Top 5 Awesome Drones For Your Kid

best drones for your kid

Looking for the best gift ever for your children?
Checkout this AWESOME Mini Drones..

You will find each of these drones a sure winner. We have included eye-catching videos and photographs of them. Our suggestions have helped many readers, so they are well worth considering.

As novice pilots, young children should manage drones that are small. If you are looking for a dynamic, workable mini-drone for your child, these are the five that you must check out.

5. Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter

2011 saw the birth of Guangdong Cheerson Hobby Technology Company Limited, a prolific remote control toys, and drones manufacturer. The company’s emphasis on innovation, manufacturing and marketing ensure that it always comes up with quality products.

cheerson cx 10 mini


1. Six-Axis Stabilization

One of these creations, the Cheerson CX10, is an example of well-developed drone technology. It has a six-axis design, which provides for an adjustable gyroscope. This structure, together with programmable gyro stabilization features, promotes flying stability.

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2. Turns and Flips

Its flexible pitch and yaw make it easy for a child to control. Prepare yourself to take him outdoors often, because he will not get enough of the turns and flips it can do.

3. Controllable Speed

The High-Low-speed-to switch allows a young child to get a grip on this quadcopter’s speed. Experienced pilots are not left out either. The CX10 can do 360 flips in four different directions. You can be sure that this drone will suit both you and your young one.

cheerson cx 10 mini kit

4. 2.4 GHz Transmitter

The drone’s controller proves that Cheerson’s researchers have vast creative abilities. The 2.4 GHz transmission range will allow you to communicate with your drone anywhere, at any time.

5. Eight frequencies

Cheerson trumps the competition with a multiplayer function. Up to eight people can play with the CX10 at the same time. The eight frequency points ensure that no pilot disturbs another. Share the joy of flying an aerial vehicle with your friends.


1. Durability

The CX10 scores high marks on durability. Users have remarked that its propellers bend back if they become twisted in an accident. A few comment that the plastic is thick and durable. You can order each part of this quadcopter separately, so repairing it is a cinch.

2. Ease of use

It also tops the user-friendliness charts. Many pilots agree that this incredible aerial vehicle is easy enough for a five-year-old to operate. When you buy the CX10, you get a highly workable drone at an affordable price.


1. Charging

One user experienced difficulties with the charging jack, which was not well-soldered. That said, the problem is limited. Another found it slightly cumbersome.


In all, this is the drone to consider if your budget is tight. With high durability and gyro stability, it is value for money.

This little toy is perfect for family use. With eight frequencies, everyone can enjoy it at once. 

4. Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

The Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Company came into being in 2010. The company’s innovative breakthroughs have resulted in its domination of the drone manufacturing industry.

hubsan x4 h107l


1. 360 Eversion

One of the fruits of its labor is the X4, a prize that many drone pilots want to add to their collections. Perfect for expert pilots, it can do 360-degree flips that acrobats will envy.

2. Six-axis

Beginning pilots including children can take advantage of the fact that it can hover in place when required. Precision six-axis gyro guarantees stability. It is a light 0.129 oz ( 56.6g), but winds do not faze it.

3. Completely assembled

The quadcopter is not a hassle to assemble. It comes ready-to-fly, right out of the box. You only need to do the minimal- attach the propellers.

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4. Durable frame

Though small, this quadcopter is not susceptible to damage. It comes with a lasting mainframe that will keep it flying, despite its crashes.

5. Long Flight Time

Having to land drones too often will disappoint your child, but this will not happen with the X4. The drone’s powerful LIPO battery gives it about seven minutes of flight time.

6. 2.4 GHz transmitterhubsan x4 h107l remote controll

Parents are always concerned that their children will lose their toys in the midst of their excitement. The 2.4 Hz transmitter enables clear communication between the X4 and him.


1. No communication lapses

Losing your drone’s signal terrifying, but such an error will not happen with the X4. Satisfied Hubsan customers report that there is no lag in communication.

2. Suitable for children and expert pilots

You can use the X4, an excellent quadcopter with dynamic functions if you are new to drone piloting. As a user reports, it was easy enough for her ten-year-old son to use.

Do 360-degree pitches if you are an expert pilot. A user was over the moon when he could fly his as soon as he unpackaged it.


The one flaw that this quadcopter has is the whirring noise it makes. A few users comment that it is a little disturbing.


This quadcopter is a steady drone for one in its price range. Buy it if you are on a budget or looking for a small aerial vehicle that you can use to hone your flying skills. It is a drone that should be in every child’s toy box.

3. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Quadcopter

The Holy Stone HS170 mini-drone is another quadcopter that will fit snugly in the hands of a child. It makes an ideal entry-level drone.holy stone hs170 predator mini


1. Light and small

This lightweight, 14.4 oz (408g) quadcopter measures a tiny 5.3 x 1.6 x 5.3 inches (135 x 41 x 135 mm). You or your child can easily fly it indoors.

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2. Headless security

You may have a child who always misplaces his toys. A headless security system allows you to monitor the 107D, so you will never have to worry about him losing it.

3. 2.4Hz transmitter

The powerful transmitter communicates with the drone at 2.4 Hz. You can fulfill your child’s dreams of flying a plane from a great height.

4. Six-axis gyro stabilization

The 6-axis gyro stabilization system keeps the drone coursing steadily at impressive altitudes.

Drone pilots dread having to battle fierce winds. The amazing H170 is wind-resistant at 60m. It will pierce through stubborn outdoor winds. Your child can also show off his piloting skills at home.

Prosholy stone hs170 predator mini helicopter drone

1. LED lights

Excited pilots have praised Holy Stone for this incredible creation, saying that they are charmed by how the LED lights allow them to see it in the night sky.

2. Ease of use

Everyone who has flown it mentions how easy it is to use. There is no need to assemble it. Your child will be able to fly it right out of the box.

3. Smooth flight

Excited parents remarked that this fantastic drone flies steadily, and well. They love that this intelligent vehicle was able to hover in place.

4. Durability

What delighted one user was how the motor guards protect the motors from damage. A user who purchased other drone brands found that none compared with this drone.

5. Speed

The 107D will impress a child with its speed. A happy parent reflected that his tore through his farm in minutes.

6. Service

Holy Stone will attend to your needs thoroughly when you buy the H!07D. Many customers compliment that staff members respond almost immediately when they require assistance.


As with other drones, you may encounter minor issues when you try to fly this one.

1. Recalibrating the gyro system

Resetting the gyro stability function may be inconvenient. You can do this easily if you spend time learning how to calibrate the device.

2. Charger connection

A man who bought the drone for his child found that he could not connect it to the charger. That said, there is little reason for this to happen.


If you want a hardy drone that will impress your little ones with its speed, this is the one for you.

2. Syma X11 RC Quadcopter

Syma, the Chinese makers of the X11, is well-known for its mini-drones. Their quadcopters, the results of extensive research and testing, are hot sellers worldwide. The company places emphasis on production and research.syma x11 quadcopter


1. Size and Weight

The X11 is a 4-Channel drone that your child will love to fly in the living room or at the beach. He can slip this 8 oz (227 mg) toy into his knapsack. The quadcopter’s 14.2 x 7.9 x 3.6 inch(36 x 20 x 9 cm) red frame will stand out on your bookshelf.

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2. Stable flight

The X11 is a drone that even novice pilots can control. The six-axis stabilization system guarantees smooth flight. It will hover in place when necessary.

3. 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Controller

Note that the X11 comes with a little 2.4GHz thumb type, Spread Spectrum controller.

With Spread Spectrum technology, the controller’s signals vary. The different signals mean that it communicates with the drone at a higher bandwidth and, of course, more accurately.

4. 360-degree eversion

The X11 may be small, but it can dance in the air. Your child will feel thrilled seeing it do daring turns and flips.

syma x11 rcPros

1. Flight manners

Many customers are satisfied by how well this drone behaves. It will stay in place or do fancy aerial stunts upon instruction.

2. Durability

This aerial vehicle’s frame does not break easily. Many customers are happy with how it does not come apart no matter how many times they have crashed it.

3. Larger controls

The larger controls suit many customers, who find that they can make adjustments to the drone’s calibration settings quickly.

4. Fun Flight

A parent commented that his young son raved over the flips, and turns the X11 was able to execute. The boy has asked to go to the park more often.


1. Not wind resistant

One customer remarked that the drone he bought was not resistant to winds. His daughter felt disappointed because it could not fly in strong breezes.

2. Calibration

Another user mentioned that calibrating this drone can be a challenge. His did not respond to new settings at times.

3. Durability

The propellers may break in the event of a crash. That said, Syma supplies prop guards and extra propellers in the rare case the drone does get damaged. This drone has a strong frame and does not go down easily.

1. UDI U818A RC Quadcopter

A professional enterprise, UDI RC Toys’ primary focus is on manufacturing reliable remote control products. It employs state-of-the-art manufacturing, research and quality control equipment.

Its goal is quality orientation and technology innovation. The company consistently comes up with remote control drones that take their customers’ breath away.udi u818a quadcopter


One of its products, the UDI818A, is a tiny aerial vehicle that will turn your child into an expert pilot. It has a range of mind-blowing features.

1. Headless Mode/One Key Return Home

For a start, the drone’s headless mode makes it easy for you to track it. With the one-key return home feature, it will fly back to its take-off point. Your child will not miss the 818A in the air.

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2. 720p camera

A mini-drone with a camera is rare. The camera on the UDI818A captures full, high-definition, 720p images.

3. 2.4Hz transmitter

The 2.4 HZ transmitter sends clear signals to the drone, even when it is far away. There is no need to fear if your child runs off with it. The transmitter comes with an LCD screen that allows you to track it.

4. Complete airframe

The 818A comes with a completely assembled airframe. This resilient structure will not break even if your child crashes it.

5. LED lights

Expose your little ones to the excitement of night flying. Spot the UDI818A in the evening sky, with its brilliant LED lights, at any time.

6. USB charger

The package the 818A comes in includes a compact USB charger. You can power your toy on the go.

udi u818a 2.4ghz 4 ch 6 axis gyro rc quadcopterPros

1. Value for money

Many customers feel that the UDI 818A is well worth its cost. It is one of the few mini-drones with a camera.

2. Long flight time

Many people who bought the drone delight in its comparatively long flight time. Mini quadcopters usually fly for about 6 minutes, but the 818A can stay in the air for about ten.

3. Durable design and construction

A few users comment that this drone flies well, though they crashed it a few times. A novice pilot will be able to guide it.

4. Stability and 360-degree eversion

Both beginning and expert pilots will find it a joy to fly the UDI 818A quadcopter. Your child will be able to make it do flips and rolls with the touch of a button.


1. Charger

A few customers experienced problems with their charger. They did not work, but UDI replaced them.

2. Expensive components

The 818A’s parts are costly. In one user’s words, it is more pricey to replace the parts in this drone than it is to buy a new one.


If you have an aspiring young photographer at home, this is the drone you should pick. He can take selfies from the air with the camera.

You should also remember that repairing the drone may cost you, so you may want to show your child how to pilot it well before letting him do so on his own.



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