5 Epic Drone Crashes

5 epic drone crashes

If you see an airborne object careen, teeter or do anything else but fly, it might be a drone. These little devices have made lives much easier. Still, they are infamous for crashing.

What makes drones crash?

The use of aerial vehicles has increased by leaps and bounds, though they were only introduced in the 1990s. They have garnered a reputation for crashing. Drone pilots, of course, will want to know what the causes of these accidents are.

Human error remains the top cause of these crashes. Drones have many controlling mechanisms including joysticks, touchscreens, and keyboard configurations. They leave room for many mistakes. With complicated drone controls, a pilot may miss the drone’s landing gear button and press the power switch instead. The misdirection may cause it to crash.

A study of drone crashes in 2005 suggested that improved interfaces may reduce these accidents. Drone flight has become so automated that simpler interfaces work better.

5. Drone vs bike

Drones have many functions. Many avid photographers use them to take stunning pictures from the air. Many drones have a Follow Me feature. It allows them to track you as you move. This ability is a draw for selfie fans, who can take stunning aerial shots of themselves.

Have you heard of things that go bump in the night? This selfie enthusiast found that there are things that go bump in the air.

He found that accidents are a small price to pay for loving his image. His drone’s task was to capture his stunts on camera. The device did its task a little too well. It followed its owner too closely and got a rude bump for its efforts.

4. Drone vs trophy truck

Drones see it all. The images that they capture tell many stories. Many of them have touchscreens and cameras that enable FPV, or First Person Viewing. You can capture footage as you see it.

These tiny, but mean machines are also tougher than they look. Most of these devices come with sturdy airframes and propeller guards. They protect the device from damage.

Drones may appear as though they will break apart at any minute, but most are durable. It is amazing that this little device did not come apart as it captured this shocking footage. The camera could do so because of its gimbal, which kept it steady even as the car drove off course.

You can see how close it came to being part of this mishap. It tracked the vehicle so closely that it nearly became drone shrapnel.

3. Drone vs water scooter

This surfer may have tried to prove that his surfboard could soar higher than an aerial vehicle, and he succeeded. His video, however, may have ended up on America’s Funniest Moments.

You can control the altitude of your aerial vehicle, but this surfer was probably unaware of this. The result was a collision. His drone may have sunk twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

He could have made a selfie error. The surfer may have wanted the drone to capture pictures of himself from the air, but set it to fly too low.

Always exercise safety precautions when flying a drone over water. Never pilot it too low, lest an accident of this nature happens. If you are filming dangerous stunts such as this one, it is better to have someone on hand to assist you.

2. Drone vs garage door

Flight failures can be as entertaining as flight successes as this drone user found out.

Most drone piloting failures result from human error. The pilot may have failed to calibrate his device well, or may not have put its propellers on the right way. He may also have forgotten to charge its battery.

In this particular instance, the drone may have decided to kiss the garage door because the young man piloting it did not fly it high enough. He will fly it higher next time, if it is still working.

1. Drone vs basketball board

This little drone decided to play a little basketball and hit the board instead of the goal. It was too bad that the three-point shot that it made failed.

Many drone crashes occur because pilots do not take note of the obstacles around them. When flying a drone, always make sure that there are no obstacles in its way. Always pilot it in an open area without trees or other obstructions. Remember to calibrate it to peak at a higher altitude. The drone may not have hit the board if its take off point was further away from the goal post.

You can take dazzling aerial shots if you take some notice of the things around you.

How to prevent drone crashes

There are a few things you can do to avoid epic drone failures like these. All you need to do is put some measures in place.

1. Look around you

Make an effort to understand your environment. Survey the area for trees, buildings and posts that may obstruct your path.

2. Use a spotter

Drone piloting should not be done alone. Have a friend fly with you. He can act as a “spotter” or a person who keeps an eye on your drone while you are busy working the transmitter controls. He can help to prevent crashes, as long as your drone is in sight.

3. Take off from a level location

Make sure that you are taking off from a level location. Your drone will be able to calibrate with accuracy.

4. Fly in good weather

Good weather means that there should be no wind. Harsh winds blow drones off course and cause crashes.

5. Battery life

Make sure that you charge your drone before flying it. It may take off and tumble to the ground otherwise.


Epic drone crashes such as these may seem amusing, but they can damage your device beyond repair. Avoid them by following these suggestions.



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