcopter returns home when called. The Headless mode removes any need for orienting it. It flies with the help of a four channel transmitter, which can receive Live Photos and videos in real time.

Image source:

97. UDI U818A

This drone is the epitome of durability. Its modular design makes for easy repair. Powerful, it runs on a high-capacity battery. A six-axis gyro system allows it to fly steadily. A customer mentioned that it had defective bumpers. It is an exceptional drone, but note that a client said that the Return to Home button on his drone was not working.

UDI U842 Predator
Image source:

98. UDI U842 Predator

This aircraft is a user-friendly device, controllable by all pilots. The Headless mode ensures that it maintains a forward position and a six-axis gyro system lets it do 3D rolls effortlessly. An HD camera allows pilots to record all its exploits. Note that a customer commented on the low quality of its motor.

V262 Cyclone UFO
Image source:

99. V262 Cyclone UFO

This state-of-the-art drone includes a six-axis gyro system that lets it fly without veering off course. An LCD screen allows Pilots to monitor the drone’s goings-on. The 2.4 GHz wireless system allows it perfect communication with its transmitter, and it is wind resistant. It flies in four speeds, enabling it to accommodate pilots of all skill levels. Note that despite its remarkable qualities, it may not work if not calibrated well.

V666 Quadcopter
Image source:

100. V666 Quadcopter

The V666 is a smart drone that comes with a professional-level 5.86G FPV camera. Pilots can take clear aerial shots in real-time. A six-axis gyro system prevents it from wavering in the air. A standout feature of this drone is the unique Pinwheel design. It is savvy, but note mentions of its rotors not working.

Walkera Rodeo F150
Image source:

101. Walkera Rodeo F150

The F150 is a drone that suits racers and expert pilots. It is a high-quality, durable drone that flies well with the help of brushless ESC motors. Note that it does not come with a controller, so pilots will have to provide their own.


WL Toys V686G
Image source:

102. WL Toys V686G

This little device has most things pilots look for in a drone. A six-axis gyro system gives it strong stability. It has a light, yet durable airframe that is wind resistant. Pilots can fly several drones at once; the signal of one will not interfere with another.

WL Toys V686K
Image source:

103. WL Toys V686K

This drone is an efficient device that comes with a powerful, coreless motor. The HD camera captures clear, real-time images and its light, yet durable airframe is wind resistant.


X118 Quadcopter
Image source:

104. X118 Quadcopter

This user-friendly has an exciting four-way flip capability that pilots can capture with an HD camera. It communicates well with its transmitter at 2.4 GHz.


X4 H107C
Image source:

105. X4 H107C

The H107C boasts excellent functionality and durability. It comes with blade protection guards and four LED lights that help pilots to see at night. A 0.3 MP camera allows pilots to record its aerial adventures. A six-axis system allows it to course steadily through the air.


X4 Stunt Quadcopter
Image source:

106. X4 Stunt Quadcopter

This remote control drone is a state-of-the-art aerial vehicle. It tumbles in all directions and suits pilots of all levels. A customer reflected that the motors were not as powerful as he had hoped.


X401H RC Drone
Image source:

107. X401H RC Drone

This responsive drone is one of the most intelligent on the market. Altitude Hold technology holds the craft steadily at a set height, and a real-time, FPV camera allows you enjoy the high-definition videos you capture on a 3D split-screen display. Press a key and the drone takes off. This drone is reliable but it may not pair well with its transmitter.

X600C DBPower Quadcopter
Image source:

108. X600C DBPower Quadcopter

The X6900c is a unique quadcopter with all the functions anyone wants in a drone. The Headless mode ensures its direction, and the One Key return feature ensures that it arrives at its take-off point.


X-7 Micro-lite Quadcopter
Image source:

109. X-7 Micro-lite Quadcopter

This fabulous drone is simple for pilots to maneuver. Precision controls make it easy to dive, dip, circle, and hover. Pilots can fly it indoors or outdoors. LED lights allow them to spot it at night.


X705C Drone
Image source:

110. X705C Drone

The X705C is an entertaining drone that provides lots of fun. A 3D split screen display allows you to see different versions of the footage your drone captures, in real time. It does 3D rolls at the touch of a button.


X8C Akaso Quadcopter
Image source:

111. X8C Akaso Quadcopter

The Akaso X8C enables anyone to become a pilot. It does four-way flips when pilots push a button, and they can capture its tumbles on an HD camera. It comes with 2.4GHz technology for effortless communication. A customer commented that her drone arrived damaged, so improvements have to be made to its packaging.


X8C Venture Quadcopter
Image source:

112. X8C Venture Quadcopter

The X8C Venture is a drone that photographers will be glad to own. A 2MP camera allows acceptable quality resolution, and a UAV motor gives it stable flight. The durable material helps it to survive crashes.

XBM-50 Quadcopter
Image source:

113. XBM-50 Quadcopter

The GizmoVine comes ready to fly and is feature-enabled. It flies in four channels, and Headless Mode adjusts its direction automatically. It flips in four-ways, like a well-trained acrobat. Pilots can see the footage, in real-time, with its HD camera. It comes fully-assembled.


Xin Lin X181 RC Quadcopter
Image source:

114. Xin Lin X181 RC Quadcopter

The X181 is a competent creation by Xin Lin. Powered by a brushless motor, it flies effortlessly. Pilots can catch it in action with a real-time, FPV camera and view its adventures from a first person’s perspective on its LCD transmitter. LED lights help them to identify it at night.

115. XK X251 Quadcopter
Image source:

115. XK X251 Quadcopter

The X251 is an astute quadcopter that comes with a brushless motor for added power. A carbon fiber arm protects it in the event of a crash. Its mini camera takes sharp shots, small as it is.


YD-921 Explorers
Image source:

116. YD-921 Explorers

The YD-921 is the epitome of steadiness. It has a six-axis stability system with posture control. The system positions the aircraft faultlessly. Four motors give it power and endurance.


ZH FPV Drone
Image source:

117. ZH FPV Drone

Pilots can control the ZH drone with their Android or IOS smartphones. Three-speed settings enable new pilots to fly it. It is Roha, CE, FEE and Reach tested.


Zoopa Q 600 Mantis
Image source:

118. Zoopa Q 600 Mantis

This quadcopter is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. A six-axis system allows accurate flight. A FlyCamOne Nano Camera enables flawless photo recordings.


List of drones between $200-$500

drones between $200-$500

This group of drones suits pilots with a slightly bigger budget, but they are affordable, costing between $200 and $500. They are bulkier than mini-drones and are ideal outdoor flying vehicles. Most of them are FPV ready, so pilots can see the footage they capture in real-time. Each is dynamic and ready-to-fly.

AEE AP10 Pro
Image source:

1. AEE AP10 Pro

The AP10 is a drone for serious pilots. It transmits 1080p HD videos. This drone includes 10-inch propellers for flight stability and has a 5300 mAh LiPo battery that gives it 25 minutes of flight time. This device has extensive capabilities, but its compass may not always work well.


Ares Ethos Quadcopter
Image source:

2. Ares Ethos Quadcopter

The Ares Ethos is a reliable, FPV-ready drone. An Aegis Sis-Axis stabilization system maintains its balance. Pilots can capture dazzling aerial images with a 720p HD camera.


Aries BlackBird X10
Image source:

3. Aries BlackBird X10

The sleek, black design of the BlackBird makes an instant impression. An outstanding feature of this drone is its 16MP Cine Camera, which takes to-die-for aerial photographs. Despite these exceptional qualities, a customer found that the GPS feature on his drone would not lock.

Arris F210 Drone
Image source:

4. Arris F210 Drone

This drone is a must-have for racing enthusiasts. The F3 flight controller enhances its flight performance and functions. The sunken battery installing plate aligns it with its camera. It features secure signal transmissions, which ensure constant communication. Customers expressed that its carbon fiber airframe is not top-quality.

Arris TB-250
Image source:

5. Arris TB-250

The TB250 is one of the most secure drones in this price range; the quadcopter package includes a nylon handbag, which protects it and its transmitter. Three unique propeller blades create force and efficiency. Pilots can record its flights with a 1080p HD camera. It is a top-quality drone, though users expressed frustration that there were no instructions to get it to fly. Securing the battery is an issue, as the battery straps may not be long enough to keep it in.

Arris X-Speed 250 B Quadcopter
Image source:

6. Arris X-Speed 250 B Quadcopter

The Aerris X-Speed 250B comes ready to fly. Pre-Filed and calibrated, pilots need not worry about its settings. They can adjust its flight parameters as necessary, via its F3 controller. This drone’s FPV camera is adjustable, and vibration damping prevents a shaky, “jello” effect. These remarkable qualities aside, a customer reported that his drone came without a receiver.

Aton Plus Quadcopter
Image source:

7. Aton Plus Quadcopter

The Aton Plus is an astute quadcopter that returns to home at the push of a button. It finds its way around with the help of a Dual Mode GPS system. Air brakes enable it to hover in place. This device is smart, though users expressed problems charging it.


Bibi Bird Quadcopter
Image source:

8. Bibi Bird Quadcopter

Racing enthusiasts beware because the BIBI bird has landed. It comes with most parts for FPV racing, though it lacks an additional RC and FPV receiver for the task. It uses a Unibody main plate for stability. Custom motors make this drone an ideal race participant.

Blade 350 QX
Image source:

9. Blade 350 QX

This drone comes with updated software for a smooth flight experience. New flight mode configuration makes it easy for new pilots to control. With enhanced GPS and compass performance, it will never get lost. A customer complained that the LCD screen is faulty.


Blade Chroma Drone
Image source:

10. Blade Chroma Drone

This sleek quadcopter is easy for novices to pilot, and they can do so in Smart Mode. Pilots can shoot smooth videos with their Go Pro cameras. Advanced SAFE technology gives it altitude awareness and stability. This device is well-programmed, but customers must be aware that it may have durability issues.

Blade Industriex200
Image source:

11. Blade Industrix 200

The Industrie comes ready to fly. It includes SAFE technology; the dual pilot mode synonymous with Blade. Both experts and beginners can operate this device. It includes durable rotor housings that prevent damage. Pilots will enjoy its multicolored LED system. Photographers will take to his drone, as it has a fully-powered FPV camera that allows real-time views.

Blade Mach 25
Image source:

12. Blade Mach 25

The Mach 25 is another innovative Horizon Hobby creation. SAFE technology allows flight in SAFE and Agility modes, so pilots of all skill levels can maneuver it. View its footage through its Spektrum FPV camera. It also comes with a Fat Shark Teleporter Headset.

Blade Nano QX
Image source:

13. Blade Nano QX

The Nano QX flies brilliantly with the help of Horizon Hobby’s trademark SAFE technology. The Spektrum FPV Camera transmits clear, real-time videos. With the aid of a SpiroNET circular polarized antenna, it communicates well with its transmitter. All said, some customers found it sluggish.


Cheerson CX20
Image source:

14. Cheerson CX20

The Cheerson is a dynamic quadcopter that makes every flight experience memorable. The 2.4GHz frequency enables a communication distance of 984ft (300m). GPS control mode allows it to sense its altitude. An Intelligence Orientation System maintains its forward position.

Cheerson Jumper CX-91
Image source:

15. Cheerson Jumper CX-91

The CX91 is a racing quadcopter with a six-axis gyro stabilization system that keeps it steady. A 2MP camera captures clear footage, and it communicates with its 2.4GHz transmitter within 984ft (300m). Pilots can fly it both indoors and outdoors.


Cicada APP Quadcopter
Image source:

16. Cicada APP Quadcopter

The Cicada APP delivers professional footage with the help of its 1080p Sony camera. User-friendly, it is operational via its transmitter or a well-developed mobile app. Fly it both indoors and outdoors. This drone is capable, though a customer received a broken one.

DJI Phantom 2
Image source:

17. DJI Phantom 2

This quadcopter is a photographer’s best asset; he can use to take eye-catching photographs. Why not record two sets of footage? It flies up to nearly half an hour on a full charge and comes with an intuitive, pre-tuned transmitter. Users should consider possible software issues.


DJI Phantom 2 for GoPro
Image source:

18. DJI Phantom 2 for GoPro

Pilots can use this drone’s built-in camera or attach a Go-Pro camera on the mount provided. It is entirely compatible with the Go Pro Hero 2. GPS positioning enables a pilot to track its position when it is outdoors. It lets pilots capture important events from the air. It returns to its takeoff position with the help of its Go To Home feature, which a customer reported as not working properly.

DJI Phantom 3
Image source:

19. DJI Phantom 3

The delightful Phantom 3 is maneuverable by its transmitter or DJI’s free app. Users can view the footage it captures from a mile away. A powerful battery keeps it flying for nearly half an hour. Note that it requires pre-flight calibration.


Eachine Assassin 180
Image source:

20. Eachine Assassin 180

The Assassin 180 is a formidable force. Its Haze 32 flight controller provides excellent stability. It comes with an integrated barometer and electronic compass that tells pilots where it is. Its built-in OSD reveals significant details such as flight altitude, battery voltage, and image transmission frequency.

Eachine Blade 185
Image source:

21. Eachine Blade 185

The Eachine Blade 185 is a smart device that allows real-time transmission of images. It has a 120-degree FPV camera which enables pilots to see what it sees in real-time. A Haze 32 Flight Controller allows stable flight.


Eachine Racer 250
Image source:

22. Eachine Racer 250

This elite racing drone comes ready-to-fly and has a built-in monitor. Its carbon fiber airframe does not break easily. It has a sensitive control that communicates with it over long distances. This drone is reliable, but its charger burns up quickly.

Falcon 250 Quadcopter
Image source:

23. Falcon 250 Quadcopter

The Falcon 250 is a quadcopter that shines. With Auto Protection, it does not break apart easily. Its adjustable camera angle allows pilots to take pictures from different perspectives. A CC3D standard flight controller provides it stable flight. Novice pilots may not find it user-friendly because it does not come with a manual.


Flexify Foldable Drone
Image source:

24. Flexify Foldable Drone

This foldable drone is the most portable one on the market. Pilots can operate it via their smartphones, and it has multiple flight modules. It takes off automatically. Though it is foldable, its landing gear is not removable, which negates any convenience.

Fuav Seraphi Quadcopter
Image source:

25. Fuav Seraphi Quadcopter

The Fuav Seraphi is an ideal, inexpensive drone that suits new pilots. The installation software is not complicated, and it has unchallenged flight stability. It takes off when its pilot clicks a button.


Hubsan H501S X4
Image source:

26. Hubsan H501S X4

UAVs by Hubsan will not fail to please. The X4 comes with a brushless motor that gives it raw power. Headless mode secures its orientation, and a touch of a key returns it to its takeoff point. It tracks pilots with its Follow Me feature and takes perfect selfies from the air. This device is not disappointing, though a few customers reported that it did not work in expert mode.

JYU Hornet S
Image source:

27. JYU Hornet S

The Hornet S is a drone that seldom gets lost. Dual GPS positioning lets pilots track it wherever it goes. Two antennas allow it to communicate with its transmitter faultlessly. With a colorful LED light up, pilots can distinguish it at night. Pilots should not buy this drone if they intend to take aerial photographs with a tablet because it does not transmit video feed.

LHI Robocat Quadcopter
Image source:

28. LHI Robocat Quadcopter

The Robocat is an efficient drone that comes with a Remote Control Default Unlock. It allows pilots complete control of the throttle. It comes ready to fly, and all pilots need to do is to install propellers. Its durable carbon fiber frame prevents damage. An HD camera captures vivid images.

Navigator 250 Quadcopter
Image source:

29. Navigator 250 Quadcopter

The Navigator 250 is an aircraft that is in excellent tune with its user. It comes ready to fly, and an FPV system allows pilots to see what it does. Its integrated biometric sensor and compass ensure that it will never get lost.


One Premium Quadcopter
Image source:

30. One Premium Quadcopter

This capable drone comes ready to fly. With flexible modes for GPS and aerial hold, new and expert pilots can take it to the skies. An intelligent battery warns pilots when its flight time is about to end. The drone returns home when the battery level is too low.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition
Image source:

31. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition

The Parrot AR Drone is a highly-adaptable device. Users can fly it via their IOS or Android devices, and track its exploits via a 720p live-recording camera. All said, a user commented that his drone flew away and ignored the set height limit.


Parrot Bebop Drone
Image source:

32. Parrot Bebop Drone

The Parrot Bebop makes drone flying an experience to remember. A 14MP camera allows pilots to take stunning, panoramic views from air. Pilots can control it with the Free Flight 3 app. A user recommends test flying it on a park bench before launching it.

Seeker RC Quadcopter
Image source:

33. Seeker RC Quadcopter

The Seeker RC is an ideal beginner drone. A six-axis stabilization system allows it to fly steadily and a GPS Auto Pilot Function guides it to its takeoff point should it run out of battery. Note a pilot’s reflection that the GPS function on his drone failed.


Sky Hero Anakin Racing
Image source:

34. Sky Hero Anakin Racing

The Anakin racing drone will do the Star Wars Jedis proud. It is the rebellious speedster of the Sky Hero family. This nifty device allows you to tune your flight preferences infinitely. This drone is a dominant racer, but its plastic parts may not be durable.

Sky Warrior K70
Image source:

35. Sky Warrior K70

As its name suggests this drone is a flight soldier. It turns in all directions, yet is speed sensitive. Its high-strength metallic parts will not break easily. Any pilot can control it, as it flies in three different speed modes.


Skyartec Butterfly 250
Image source:

36. Skyartec Butterfly 250

This drone is an excellent communicator; it transmits images and travels in seven different channels, at 1640ft (500m). Brushless Speed Control enables pilots to keep its speed in check. Note that pilots must calibrate it before it can fly well.

Sokar 280 Racing Drone
Image source:

37. Sokar 280 Racing Drone

The 280 is one of the simplest drones to put together and take apart. It has a flying camera that pilots can attach and detach when necessary. It communicates with its transmitter within a long distance. One of its drawbacks is that it is not controllable by an IPhone or Tablet.


Sonic Spy Drone
Image source:

38. Sonic Spy Drone

This drone is the ultimate tool for photographers. Pilots can set its movable gimbal and HD camera according to their preferences. A built-in 4-channel gyro keeps it stable.


SPY Cyclone UFO
Image source:

39. SPY Cyclone UFO

This durable drone has a powerful spy camera with a wide-angle perspective. EVA shock absorbers minimize damage, and a six-axis gyro system increases stability. A few customers questioned the durability of the materials used to make it.


SY X25 RC Quadcopter
Image source:

40. SY X25 RC Quadcopter

This little drone dances in the air or on land. It does 360-degree flips that will make audiences heads spin. In addition to being able to execute all these movements, it is wind resistant and stable. Pilots can control its speed using a speed lever. The Headless Mode allows it to maintain its forward orientation.

Turnigy SK450 Quadcopter
Image source:

41. Turnigy SK450 Quadcopter

Walkera powers this dependable device with its dynamic Multistar system. It comes with the Multistar SK 450 that scores high marks for durability. The adept manufacturer uses the Multistar line of ESCs and motors to power the 20A Multistar Speed Controllers. This versatile drone comes with two sets of propellers, in different sizes, making flying a breeze for all pilots. Pilots can use the eight-inch propellers if they want a bird’s eye view from their cameras.

UDI U818A Quadcopter
Image source:

42. UDI U818A Quadcopter

The U818A makes any novice pilot seem like an expert. A six-axis gyro system stabilizes this drone, making it easy and fun to maneuver. It returns at the touch of a key. Gravity Induction Mode allows pilots to fly it in line with the way they tilt their mobile devices. A few customers commented that its mainframe melted after they flew it.

UPair One Drone
Image source:

43. UPair One Drone

This drone is the ideal companion for sports enthusiasts. It comes with a high-quality sports camera. Pilots can use it to capture important events from the air. A seven-inch FPV camera allows pilots to see what the device sees. It is intelligent, though a user did report a defective battery.


Veho Muvi X-Drone
Image source:

44. Veho Muvi X-Drone

The VEHO Muvi X is a charming drone that makes its home in the skies. It is easy for pilots with no experience to fly. A larger 5300 LiPo mAh battery gives it astounding power. Pilots can see what the drone sees, in real-time, via an FPV camera. Note that the VEHO may not work with new repair parts.

Walkera F210
Image source:

45. Walkera F210

The F210 is the epitome of reliability. A streamlined Bow system equalizes the four wheelbases and prevents crashes. Its rugged design makes it ideal for novice pilots. Its adjustable camera captures stunning footage at night. Customers mentioned problems linking with its video feed.


Walkera QR X350
Image source:

46. Walkera QR X350

This quadcopter is a picture of steadiness in the air. Touching a key returns it home safely, and it comes with a handy compass sensor that ensures that it will never get lost.The main disadvantage of this drone is that you have to buy its Plug and Play system separately.

Walkera QR X400
Image source:

47. Walkera QR X400

The X400 is an easy-to-use drone for pilots of all skill levels. Four brushless motors give it stability as it does 3D flips. The X400’s simple, compact design is a breeze to maintain, and a powerful 2200 mAh battery gives it an extended, 25-minute flight time. It comes with an efficient transmitter that communicates with it over long distances.

Walkera Runner 250
Image source:

48. Walkera Runner 250

The Runner is another one of Walkera’s smart creations. It comes with an FPV-ready, HD camera that pilots can use to take astounding images and videos. It is efficient, but customers complained that its 3-axis gimbal is not stable.

Wltoys V303 Seeker
Image source:

49. Wltoys V303 Seeker

The V303 is crabby; it scales the ground like a crab and moves in other directions as well. Pilots can attach their Go Pro cameras on the mount provided. A 3 GPS autopilot function returns the drone when it gets lost. It lands itself, and returns home at the touch of a button.


WLtoys V383 Quadcopter
Image source:

50. WLtoys V383 Quadcopter

The V383 is a dependable quadcopter that does not break easily. An efficient, brushless motor gives it raw power. This Flybarless quadcopter has aerodynamics that gives it unchallenged stability. It performs loops, inverted flights, and rolls effortlessly. It is reliable, except that it may not always bind well with its transmitter.

Wltoys V393 UFO Drone
Image source:

51. Wltoys V393 UFO Drone

The V383 has a brushless motor that gives it raw power. Pilots can control it in two modes via its transmitter. Its airframe is light, yet resilient. It is a breeze for a new pilot to maneuver. These excellent qualities aside, a customer reported that the LED lights and batteries on his quadcopter did not work.


XIRO Xplorer
Image source:

52. XIRO Xplorer

This ready-to-fly quadcopter is fully compatible with the Go Pro Hero 4. This photography-friendly drone allows real-time transmission of images. The Follow Me and Circle Me features enable users to take stunning selfie shots from the air. It is an exceptional device, though a user reported that it would not return when instructed.

XK Detect X380
Image source:

53. XK Detect X380

The Detect X360 has an incredibly dynamic, brushless motor that gives it superior power. A six-axis gyro system prevents it from careening in the air. The large, yet light airframe is highly durable, and it circles within a set radius. Customers complained about an unstable throttle.


XK X350 Stunt Drone
Image source:

54. XK X350 Stunt Drone

This drone will do Jackie Chan proud. It comes with an Anti-Crash system which enables it to execute flips without tumbling to the ground. The Special Balance Charger reduces charging time to 1.5 hours. Also it may do unparalleled acrobatics.

YKS 250 Quadcopter
Image source:

55. YKS 250 Quadcopter

This RTF drone is a competent quadcopter worthy of any drone arsenal. It has a full, carbon-fiber frame that is tight and sturdy. It comes with a mount for an attachable Go Pro camera, and replacement parts are readily available. A user complained that it came without instructions.


Yuneec Typhoon G
Image source:

56. Yuneec Typhoon G

This quadcopter is a selfie extraordinaire. It comes with Follow Me and Watch Me features that allow users to capture professional, stable selfies on the fly. A three-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera. A customer commented that the gimbal on his drone did not work well.

Zero Tech 16000 Xplorer
Image source:

57. Zero Tech 16000 Xplorer

This drone is completely operational from a pilot’s smartphone and has an intuitive gimbal that they can control easily. Its landing gear is fully portable.



List of drones between $500-$1000

drones between $500-$1000

These higher-priced drones are for serious enthusiasts. The UAVs in this category are slightly more expensive and cost between $500 to $1000. Each is worthy of being in any drone arsenal and has outstanding qualities. Pilots can use them for various purposes.

3DR IRIS+ Quadcopter
Image source:

1. 3DR IRIS+ Quadcopter

The 3DR Iris Quadcopter is a sturdy, dependable drone that flies for a relatively long 22 minutes. It can carry up to 14.1oz (400g) of weight. It comes ready to fly, and pilots need not fret over assembling it except to attach its propellers. It may not fly well without calibration. One user reported that his drone tilted as it flew.

3DR Solo Drone
Image source:

2. 3DR Solo Drone

Solo’s controller will feel familiar to gaming enthusiasts. It has a camera that captures high-quality aerial photographs from its transmitter. Pilots can connect it to mobile devices as well. One user remarked that 3D Robotics, which manufactures this drone, did not ship its camera gimbal to him.


AEE AP10 Drone
Image source:

3. AEE AP10 Drone

This drone comes with a dynamic, 16MP camera for taking stunning photographs. Pilots can make use of its autopilot feature. This speedy machine can travel up to 55 mph and fly at almost 5000 ft (1634m). The powerful 5300 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery lets it take to the skies for a long time. A customer shared that it could not detect its eight GB micro card.

Autel Robotics X-Star Drone
Image source:

4. Autel Robotics X-Star Drone

The X-Star is a drone that keeps up with its UAV peers. Its Ultra HD camera takes steady professional quality photographs, thanks to a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. An intelligent remote controller, with one-touch buttons, makes maneuvering it easy. A customer complained that it is unsteady upon takeoff, but it is controllable, even by novices.

Blade 350 QX3
Image source:

5. Blade 350 QX3

This nifty drone is easy enough for an inexperienced novice to fly. Mast-mounted GPS gives it incredible GPS performance. Customers noted that its battery does not charge, but it has selling qualities.

Blade Chroma Drone
Image source:

6. Blade Chroma Drone

The Blade Chrome Drone records flawless, steady videos from the air. There is a no-distortion lens on the camera, so there is no fisheye effect. It easy for inexperienced pilots to maneuver. This device files for a complete half hour, longer than most of its drone counterparts. A few customers complained about its faulty GPS signal, but they were probably flying it out of range.

Cheerson CX22
Image source:

7. Cheerson CX22

The Cheerson CX22 is a highly intuitive drone. A dual GPS system significantly improves its positioning. The Follow Me feature enables pilots to record to-die-for aerial selfies, in high definition. Pilots can view them in real-time, thanks to its FPV system and a 1080p camera. The 5.8 Ghz transmitter allows communication over a long distance.

DJI Phantom 2
Image source:

8. DJI Phantom 2

The DJI Phantom 2 is the epitome of technology. It comes with its own built-in, 14 MP camera and a Go Pro mount for a pilot’s camera. Pilots can record two sets of footage concurrently. The camera tilts contrary to the drone’s angle-axis motion, which permits the recording of stable images. Pilots can fly it for 25 minutes. A customer mentioned difficulties controlling his drone, but he may be an inexperienced pilot.

DJI Phantom 3
Image source:

9. DJI Phantom 3

The Phantom 3 is a to-die-for aerial photography tool. It records astounding, ultra-high definition images. Lightbridge technology enhances transmission of 720p video. Enthusiastic photographers should take note that they should fly it according to government regulations.

Ehang Ghost Drone
Image source:

10. Ehang Ghost Drone

The EHang Ghost drone is among the most user-friendly UAVs on the market. Its waypoint planning, companion, and avatar modes are accessible with the touch of a button. It flies for almost half an hour on a single charge. Pilots have to buy an additional monitor to view its footage in real-time.


Flypro XEagle Sport
Image source:

11. Flypro XEagle Sport

The Flypro XEagle has all the functions pilots look for in a drone. It takes off, circles and returns at the touch of a button. Take panoramic, to-die-for shots with its 4K camera. Security protection ensures that your data is well-looked after. FPV technology allows you to view the video it records in real-time.

FreeX SkyView Quadcopter
Image source:

12. FreeX SkyView Quadcopter

As its name suggests, the FreeX Skyview gives users a panoramic perspective of the footage it captures. Intuitive GPS features prompt it to return home when it gets lost. It captures high-definition aerial footage with its efficient, brushless FPV camera in real-time. Note that some customers find it expensive.

Hawk 4k Fold
Image source:

13. Hawk 4k Fold

The Hawk 4K has the distinction of being the world’s first foldable drone. Highly portable, you can take it anywhere. It boasts a dynamic 4K camera, kept steady by a stable, brushless gimbal. Of course, it takes stunning images. It also comes with a functional watch controller. One customer feels that it could be more responsive.

Muzeli Foldable Quadcopter
Image source:

14. Muzeli Foldable Quadcopter

Muzeli has produced a foldable drone that pilots can tote around easily. It comes with a mount for your Go Pro camera and 5 Smart Modes for recording different events. They can make your sports or concert footage eye-popping.


Parrot Bebop 2
Image source:

15. Parrot Bebop 2

The Parrot Bebop is an innovative photography device; it takes wide-perspective, fish-eye images with a 14 MP camera. Pilots never have to worry about its transmitter, because they can control it with their cell phones. Note that a user had problems working it; she may not have calibrated it well.

Powerlead Pqad A011
Image source:

16. Powerlead Pqad A011

The PQuad A011 is an intelligent drone. It has an automatic landing feature that enables new pilots to feel secure. Precise GPS positioning ensures that it will never get lost. This drone will be the best tool in any photographer’s arsenal; it records up to eight images at once.

SimToo Dragonfly Pro
Image source:

17. SimToo Dragonfly Pro

The SimToo Dragonfly is a drone with retractable “wings”, or propellers. This breakthrough innovation loiters, circles and takes panoramic shots at the touch of a button. The drone follows a pilot faithfully and takes astounding self-portraits.

Walkera Furious 320
Image source:

18. Walkera Furious 320

Made of highly durable CFP material, the Walkera Furious is a rugged drone. It transmits live images at 5.8G, and travels at speeds of up to 120km/h, faster than most drones. A brushless motor gives it raw power and agility.


Walkera QR X350 PRO
Image source:

19. Walkera QR X350 PRO

The X350 Pro is a competent drone that takes high-quality images with a 3D, iLook camera. A powerful 5300 mAh battery gives it half an hour of flight time. Note a customer’s reflection that some parts of the drone he received did not work.

Walkera Scout X4
Image source:

20. Walkera Scout X4

The Walkera Scout is a smart, organized drone, with a Waypoint Planning feature that allows pilots to plan its flight path. Pilots can view the real-time images it transmits through its Android phones or IPhones. They can double its motors to increase its payload.


Wingsland Scarlet Minivet
Image source:

21. Wingsland Scarlet Minivet

The striking orange color of the Wingsland Minivet makes a lasting impression. It transmits real-time images over a 5.8g frequency, and GPS positioning ensures that it will not get lost. Note a customer’s observation that its battery will not charge if it is below storage level.

XIRO Xplorer Quadcopter
Image source:

22. XIRO Xplorer Quadcopter

The Xiro Xplorer comes ready-to-fly. All customers need to do is attach the propellers. A precise, 3-axis stabilization system lets it take videos without any distortion. Selfie fans will enjoy its Circle Around Me and Follow Me features, which allow it to take incredible aerial portraits that will leave viewers speechless. Note a customer’s remark that he could not charge his done’s battery.

XK Detect X380-C
Image source:

23. XK Detect X380-C

The XX Detect 380 may look delicate but is a powerhouse. Efficient radar positioning allows you to track its location. It takes sharp shots with a 1080p camera, and 2-axis brushless motors allow it to soar in the sky. Note a customer who mentioned that he had difficulties making it stay in the air.

Yuneec Q500 Typhoon
Image source:

24. Yuneec Q500 Typhoon

The Yunnec Q500 makes every pilot feel like a professional. It comes with a personal ground station and a three-axis gimbal camera that takes steady shots. The camera has a powerful, 12 MP distortion lens. Take note of a customer’s opinion that the drone’s transmission range is too small.


List of drones between $1000-$1500

drones between $1000-$1500

Pilots who need a solid drone to conduct activities such as real estate management and surveillance should consider these devices. Costing between $1000 and $1500, they are pricey, but will last. All of them have a list of standout features.

3DR Solo Quadcopter
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1. 3DR Solo Quadcopter

The 3DR Solo is a fully computerized drone. It functions with the help of two computers, one in itself and the other in its transmitter. Smart Shots mode allows it to fly itself so that pilots can concentrate on taking eye-catching snapshots. It allows streaming of live HD video.

Autel Robotics X-Star Drone
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2. Autel Robotics X-Star Drone

This star quadcopter comes with a 4K camera that never fails to take stunning shots from the air. Its orange color is unmistakable. Guards prevent its propellers from breaking; owners never have to worry about durability. A few customers felt that it was not responsive enough, but make no mistake; this drone is competent.


Blade Chroma Drone
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3. Blade Chroma Drone

The Chrome drone takes smooth, stunning aerial photos with its 4K camera. Its camera lens prevents any distortion. This user-friendly device is controllable by any pilot. A few customers reported losing its GPS signal, though others did not report issues.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+
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4. DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

The Phantom 2 Vision Plus, like the rest of the Phantom family, is a must-have photography tool. It has an intuitive 14 MP camera that is an ideal photographer’s companion. It records video at 60fps and creates slow motion effects. A 3 axis gimbal stabilizes its camera. Customers complained that it flies away at random, but that could be because they could not control it well.

DJI Phantom 3
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5. DJI Phantom 3

The DJI Phantom 3 a breakthrough innovation from DJI. It comes with updated software, and a 4K, UHD camera that takes professional videos. A three-axis camera gimbal stops the camera from moving around unnecessarily. Lightbridge technology enables pilots to record and watch videos simultaneously.

DJI Phantom 4
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6. DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the smartest quadcopters to date. With Auto Take Off and Auto Return Home features, novices will find it easy to control. Capture UHD video with its 12 MP camera. Gimbal stabilization allows it to capture clear footage. Pilots can use DJI’s director software to add text and music to their videos.


Gleagle X3 Quadcopter
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7. Gleagle X3 Quadcopter

This drone, in unmistakeable green, has a unique design. Pilots can replace the aircraft’s batteries to enjoy longer flight time. Multiple users can access this drone, and pilots can quickly adjust its throttle. Exclusive dual control mode makes it easy for professionals or novices to use. A 5.8GHz camera transmits images from a considerable distance.

KongCopter FQ700 Pro
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8. KongCopter FQ700 Pro

The KongCopter is gargantuan. But make no mistake; it is one of the most innovative, stylish quadcopters around. It has fold-down arms that allow it to store easily. A carbon fiber sheet gives it durability and strength. LED lighting enables it to stand out at night. It has a retractable undercarriage and is incredibly easy to assemble.

QWG Keyshare Drone
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9. QWG Keyshare Drone

Wedding photographers will be interested in drone maker Wangduo’s latest product. This DIY UAV takes stunning aerial shots of weddings. This drone is for you if you do not like swiping tablets, as it is not yet IOS ready.

Walkera F210 Drone
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10. Walkera F210 Drone

The F210 is a bona fide acrobat. It travels four times faster than other drones and is as intuitive. It informs pilots when it does not have enough power, and it optimizes flight control boundaries as well.

Walkera’s quick service impressed a customer.

Walkera Furious 320
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11. Walkera Furious 320

The Furious 320, as its name suggests, travels at breakneck speeds of 120 km/h. It can record its smooth moves with its 1080p camera. This nifty device has an adjustable propeller that accommodates high-speed flights. Energy-saving LED technology powers its radar, which warns users when it changes its direction.

Walkera QR X800
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12. Walkera QR X800

The Walkera QR X800 is one of the most maneuverable drones to date. It is the only Walkera drone with a multi-axis control platform and a core integrated circuit system that keeps it flying. Brushless motors give it raw power.


Walkera Scout X4
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13. Walkera Scout X4

One word describes the Walkera Scout X4: responsive. Pilots can set its destination pre-flight, and can determine its takeoff point. It is controllable by new and experienced pilots. The Follow Me feature enables pilots to take appealing aerial self-portraits. A Hyper IOC function allows it to maintain a forward orientation. It is a worthy addition to any drone arsenal.

XIRO Zero Xplorer
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14. XIRO Zero Xplorer

Xiro has taken a pilot’s convenience into consideration; it has pre-tuned the Explorer, so pilots need not fret over calibrating the drone. With three flight modes, pilots of all skills can use it. This all-inclusive takes off and lands at the touch of a button.


Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon
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15. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon

With a personal ground station, the Yunnec Q500 makes a drone enthusiast feel like a real pilot. A 4K camera takes ultra high definition videos without a quirky jello effect. A user can controller its resolution and exposure. Pilots will enjoy real-time flight data.


List of drones between $1500-$3000

drones between $1500-$3000

These quadcopters, costing between $1500 to $3000, are not for pilots with a small budget. Consider these drone kits if you want to make an investment that will last for years. Each of them has killer features and boasts top quality material.

AirDog Action Sports Drone
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1. AirDog Action Sports Drone

Die hard sports fans, the Action Sports Drone is for you. With its help, you will not miss any part of that football game you were raring to see. It has a flight mode dedicated to every sport. The drone comes with Air Leash, its dedicated controller, that allows pilots to control the camera to capture sports action. This foldable drone is easy to slip into any backpack. A customer remarked that its camera’s gimbal malfunctioned once.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced + Goggles
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2. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced + Goggles

DJI offers a full quadcopter experience with its Eye in the Sky package. The manufacturers have included Dominator V3 FPV goggles so that you can enjoy real-time telemetry at its best. It takes live footage with its 2.7K 1080p camera. A stabilizing footage ensures that you will not record images with a “jello” effect.

DJI Phantom 3 Carbon Fiber Black
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3. DJI Phantom 3 Carbon Fiber Black

This drone kit comes with all you need to make your flights memorable. DJI has fitted the drone with Lightbridge technology, which enables real-time telemetry. Pilots can control it with their IOS or Android phones. It includes a durable hand carry case and a trackmo tracker to keep tabs on its position. A microfiber cloth for cleaning its lens comes with this unique kit. Some users find it expensive, but this durable photography tool and the accessories that accompany it are well worth the money.

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Bundle
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4. DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Bundle

The DJI Phantom 4 advanced bundle comes with everything you need for a quality drone experience. It includes the DJI Phantom 4, a multifunctional backpack and a set of four propeller guards that ensure the drone’s durability. Pilots must remember to calibrate its gimbal before flying it.

DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit V2
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5. DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit V2

The DjI Phantom 4 Executive Kit includes the DJI Phantom 4, a Nanuk Wheeled Case and a Thor Powered Super Charging Station. This package suits photographers to a T; it includes an L-Series Premium Lens Filter kit that will keep your camera`s photographs sharp.

DJI T600 Inspire 1
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6. DJI T600 Inspire 1

DJI’s T600 is ready-to-fly and offers a satisfying aerial experience. Enjoy a live HD view of its footage with its camera. It allows you to shoot 4K video. You can detach the camera for easy transport. A customer reported some durability issues.

Walkera Voyager 3
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7. Walkera Voyager 3

The Voyager 3, with a dual navigation system, is easy for new and seasoned pilots to control. An intuitive DEVO controller helps it with the task. See the footage it captures in real time, with its FPV camera. A customer found the drone hard to fly, and it’s camera, unsteady, but he is likely an inexperienced pilot.


List of drones above $3000

drones above $3000

These drones and quadcopter kits are the ultimate prizes in any drone arsenal. Costing above $3000, they suit dedicated professionals. Invest in any of them if you want a device that will last for years. Each drone kit will take UAV flying to the next level.

DJI Inspire 1 Carbon Fiber
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1. DJI Inspire 1 Carbon Fiber

This cutting-edge drone has a lightweight, yet flexible Aerodynamic frame that helps new and experienced pilots guide it through the air. Self-tightening props ensure durability. Its powerful remote controller takes control of the drone and is one of the most finely-tuned devices to date. It takes clear, high-quality images with its 4K camera. The Trackimo Tracker lets pilots know where it is at all times. It includes a Go Professional Travel Case for easy transport.

DJI Inspire 1 PRO Black Edition
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2. DJI Inspire 1 PRO Black Edition

With a sleek black airframe, the Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition gives the instant impression of professionalism. Reduced abrasion gives its propellers better maneuverability. It takes excellent HD images with a professional, Zemuse X5 4K camera, which stays perfectly still during flight because of a 3-axis gimbal.


DJI Inspire 1 Pro Carbon Fiber 4K
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3. DJI Inspire 1 Pro Carbon Fiber 4K

The nifty Inspire 1 is a sleek device that does not disappoint. It has TB47 and TB48 batteries which give it power. The TB48 is an extra battery that comes with this package. Its Carbon Fiber Design gives it high durability. It transmits quality images in real time, thanks to patented Lightbridge technology. A picture of steadiness, it is controllable by all pilots.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro-X5 4k
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4. DJI Inspire 1 Pro-X5 4k

The Pro X5 is a lean, mean machine. It comes with a Zemuse 16MP camera that takes sharp stills. Its lenses feature remote aperture and focus control. You can take clear shots from many perspectives. DJI has enabled Waypoint Planning, which allows pilots to track their flight paths. The drone’s exciting features have drawn rave reviews from customers.

DJI Inspire 1 Starter Kit
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5. DJI Inspire 1 Starter Kit

Avid photographers need a starter kit like this one. It includes the intuitive Inspire 1 and its cutting edge, modular 16 MP camera which pilots can remove for easy transport. The package includes a useful Scandisk SDHC Memory Card, for pilots to store up to 32GB of images. Pilots can listen to their recordings with its SSE Fury Speaker. It boasts an advanced remote controller, with buttons dedicated to video and photo capture. The controller enables precise movements in the air. Two people can control it, with one manipulating the drone and the other managing its camera.

DJI Inspire 1 T600 4k
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6. DJI Inspire 1 T600 4k

An advanced ready-to-fly design makes flying the drone a hassle free experience. Its 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal are modular and free to upgrade. The drone’s unique, aerodynamic carbon fiber frame moves out of the camera’s way, allowing pilots to take footage without obstruction.


DJI Matrice 100
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7. DJI Matrice 100

Developers who wish to program a drone to suit their needs will be interested in the DJI Matrice. It is an entirely customizable flight platform, optimized for programming purposes. It has a dedicated remote controller for easy coding.


This comprehensive list captures the details of every drone available on Amazon and Quadcopter Arena hopes that it has been useful to you. The project is open, and we will be grateful if readers suggest ways to refine it. Ideas for improving this index or adding new drones to it are always welcome.


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