Walkera Scout X4 review

Walkera Scout X4

Walkera Scout X4 ready to fly FPV RC quadcopter with ground station

The Walkera Scout X4 promises to bring new life to aerial photography. Users can fly their drones in more ways and capture dazzling aerial images.

Photographers will want to know more about this quadcopter. They will also want to find out if it will meet their high expectations.

walkera scout x4 drone

Overall Rating
Stability & Performance 4 out of 5 stars
Features 4.5 out of 5 stars
Build Quality 4.5 out of 5 stars
Design 4 out of 5 stars
Price 3.5 out of 5 stars


A. Walkera Scout X4 key features

The Walkera Scout X4 has a host of features that completely engage users. With its help, image capturing is an unforgettable experience.

1. Waypoint mission planning

To begin, the Scout X4’s Waypoint Mission Planning feature allows users to plan their flights. They can program up to 128 waypoints (locations or flight points) for the drone to cover on its journey.

The Over The Horizon(OTH) feature allows photographers to take stunning aerial photos of forests, mountain peaks, lakes and skylines. Users can include these among their flight points.

2. Compatible with IOS and Android devices

The Scout X4 is compatible with IOS and Android phones. Users can sync their Scout X4 devices with their smartphones and use their phones to program flight information.

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3. A smart device holder and a back-up power supply

Real-time telemetry and the smart device holder allows users to view their images as they capture them. This holder is useable with IOS and Android phones.
In addition, a back-up power supply allows a user to fly the X4 Scout for a longer time.

4. Set take-off points and destinations.

The Scout X4 allows users to program designated flights. With their smartphones, they can set the drone’s take-off points and destinations.

5. Follow me mode

Users can set the Scout X4 to follow them where they go. This means that the drone can capture them on camera automatically. With the Follow Me Feature, users will not lose the quadcopter.

6. Follow record track

A user only has to click on the back button and the drone will turn back along its planned route to its take-off point. It is hard to lose it.

7. Multipurpose plane

The X4 Scout is a multipurpose plane. Users can convert it from a four-motor to an eight-motor plane, increasing its power. With eight motors, the Scout X4 can carry heavier loads as well.

8. Bluetooth enabled

The 2.4 gram (0.01 pound) bluetooth datalink allows users to transfer files quickly between the X4 Scout and their smartphones. They can do this instantly, without having to spend time synching the drone with their computers.

9. Multi-Axis control system

The X4 Scout’s multi-axis control system gives users better control of their drones. It also enables them to capture aerial images from interesting angles.

Walkera Scout X4 iLook camera

10 iLook plus camera

The iLook plus camera feature allows users to capture HD, 1080 pixel images. It also has a three-axis gimbal that stabilizes images and allows users to capture them from different angles.

B. Walkera Scout X4 specifications

1. Weight =1770 g(3.9 pounds)
2. Flying weight= 2270g(6.11 pounds)
3. Rotor blade length= 233 mm(9.17 inches)
4. 5400 mAh batteries.
5. DEVO 12E Transmitter.

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The dynamic 5400 mAh batteries give the X4 Scout 25 mins of flight time, allowing it to capture more exciting, aerial images. The DEVO 12E transmitter gives powerful signals that are not easily lost.

C. Walkera Scout X4 review: Pros

Aside from these mind-blowing features, the X4 Scout has other advantages.

1. GPS and Failsafe features

Walkera Scout X4 GPS

Apart from the Follow Me and Follow Record Track features, this drone has other, powerful GPS and failsafe mechanisms that prevent it from flying off at random.

The hyper Intelligence Orientation Control feature allows the plane to fly in any intended direction. It also prevents loss of orientation.

In addition, the drone can circle flight points. Users need only press one key to start or hold the device in place. The failsafe feature ensures that it returns if users lose the transmitter signal. It also has advanced landing skids to make landing it safe.

2. Stability

The ground station and multi-axis control system keep the device stable. It is not too light, so winds will not blow it off-course.

3. Durability

Manufacturers have crafted the drone from durable materials. They need not worry about rough landings.

4. Advanced Flying

With the multi-axis control system, more confident pilots can try advanced flying moves.

5. Unique, trendy design

The svelte drone, which looks like a graceful bird, comes in gray or carbon-black. Users in China and Taiwan can order the white version.

6. No “jello” effect.

The three-axis gimbal ensures that captured videos do not have a shaky, “jello” effect. It gives the camera stability.

D. Cons

Like all devices, the X4 Scout comes with a few minor flaws.

1. Questions about the aluminum case

There are a few questions about the aluminum case it should come with. While some users say that it comes with the case, others say that it does not. This is not certain.

2. Affordability

At over $1000 on Amazon, this quadcopter is slightly more expensive and more suitable for experienced drone pilots.

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3. Slightly bulky

At 1770g(3.9 ounces), the drone is slightly bulky, but the multipurpose, eight-motor function and the heavy loads it can carry compensates for this.

E. Conclusion
Stability & Performance
Build Quality
walkera-scout-x4-reviewThis is a must-have drone for photographers. Being a durable, multipurpose quadcopter, the Walkera Scout X4 exceeds expectations. Its high durability, svelte design and savvy fail safe features make it worth its cost.